“Some movies made to corrupt your souls are now given Christian titles, Beware!” – Joy Edjeren warns

Joy Edjeren has warned her Facebook followers about the dangers of deceptive movies that appear to be Christian-themed. She emphasized that just because a movie has a Christian-sounding title or theme does not necessarily mean it is promoting Christian values.

Joy Edjeren urged her followers to be vigilant and discerning when choosing which movies to watch, as some may be intended to corrupt souls.

She further advised viewers to research the companies behind the films, pray for discernment, and seek God’s guidance before watching any supposedly “Christian” movies.

She also cautioned that in these last days, deception is at its peak and that Christianity is being repackaged by the evil ones. She further warned that Satan is targeting Christians by mingling his followers with genuine believers.

She urged her followers to take their soul and their eternity seriously, warning that their spiritual well-being is under attack through media such as movies and music.

In conclusion, Joy Edjeren urged her followers to be watchful and alert to the new level of deception targeting Christians, emphasizing the need to be discerning and cautious in all aspects of media consumption.

In her words;

Just because they make a movie and it sounds like a Christian movie or they even give it a title that seem “Christian” does not mean it’s a Christian movie. 

Some movies are meant to corrupt your souls, so ensure you know the company that is promoting a movie, pray and ask God for discernment before you watch a movie that seem “Christian”….last days deception is at its peak. Your soul is what they are targeting.

Christianity is being repackaged by the evil one and this time, the deception is harder because satan mingles his people with real Christians. 

Take your life, your soul, your eternity very serious and take heed to anything you expose yourself to, music, movie, etc…if God opens your eyes, you will run away from this new level of deception. And it’s all targeting Christians.

They want to quench your fire and your light and its through your eye gate & your ear gate that it will be achieved. Be watchful and don’t consume everything that you see. 

Jesus loves you and He is coming back very soon for you…stay watchful over what you consume o 🙏😭