She said she couldn’t trust me – Man discovers wife secretly built two houses without his knowledge

A man has been left in a dilemma after discovering that his wife had secretly built two houses and put them in their kids’ name without his knowledge.

The story was shared anonymously by the man who took to Twitter to lament over his wife’s deceit.

According to him, his wife had secretly built two house and even got a promotion at work without letting him know.

When he confronted her about this, he revealed that his wife had told him that she couldn’t trust him anymore since he had once impregnated his coworker.

Read his full narration below;

“Good day, please conceal my ID and help me post.

I just discovered my wife has been building secretly without my knowledge and she’s built 2 houses on rent which she’s put in our 2 kids names and even got a promotion at work without letting me know.

After I confronted her she claims her reason for her behavior was because I got a co-worker pregnant 5 years ago and that she couldn’t really trust me anymore with anything,

but she actually forgave me in front of both families and our pastor after almost a year of separation and pleading because she had filed for divorce.

I approached the elders concerning this issue and they suggested a meeting should be held which she didn’t attend claiming her people weren’t ready and had to have the meeting postponed.

We proceeded with the meeting and it was decided that she quits her job and takes the role of a house wife as she’s getting big headed,

which she didn’t appreciate and we got into an argument over this,

I got upset and tried to confiscate her car keys in the heat of the argument and she literally slapped me.

I was shocked by this behavior;

I packed a bag and I’ve been away from home for a week now.

To think this is a woman I took to school and did so much for and she repays me with utter deceit.

Is this marriage worth saving?

I feel like if she failed to forgive, she should have not acknowledged our pleas for forgiveness…please advise.”

See reactions from Twitter users and full post below;

@Adonisee said: “You got some pregnant outside marriage and you are still acting haughty?

If you had kept your marriage bed undefiled would she lose your trust?

Oh if you caught her with another man or you found out she got pregnant for another man, would you forgive at all?”

@unyimeu60018288 said: “The audacity, ahahahahaah, you give babe belle outside marriage and you still de expect trust from your wife…lol…that woman has moved on since.”