©️ Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“Strange? What do you mean?” I asked Apostle after he dropped the call.
“I don’t know, but I hope she is not talking about Christabel’s case.”
“Well, let me go with you, it’s my matter, let me face it.”
“The triplets?”
“I will take them with us, but drop them off at Kike’s place.”
Kike my friend was living close to the church. We went to the church after dropping
the triplets off and just as we had been informed, Chaba was around but she was
looking lost like she was trying hard to remember something…

“Apostle” she ran towards him.
“Chaba, what is wrong? What are you doing here? You didn’t inform us you were
coming!” Apostle said.
“Apostle, I knew I left South Africa to come to Nigeria for a purpose, like I have
something I came here to do, but the moment I got to Nigeria, I have been trying so
hard to remember what it is, but I can’t… it‘s like someone just wiped it off my
memory…” Chaba said.
From where I stood, I had tears flowing down my eyes, because I knew this was God
at work. I became hysterical, laughing and crying at the same time, the Ancient
of days had wiped my scandal from her memory. She couldn’t remember anything…

“Where is your wife? I don’t think I have met her before, I have just seen her on
Apostle was confused at this point, he felt Chaba was being dramatic…

“Chaba, stop this and tell me exactly why you came here.”
“I am serious, I cannot remember.”
“Are you saying you don’t remember meeting Happy before?”
I moved close to Chaba and offered her a handshake…

“Good afternoon Sis Chaba, it’s a pleasure meeting you!�Oh my goodness, you are so beautiful in person, my goodness! Apostle you have a beautiful wife, you see I told you, I told you months back, you will find a good wife”
Chaba said hugging me tightly.
Apostle was very speechless.
Chaba told us she was returning the next day as she couldn’t remember her purpose
of coming to Nigeria. Apostle told one of the pastors to lodge her in a hotel for the

On our way back home after we picked up the triplets, Ray kept looking at me
without saying a word, but when we got home, he came into my room and sat on my
bed for the first time…

“What did you do?” He asked looking at me “Chaba doesn’t remember anything, she
spoke like she only remembered my friendship with her before I even proposed
marriage to her.”
“I prayed, and I never thought that God could answer in that way…, but that shows
that God can wipe our errors no matter how many they are.”
“Do you think mine can be erased?” Ray asked innocently…

“He has done that already Ray, we have prayed for mercy and I believe God has
forgiven you, because our God is a God of mercy, who, as long as we acknowledge
our sins, is ever ready to forgive and erase our errors from His memory… Just like
He did show us with Chaba, He forgives and forgets…”

“Hmmm… but we are yet to find out what I did that made God to be displeased with
me, which gave the devil the legal ground to keep me in this prison of sexual
“We can find out if we persist” I said.
“How?” Apostle asked innocently.
“By praying just this one prayer point!”
“Which is?”
“Oh lord show me the secret behind the problem of my life and the way out in
Jesus Christ’s name”
Apostle and I prayed this single prayer for about two hours nonstop and the result
was amazing…

When the Lord revealed the source of Apostle’s problem, we knew it was only God
that could have revealed it and it kept us in awe of God….�
What was the problem?


©️ Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

I had woken up from a deep revelation, after my prayer time with Ray. He had slept
off on my bed for the first time since we got married. The triplets were asleep on their
baby mattresses, beside us.
I sat up to analyze the dream I had.
In my dream, I had seen myself searching for Ray all over the house, but couldn’t
find him. I walked into the living room and found the triplets watching cartoon with
Apostle’s Mother.
In the revelation, Martha, the second of the set spoke and asked me…
“Mummy, are you looking for Daddy?” She asked
“Yes, have you seen him?” I asked
“Yes!” The trio replied giggling
“So where is he?”
“He is in the belly of the fish like Jonah” they said pointing to the Bible Animation
they were watching on the screen. It was the cartoon version of Jonah in the belly of the shark…

“What?” I said very afraid “What is he doing in the belly of a shark?”
“He disobeyed God by going to the wrong place to preach, so God allowed a big
shark to swallow him!” Mary said Apostle’s mother who I had only seen twice since we got married as she had
returned to their hometown after her retirement spoke after the triplets had spoken…

“I warned him and I told him not to leave the place where God wanted him to be, but
out of greed he went elsewhere, see now the marine sharks have swallowed him up”
his mother said lamenting….

It was at that point I woke up from my dream.
“Holy Spirit, What is the interpretation of this dream?” I muttered to myself
“Yes sir, Yes sir, I will return” Apostle was saying from his dream weeping….I tapped
him so he could wake up from his dream.
On opening his eyes, he saw me by his side�
Happy, you are here?” He was surprised thinking we were in his room
“Yes, I am sorry, you slept off and I didn’t want to disturb you…”
“Happy, I saw Him again after 8 years!” He said
“The Holy Spirit, Happy, the prayer we prayed was highly effective. God has shown
me what is wrong and what I must do to make things right, but it is highly difficult for
me to do!”
“Does it have anything to do with you returning to somewhere?” I asked
He became startled and gave me a surprising look
“Yes, how did you know that?” He asked
“I just woke up from a revelation after our prayers…”
“Tell me about it!” He pleaded
I narrated the dream to him and midway, he stood up, pacing around and crying….

“It is the same message. In my dream, I saw the Holy Spirit in form of an elderly man
of God talking to me… I was complaining of how I was being tormented by the devil,
in response to my cries , He told me to return back to my master just like Hagar
returned back to Sarah. He told me, I was not meant to be a master, but a close
servant to the master. He told me I was in problems because I left where I was planted. He said I was experiencing dryness and thirst because I left my master.”
Ray said
“Do you know where this place is? I mean where God wants you to be?”
Apostle broke down in tears and between sobs, he said…
“I know, it is with “Baba Fire”….”
“Baba Fire, Who is Baba Fire?” I asked….

“I met Christ through Baba Fire during my Service year, after university”
“Service year” was a year volunteering program by all Nigerian university graduates
where they serve their nation for one year. These graduates are posted to different
states across the nation which is mostly far from their state of origin and state of
residence. It was this period in Apostle’s life he was referring to… These university graduates are usually referred to as “Youth Corp Members”.
Ray took a side stool and faced me;�
“I had been posted to Osun State, Ikeji-Arakeji town to be precise. I came into the
town with no spiritual fire whatsoever. I was more of a bookworm in my university