Some ‘Female Ministers’ deny their husbands access to their bodies, uncontrollable at home but pretenders in church – Evang. Mike Bamiloye

Evang. Mike Bamiloye, founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, has reacted to the negative attitudes of some married Christian women in their matrimonial homes. According to him, such wives do not submit to their husbands at home and are fond of having their way at all times.

These so-called women in the Lord, he stated, look beautiful and keep smiling beside their husbands in church, but are the direct opposite the moment the couples leave the church.

In a post via Facebook on Saturday, the Christian film producer described such women as stubborn, rude, disrespectful, stressing that they are stingy with their bodies to their husbands. SEE FULL POST BELOW

“There is a class of female Ministers who never stayed at home with their husband. They travel everywhere, being hosted in many hotels and suits all over as they minister about, eating the best of sumptuous meals provided by their hosts while their husband stay alone at home manning the local church.

They could be away from home on ministrations for two or three months “Preaching” the gospel all over the world while their husband languish at home alone being fed by cousins, nephews or house maids. And when the husband attempt to stop them from moving or attempt to reduce their frequent “mission” trips, they would say he is killing their visions and suppressing their callings.

They would stand behind the pulpits and podiums introducing their sermons with a praise for their husbands: “I bring you greetings from my husband, the owner of my head. The payer of my dowries without whom I would not be here today. He sent his warm greetings ” , even while the man is suffering loneliness at home. Cold or hot the man is alone.

Some married women in the Lord are fond of having their ways all the time. They never submit to their husbands. They never follow their husband. They are beautiful to behold in beauty, they smile all the time, they stand beside their husband in the church, but they are not who they claim to be. They are the direct opposite at home. Stubborn, rude, unbroken, disrespectful and very stingy with their body to their husband.

They dictate their terms to give their husbands access to their body. They are hard at home, but soft in the church. Very unsubmissive and insensitive. May God Almighty deliver men from such “Sisters”. #mikebamiloye