©️ Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“ To..To…What?” I was moving so close to her with the knife in my hand…

“ Happiness, listen…. my intention was not for her to die…We just wanted her out of his life…!” Mum said

“ Die?, We?… What are you talking about?” By this time my voice was so loud and I was weeping uncontrollably to the point I was beginning to have hiccups…
“ You see, it was Julie’s fault, she encouraged me ..” Mum said

“ Julie? Aunty Julie?” That was Mum mentioning my favorite aunt’s name, Mum nodded in the affirmative

“ The day you came back from church and you were lamenting about your Pastor Maggie’s Dress sense, you remember Julie was here?” She asked

“ Yes, I met you both here, so what happened?”

“ After you went in, she said….


“ That woman’s dressing is really pathetic you know, and Happy is right, if she were to be in that woman’s shoe, I trust my niece, she would be making a statement with her dressing!” Aunt Julie had said

“You are right, but if wishes were horses, I would be the richest” Mum had said

“ Wishes?, Do you also like the idea?” Aunt Julie had asked

“ Of course, anytime I go with her to her church and I see that young man ministering, I would always wish my daughter was his wife, that way I would have been the happiest… You know Happy needs a man who will be Spiritual and be able to stand by her because of her bipolar and psychosis. She needs a man who is wealthy who can buy her pills, but the unfortunate Julius she is carrying about doesn’t even possess any of the qualities I just mentioned, so Yes, I have also wished for it, but it is only a mere wish” Mum had said and she said she had intended to close the matter by going to check the food she was cooking, but Aunt Julie had pulled her back…

“ Mimi, Mimi, what kind of a mother are you?” Aunt Julie had asked

“ I am a good mother who wants the best for her only child”

“ So why don’t you clear the obstacle and create space for your child”

“ Clear which obstacle….?”

“ The Pastor’s wife”

“ What? Clear ? as in kill her?…Julie!”

“ No who is talking about murder here, we need her to walk out of the marriage herself”

“ How?”

“ There are several ways, but the one that comes to mind now is using the Queen Vashti method…”

“ Queen Vashti Method?, What’s That?”

“We don’t kill her, but we project the Spirit of Error and Mistake in to her, that will make her do the wrong thing. Which she will do openly and the world will see it. That way when the Apostle divorces her or sends her packing and marries your daughter, no one will blame him or your daughter…”


“ Mimi, it is Biblical ooo, Vashti committed an Error and she was replaced…”

“ Julie… You and the way you twist the Bible to suit your situation”


“ So, I took to her advise since it didn’t have anything to do with bloodshed…She told me to get one of Pastor Maggie’s picture and begin to speak the spirit of Error and mistake into her… So I was doing that every morning for two months on one of the church fliers that had her picture… It was a shock to me when I suddenly heard she committed suicide… I am sorry Happiness, I didn’t know she will commit the error of killing her self, we thought it was the affair she started having with that man that will lead to Apostle divorcing her….I did this for you” Mum said as she started crying in regret

My legs gave way as I fell to the ground, my hands lost its ability to hold , as the knife fell from my hand…

My mother killed Pastor Maggie!

I felt the room was turning and the last thing I remembered was crying as I remembered Pastor Maggie’s face…

And I passed out….

©️ Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

I woke up few hours later on the hospital bed.

The moment I opened my eyes and realized I was in the hospital, I jumped from the bed thinking I was on the bed of the psychiatric hospital I had spent most of my childhood days…The thought of being there again made me cringe. I looked around and noticed the roommates were not on uniforms and neither was I .

” OK …I was not at the psychiatric hospital”..That was a huge relief… I looked around and saw mum…
” Mum, where am I?” I said

” You…are in the hospital, you fainted..”

Fainted!…What happened?… Suddenly everything came rushing back to my memory… Mummy, Aunt Julie, Pastor Maggie’s death…

” What? Mummy what are you doing here? I don’t want to see you…” I screamed

One thing about bipolar and psychosis was whenever I got angry, it could trigger a state called hypomania ( A state where I become irritable and I would start overreacting)

Mum always avoided me getting to that state…

” I am sorry, Happiness, all I did was to try to give you true happiness”

” True happiness by praying against someone else?…what am I even saying? Praying? You didn’t pray because I know God would never have answered that prayer, you spoke negative words into someone else and the evil forces picked your words and acted on it…” I said

“ I am sorry” Mum said

“ And yet you still expect me to marry her husband?” I asked in total disbelief

“ Hmmm…”

“ You don’t have anything to say again?…You know what Mum, you have to be the one to bear the guilt of your crime.”

My phone rang…It was a number that was not stored on my phone, so I picked up thinking it was one of my clients… It was already 7:30am in the morning, it was only my clients that usually called that early…

“ Hello, good morning…”

“ Good Morning Happy…” It was the masculine voice of Apostle Ray… My body shivered the moment I heard his voice and my heart started pounding seriously out of fear and guilt…I ended the call. That was my way of trying not the say the wrong thing whenever I was on the phone having a conversation. Whenever I ended a call, it gave me time to think through…

The phone rang again…I took a deep breath and picked up…

“ I guess you have a habit of ending calls if you don’t like someone “ He said humorously “Well I am getting used to it and hope you won’t do that often when we get married” he said jokingly

I gave a sarcastic laughter in my mind…

“ Marry you my foot” I said in my mind…

“ I am sorry Apostle sir, I did that out of respect for you sir, please sir… I am sure you know I am engaged to be married, I cannot leave my Fiance” I said very bluntly with a respectful voice… I noticed my mother stood up in disappointment…

“ Is He the will of God?” He asked

I could not answer that question because I had asked myself that question uncountable times but I had no answer for it… I just knew I was marrying Julius Because he was the only serious minded guy I had at time and since age was not being friendly, I choose to settle with him…

“ You don’t have an answer to that?”

“ No…” At times I could be very honest “ But, I am fine with him”

“ Ok…If you say so, guess I will be looking elsewhere”

Finally! “ Yes sir, and I pray you will find the right woman who will fit into pastor Maggie’s shoe” I said

“ Thanks..”

I ended the call without the courtesy of saying “bye”

My phone rang almost immediately…

“ You have done it again” He said laughing. His laughter was making me feel guilty as I was hearing the voice of a nice man who had just been widowed looking for comfort…

“ I am sorry Sir, I thought we were through”

“ I just remembered I had a revelation about you, are you fine? I saw you on a hospital bed…”

What! Is this what marriage with him will be like? He will be able to see everything about me? Then After marriage, he will discover my mother had a hand in the death of his first wife!


“ I am fine sir!”

“ Ok, Let me pray with you”

He eventually prayed for about Five minutes before I patiently ended the call….

The moment I ended the call, I knew within myself what I needed to do.

I asked to be discharged, I didn’t say a word to my mother, I was communicating with my father who had walked in during my phone call with the Apostle.

We drove home in silence. I took my bath and stepped out. I went straight to the bank, withdrew 90 percent of my savings and went straight to Julius’s house.

“ Have it, From it you can pay my dowry and still have enough to get us a better accommodation…”

Julius was shocked, he looked at the bulk of money I had pushed into his hands…

“ Who borrowed us?” He asked with excitement on his face

“ No one, it’s my money!”

“ Your money?” He asked and I nodded in the affirmative. He stood on the same spot for few seconds very quiet while looking at the money in his hands….

“ I cant use your money to pay your dowry…”

“ See it as if you borrowed it from me, I believe when we get married, you will get a job and you will pay me back” I said

“ This is not right!” Julius said pushing back the money at me

“ Please Julius, do this for us, I cannot marry the Apostle…It’s you I want to spend my life with”

I said crying …and Julius couldn’t stand my tears… After a brief moment of silence, he said

“ Ok, on one condition”

“ Anything!”

“ This stays between us, I will tell everyone who cares to know, that I got a Loan from a friend…”

“Very fine with me” I said

He wiped my tears as I felt relieved

“ How soon are we getting married?” He asked as he tickled me…

“ Like now…” I said smiling…

“ Let’s have it by weekend, we have postponed this engagement for too long”

The idea sounded ok, since that day was Monday. I had Five days to get every other thing done…

But somewhere in my heart, I felt someone was eavesdropping on our conversation…

Who it was I didn’t know?

Hope what I did was right? Julius had promised to refund my money…