Stop justifying your intent with ‘David Danced Naked’, Jaymikee replies trolls


Lately, the table that draws the line between worldliness and godliness is gaining more attention as Joshua Mike Bamiloye, the son of the president and founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries constantly shakes the table to lose assumptions and conjectures which is becoming now seeming normal and justifiable.

Joshua Mike Bamiloye tweeted what he believed to be wrong practiced by Christians which attracted the attention of many who are already sited round the aforementioned table with their legs grounded. He addressed the soft minded Christians who accommodate easily social trends created by unbelievers. These trends include slangs, dressing codes and dancing steps.

Joshua tweeted;

As a Christian, an unbeliever invents a dance – you copy
Their slangs – you copy
Their dressings – you copy
Please what exactly are you planning to say when it’s time to preach?
How do you hope to evangelize?
You can’t give what you don’t have.

However, as expected, different reactions followed as many twitter users blew hot raising the point that almost all the non avoidable gadgets in use today by both believers and unbelievers were invented by unbelievers.

Some replies below;


The clothe you’re on currently was invented by an unbeliever even that holy communion bread and wine that you eat and drink as the Lord’s body are produced by unbeliever. The gospel is Christ’s birth, death, burial and his resurrection, that’s the power of God unto salvation.


Bro! There’re alot of things ‘invented by unbelievers’ that we have used and adapted as tools to progress the spread of the gospel. There’s a way to use these things and stand out because you are using them with moderation. We can’t selectively nitpick as you’ve done here…


Joshua’s response to tweet about gadgets invented by unbelievers;

Lol some Christians are really using this to justify copying worldly slangs, fashion and dance.
As in, comparing a device we make calls and browse with to twerking, sagging and swear words…

As some twitter users gave regard to what Joshua raised by professing to change, some twitter users gave reasons to why they gave in to the dancing steps by citing the David in the bible who danced before the Lord.

Nevertheless, Joshua who is responsive to replies added to his previous tweet;
“I will dance anyhow I like to praise God” please check your inner motive.
And stop with the “David danced naked” to justify your intent.
1st off, He didn’t dance naked, go and read your bible. 2nd, David poured out his heart tru his dance but YOU want to display what you saw on MTV


Published By: Ifeoluwa ORISAKAHUNSI
Founder, gospelfilmsng