Crown Raphael Adewumi, the president of Miracle Drama Ministry has expressed in an open letter he wrote to the elders in gospel drama ministry his deep concern about some drama ministers who stick to other ministries’ templates .

This letter was to address young drama ministers who had in fear or in favour dropped the God’s given manual to be used in their ministry and picked up another template that is not for them, the side-eye by drama elders given to concepts created by the upcoming and also their disposition to the use of secular actors in gospel film productions.

He Shared;


 My name is Crown Raphael Adewumi, simply a drama minister by divine call. I was called into the ministry not long ago with a sealed mystery of the Kingdom and divine revelation when I was a novice about all things in life. The mysterious image like a big rock with no end appeared to me in the year 2005 in a mathematics class as a high school students. Then the rock spoke ‘ I want to send you an errand in a drama ministry’. Before then in my entire life I have never heard ministry being attached to drama. The only ministry I was aware of is MINISTRY of education, ministry of health and the likes. To cut the story short, the revelational encounter made me bow to the call and He start leading us till I met the association of drama minister called ANCEDRAM. I was glad because I never thought there could be such organisation even though I have seen a Christian movie in the 90’s and 2000 (such as Emi fun Emi, the gods are dead, etc.) that made me cry with a broken spirit even as young as I was.

In summary of why I told the story, I was caught in drama ministry by revelational encounter of which on the rock I stand by His grace without deceptional assumption of my divine status in the ministry.

But…as I grow up and learn to make a movie to basically win souls for the Lord, I discovered that our elders in the drama ministry has misled many by an orientation coated with spiritual grammar and biblical references with an interpretation to suit their intentions. I discovered the effect of this orientation has widely spread and made many young DRAMA MINISTERS left their ministries’ manual to follow theirs. This orientation has created a serious doubt in the heart of some young and tender-hearted drama MINISTERS thinking if really it was God that gave them the creative concept they wanted to use to preach their message because of the fear that some elders in the ministry will stand against it, giving a long convincing sermon with biblical references to render it unworthy. This is my take, that a biblical referential essay is convincing and majority nods their heads in support does not mean it is the truth with respect to the matter addressed to. Everybody has a manual different from each other, I call it your divine script which you must act accordingly but if you by any means change your role to another character just because you love him or her, then we all know the consequential remark from the director.

In due honour and respect; My words of advice from the cloud of divine wisdom to our elders; please, can you ask God about it? and keep watching the young DRAMA ministers making his or her movies in the way he conceived it before attacking it with criticism to render it ungodly. Because if the concept is not of the Lord, surely it shall not stand and time shall tell. The foundation of the Lord standeth sure and it has a seal, the Lord knows who are his… (2 Timothy 2: 19). 

The use of professional secular actors in Christian movies and the condemning reaction of some elders shocked me. The same elders whom if you call to come and acts in your movie that will reject with an excuse you would not want to query are the ones standing to condemn such productions. I ask sir and ma, the brethren we use in our movies and we call them drama ministers; how sure are we that they are who will know them to be? Some even in the secret are like or even worst than the so called secular actors. Atleast we saw many that backslided after using them in a movie and will find a reason for their backsliding calling it an attack. I, Crown Raphael is not supporting the use secular actors neither will I against it because God never told me to do either. But I say, before we condemn, let us ask God of what he is saying about it. Film making of any kind is a creative and dynamic ARTS even though we have a boundary which I know is Whatsoever is sinful we don’t make. I submit here!

I am Crown Raphael, just a film maker to promote Jesus Christ.


Published By: Ifeoluwa ORISAKAHUNSI
Founder, gospelfilmsng