Stop leaving your wife to pay ALL the sacrifices for your Marriage to succeed – Actor Ademola Ogunmilade to Husbands

The President at the Phinehas Generation int’l. ministry, Olajide Ademola Ogunmilade has encouraged couples to take up a 100% responsibility each for the success of their marriages as the new year begins.

According to the gospel film actor, there is need to change the narration that only women ‘must’ make the marriage work and the blame of errors committed by men in marriage are clever shifted on women.

Ademola Ogunmilade also noted it is unfair for a partner to put all his/her effort to see to the success of a marriage while the other neglect his/her duty therefore the efforts for a successful marriage should not be on a single partner, rather the two.

In his words; HUSBAND, take full RESPONSIBILITY for your Home and Marriage! WIFE, please take 100% RESPONSIBILITY for your Home and Marriage! Na two hands dey wash each other clean o!

For too long, the narrative has been to put 100% Responsibility for the Success of a Marriage on a Woman! If the man cheats … The woman gets the blame. They say she has not been opening the Temple well enough for him! That’s balderdash!

Even if a woman opens the Temple every day, a man that will cheat will cheat! If the man beats the woman, she still gets the blame. They will say she provoked him! Rather than chastising the man for lack of self control!

But this year, please, let everyone take full Responsibility for the success of the Marriage. It takes two to tango! You’re in it together! Let every man MAN UP this year! Stop leaving your wife to pay ALL the sacrifices for your Marriage to succeed!

The Sacrifices are for BOTH of YOU to PAY!!! IF SHE IS BRINGING HER 100% TO TABLE, ENSURE YOU’RE BRINGING 150% AS THE HUSBAND! The Load of Marital Success has been placed too heavily on the Woman for too long!

That must change this year! How can the LOAD that the HEAD should carry be put on the NECK to carry? Between the Neck and the Head, which should carry the Load? I think it’s the Head! And the Husband is the Head of the Home. Therefore he ought to carry he Heavier part of the Load of Sacrifices in the Marriage!

But by and large, let each party in the Marriage operate as though the success of the Marriage lies on only his/her shoulders alone! Let each one rise up and take his own fair share of responsibility!

Our homes shall be peaceful this year in Jesus Name. I am yours truly …