Some ministers of God have abandoned thier calling because of Election – Mike Bamiloye writes open letter to Christians and thier leaders.

The President of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Evang. Mike Bamiloye has written an open letter of caution to Christians and thier leaders via a writeup titled “Faith on Sabbatical”

This was shared on his Facebook page yesterday 17th of March 2023 few hours before the gubernatorial election scheduled to hold today, 18th of March, 2023.

The gospel filmmaker called out Christians who have flipped thier faith to suit thier gain through the election by doing contrary to what they have learnt and stood for before the 2023 elections.

In his write up, he called on Christians who have sent thier faith on sabbatical and follow politicians to tell lies, spread falsehood and even lifted high the banner of violence to take heed.

He further charged them to return back to where they should be, exercise thier civic right and pray for peace of the nation instead of inciting violence.

In his words;

FAITH ON SABBATICAL! This Election has made some Children of God lose their Heavenly focus. The Election has made some Ministers of God abandoned their Calling. 

Some have forgotten about Heaven for now! They follow them to tell lies. They Follow Politicians do fake Propaganda! They Follow Politicians spread Falsehood! 

They have lost their senses for now! They will look for their Senses later. They have forgotten about Heaven for now. Their Faith has gone on Sabbatical Leave for now! 

HEAVEN CAN WAIT! They follow them go do Thump Print for N20,000! Eternity can wait for now! They Follow them to go and do Violence , 

Rapture can wait for now! Even after they know the Actual truth, they are so Sentimentally attached to their Political affiliation that they join them to Proclaim that Black is White

And To Declare that 2+2=22. They have forgotten about the Heaven they said they are going! 

They have forgotten about the Coming of Jesus Christ that they had been preaching. ALL THAT MATTERS NOW IS POLITICS AND ELECTIONS! 

They speak roughly! They Curse openly! They display anger and fight people! 

Sunday School Teacher removing his shirt in public to protest! 

Church Choir joining the crowd to Burn tires on the streets to stand for the Masses. All That Matters Now is the ELECTIONS! 

ME: NO WAY! My Heaven is More Important than Any Politics or ANY POLITICIANS! I can not do beyond my Civic Duties! I am to Vote and beyond that, 

I am to Pray for the Peace of the Nation and for God to Handle the Elections the Way He Feels would Favor Him. IF WE HAVE PRAYED TO GOD TO DO WONDERS IN THIS ELECTIONS, 

Then Let us Do our own Part and Watch God Fighting the Battles for us in His Own Way! BECAUSE OF THIS Elections AND BECAUSE OF THE POLITICIANS,