Skitmaker Cute Abiola reacts as police threatened to prosecute him after wearing uniform in his viral skits (VIDEO)

Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin, also known as Cute Abiola, a popular Nigerian skitmaker, has slammed the Nigerian Police force threatening to arrest him for wearing the police uniform in his viral skits.

Yessterday, July 27th, 2023, the Nigerian Police Force issues an official announcement via its official Twitter handle in which it is revealed that the Cute Abiola will be detained and prosecuted if proven guilty of very disrespectful and disparaging portrayal of the police outfit.

In his two skits that went viral online, Comedian Cute Abiola dressed in a police uniform was seen forcefully demanding money from two guys while in their car at the checking point.

According to the statement released by the police through the PRO, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the skit is in direct violation of Section 251 of the Criminal Code and Section 133 of the Penal Code Law.

The statement reads; “Abdulgafar Abiola will be investigated and possibly prosecuted for his deliberate acts as the NPF had already warned skit makers and filmmakers to desist from desecrating its uniform or accoutrements. “

Reacting to this official statement by the police Force, Cute Abiola remains unperturbed and by extension mocks the Nigerian police Force threatening to arrest him for wearing the uniform.

Berating the Force, Cute Abiola took to the comment section of Instablog9ja where he dropped a motion emoji of veteran actress Iya Awero (Lanre Hassan) scoffing, meaning he is not afraid of them and by extension gets social media backing.

See the screenshot below;

strawberrycuteface: Misplaced priorities…I taya for these country…Criminals are robbing, killing and kidnapping everyday…Una no go look into that one, na irrelevant things una go dey do…

enosenty1: Cap… Police uniform wey thrm don use play tire since the days of Aki and pawpaw😂.

thefoodnetworknig2: With a good legal team, Abiola will win the case and even counter sue for harassment.

i_am_jayblaq: Ex Naval Officer and present special adviser to Kwara state governor, tah Dem dey Jones trying to flex dia leen muscle.

Besides the outfit isn’t the police uniform just de colour and secondly he has only brought to light what Nigerians go through in the hands of the force rather than chase after him why not put in measures to reform and overhaul the NPF. Asari as been posting threats around flaunting his muscles why una self no flex una muscle reach odon side please you guys can do better and stop been a joke 🤣🤣.

gbenro_akins:  Oga PRO should shut up and stop the hypocrisy, what cute abiola portray in the skit is the sad and true reality of what most Nigerians go through in the hand of policemen..

it’s important that we explore every means to bring to the awareness of relevant authority of the gross misconduct of uniform men especially the Nigeria police force.

even in Hollywood movie bad cop are always depicted and I don’t think any of the Hollywood stars have been arrested for exposing the decay in the system.

there’s alot wrong with the police force that’s not to say there aren’t deligent and patriotic ones among them but we have too many nuisance and lunatics in police uniform..PS cute abiola can win the case with a good lawyer.

I saw the uniform he used except for the colour nothing looks like police 👮‍♀️ uniform.