Some landlords are wicked: Nigerian man returns home to find 2 toilet pipes passing through in his room and kitchen

A Nigerian man has cried out on social media after returning from work to find out that two toilet pipes were passed through his room.

His friend, Ayomikun Balogun, shared a video and photos showing the messy state of the room with a background on the identity of the landlord.

Balogun said the Lagos landlord behind the act is one Akindele who is infamous for beating up his tenants. He wrote:

“His landlord is the notorious AKINDELE at Akerele Estate Oworonshoki who is well known for beating tenants and seems to be above the law based on his connection…”

The tenant whose room was messed up spoke in the background and narrated that someone asked for his room key in the morning under the guise that the landlord was to check for plumbing problems later in the day.

He dropped his key only to find his room in that state. The man lamented that he moved into the house in March 2023. See the tweet below:

Reactions on social media

@phemmyne said: “This is so wrong, he should at least bury the pipes and seek his permission before breaking into his room. There’s so much lawlessness in this country.”

@CitizenS82 said: “Don’t break the pipe…just get a nail & puncture the parts of the 4inch pipe facing the ground so that everytime they flush,waste water would seep into the room.

when a prospective tenant comes, the smell will drive them away. it will be a while before they trace it.”

@sonickay said: “This is criminal, barbaric and inhumane. I will rather live under bridge than allow the alleged landlord to tell me jackshit.”

@nohrix said: “I remember when this happened in Anthony Village. Over 15 cars and the vandalism continued unabated for weeks and months.

My fiance’s car as at the time was vandalised 3 times in 2 weeks. Brain Box, window and door controls were all taken.”

@EttBarr said: “I had been a victim of this kind of landlord before too, water up to thighs inside house when it rained 11 days after moving in and I already spent 785k. No refund till date.”