Election 2023: In a time like this, stay away from insulting God’s anointed – Adeola Jerry-Oluwagbemi advises

Writer and producer of Chris Heartbeat, Adeola Jerry-Oluwagbemi has advised his Twitter followers to desist from dragging men of God following the just concluded election that many believed its exercise was not free, fair and credible as promised.

GFNG had earlier reported that INEC declared Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a former Governor of Lagos State the winner of the 2023 Presidential election.

It was also reported that Tinubu garnered 8,794,726 to defeat his major rivals; Atiku Abubakar of the People Democratic Party (PDP) who polled 6,984,520 votes, and Peter Obi of Labour Party who secured 6,101,533 votes.

In response to this, many social media users took to various platforms to drag pastors who predicted that the Presidential candidates of Labour Party would win the election.

Reacting to this, Adeola Jerry-Oluwagbemi begged his followers on twitter to avoid joining the trend to drag Pastors either directly or indirectly.

In his words:  In all of these happenings, I really advice that we stay away from insulting God’s anointed. The effrontery to just lash out at Men of God directly or indirectly all in the name of being woke & clout. Ah!!! God’s anointed? Lord have mercy”

“Nigeria poor healthcare system k!lled my mom” – Yemi Jerry-Oluwagbemi finally reveals how he lost his mom, Feyi Oluwagbemi

Yemi Oluwagbemi, the last son of Evang. Jerry Oluwagbemi of Mount Zion Faith Ministries took to Twitter space some days ago to reveal how he lost his mom, Late Mrs Feyi Oluwagbemi in February 2021.

In a bid to enlighten his Twitter followers on why tribe and religion should not be factors to be considered first as per who leads Nigeria for the next four year, Yemi Oluwagbemi bares it all.

According to Yemi Oluwagbemi, two factors were responsible for his mother’s death as the poor health care system of Nigeria was the major cause of her death.

In his words;

Two people were responsbile for the d*ath of my mother. NIGERIA & IGNORANCE. Today I’ll tell you about k!ller number One: NIGERIA

“May Nigeria not happen to you” is a valid prayer point. In my case unfortunately, Nigeria did. Around this period two years ago, she was down with Ischemic stroke

Ischemic stroke; “An ischemic stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is interrupted or reduced preventing brain tissue from getting oxygen and nutrients.”

The progession of her sickness:

Ulcer- High blood pressure- Ischemic stroke: (implications: Blindness, dumbness and one-sided paralysis)

In UCH Ibadan i witnessed first-hand, the effect of having a poor health care system. Due to the peanut salary the workers earned.

-Nurses would prescribe drugs that were not needed in other to sell to other traders or patients.

-Zero display of empathy towards patients.

In this scenario who do you blame?Healthcare workers or the government?

My mum had two episodes. First stroke came and she was gradually recovering. Got discharged & went home only to experience a seizure shortly after. We rushed her back to UCH.

On two occasions during her first admission I saw people rush their loved ones and the feedbacks gotten from the hospital authorities were “space no dey, carry am go Adeoyo or private hospital”

Back to my mum’s story. At this point her nervous system had already collapsed, she was fully in a vegetable state. Couldn’t sit, see, talk, or respond. Could barely walk.

Around 10pm we got to UCH. GUESS WHAT THEY Said (You guessed right) “No space on ground” A& E (Accident & Emergency) unit was filled to the brim.

We had to find another hospital that same evening. My dad was losing it.. He’d frequently ask: “Yemi, sha ma sho mummy, she won shinmi?”

Translation: ” Yemi, keep monitoring mummy, is she still breathing?”

Got to the private hospital and guess what they said: “No doctor on ground to carry out proper examination on my mum” Like i said earlier: “May Nigeria not happen to you”.

That same night around 11:30pm we headed back to UCH to plead. Still no show. To cut the long story short. We all went back home in the middle of the night.

Came back to UCH the next morning after pulling multiple strings (special thanks to Dr Mrs Akingbola) Mummy was finally admitted around 12:45pm the next day.

She was placed on oxygen And we suspected that her chances of making it were slim.. You know how the story ends. She didn’t die, she slept.

This is Nigeria’s failed healthcare system at work.

For other victims, Nigeria happened to them via road accident, banditry, police brutality, job segregation. Etc.

It’s hilarious to see some people clamouring for a party bent on ruining lives just to enrich their pockets.

They think of their pockets and forget that they also have kids who will suffer the consequences of a failed Nation. If you think it won’t touch you I laugh.

“Like breakfast it will go round” irrespective of your tribe, color, religion, status or gender.

Now is the time to drop the bigotry, tribalism and mockery. Pray to God and support the movement for justice in Nigeria.

Good governance will solve most problems we want prayers to fix. Give clergymen a break and let’s FOCUS.-Yemy Jerry.

Late Mrs Feyi Eunice Oluwagbemi rested in the Lord in February, 2021 leaving behind her husband, Evang. Jerry Oluwagbemi and his three sons, Adeola Jerry-Oluwagbemi, Bright Jerry-Oluwagbemi and Yemi Victor Jerry-Oluwagbemi.

May her soul continue to rest in peace. Amen.