She no buy wig: lady builds house, decorates Varenda & pillars with tiles, shares photos of land documents

A young Nigerian lady has shared a video of the house she just completed for herself. She said she had indeed tried to make something out of life.

The lady (@taiyeesefavourposed) in front of the building after it had been painted.

To show people that she is indeed the owner of the property, she shared a photo of the signed land document in her name.

Beautiful portable house Though the compound of the building had not been floored, the property looked amazing. People were inspired by her success.

The pillars of the house were all tiled. The patio of the building also has beautiful tiles. Watch the video of the building here.

Senior Man compiled some of the reactions below:

Zoro Poundz said: “Congratulations.” Prince said: “Chai girl way I senior don build house oo God when. Congrat oooo.”

CHIMEX said: “Congratulations.”

omodano said: “You try o. Big congrats. People go say: “she no use money buy wig”. This is big invesment.”

Hugo T said: “Over try dey worry you. Congratulations dear.”

Beauty said: “You try babe congratulations.”

vivian said: “Congratulations dear I tap from the blessings.”

Vuyokazi Pakati said: “You over try my dear, congratulations.”

Big Sagittarius said: “Over try my dear congratulations.”