Some mothers need to be arrested: Video of baby with 6 earring holes sparks outrage

A shocking video has emerged online, stirring outrage and sparking widespread calls for action, as a baby is seen sporting six earring holes in her ears.

The distressing footage has ignited a heated debate regarding the boundaries of parental choice and the potential risks involved in subjecting an infant to such a procedure.

In the clip, each ear carries three gold pin earrings; two on the lobule and one at the helix.

The video was trailed by demands to hold the mother accountable for what many perceive as a violation of the child’s rights.

Concerned individuals slammed the mother and called on authorities to take swift action and ensure the safety and well-being of the innocent child.

Check out the video below:

Social media users react to video of baby with six earring piercings

mikkytorino: “I repeat! Not every woman is a mother.”

cherish_ebosereme_: “Not every lady deserves to be a mother This is f00lishness Let kids be kids‍♀️ Make una collect the baby from her before e pass be careful.”

olusnation: “The child protection services (if there is anything like that in Nigeria) or any organizations that protect children in Nigeria needs to start arresting these useless things that called themselves mothers to these innocent children. THIS IS CHILD ABUSE.”

ankkyofthegoodlife_: “It’s high time they need to start arresting some mothers.”

oro.____: “Can y’all let kids be kids?….why all these sort of nonsense and pain infliction?”

chefnshopper: “Not every woman deserve this blessing.”

favourr.oj: “The person that agreed to pierce that baby’s ear like That and the Mother need to be in the psychiatric hospital.”

evve__lynn: “What kind of torture is this?”