SHACKLES (gospel films)

By Anastasia Ruth

A movie well appreciated, is a movie in which your emotions can write the end of the story but your affections stay on the characters because of how well each character have portrayed their roles. I say this, because that is the way Mount Zion Movies make you feel. From scriptwriting, production, directing, characters, whatever it is the mount Zion group anchored by Mike Bamiloye never fails to surprise their audience with productions that verify that God can also use the media to promote his glory here on earth.

Damilola Mike-Bamiloye who often does a quick release on his youtube page of a movie release of the team for a quick review, recently uploaded “Shackles” their new movie and being a lover of the mount zion team, I was quick to watch it (Thanks Dami).

To be candid; I was not disappointed. I loved, loved, the “Theme of Waiting” that the movie intended to teach everyone, not only for women waiting in marriage but every single audience and person who could be waiting for something from God. I loved the characters; the wife who displayed every woman’s anxiety when she is in the waiting period whatever it may be. The husband who played his headship role in the family when he disagreed with his wife, yet showing empathy when her tender nature to still act like a woman played when things fell apart came to play, his spiritual headship when “Gashiky Melandra” troubled them, moreover; his ability as a husband to stick around and not play an “awoof” match when his wife was waiting, always advising and directing her to the promises of God for them when her faith dwindled, was awesome. That in there is what a lady means when she says I want a man who fears God. By the way, a man who fears God isn’t just a man who goes to church; I will write about this soon.

The change of narratives was also splendid. Another good element of the movie is the non-diegetic sound. When Gashiky and Evelyn met in her vision at night and they danced; the first thing I noticed was that the angle on camera shot which will make any viewer not just focus on the beautiful chandelier but also on them two and that was beautiful; but of course not many will even focus on that anymore when the song begins to play. Does Mike Bamiloye’s voice sound better than Mummy Gloria’s? Well it did in that scene, I could remember crying because Evelyn had not waited but I could also remember how melodious the song was. If it was a Nathaniel Bassey’s song, it would be a hit. I really was amazed and glad at the effort of the crew members to merge things together.
How can I forget the makeup of Prohetess. What a funny scene it was for me, to see a prophetess with the blue eye shadow and a red lipstick. Her makeups which can be compared to that of the village slay mamas yet appearing as a prophet was my own comedy. I couldn’t even help but say to myself mummy Gloria Bamiloye is a beautiful woman indeed. I would laugh and imagine her without makeup but am sure glad she played her part well. Lol, God wins even over the prophet; called or uncalled.

Portraying the physical and the spiritual realm of life through the Christian team, the mount zion team, didn’t fail at that; you should wait to see the battle between God and Gashiky. Dang! I was happy when God replied Gashiky to be quiet because his voice was the highest authority. You see, people think by going to God, God comes to scene without them fighting through prayers and this movie teaches us that it is not so, we too have to call God’s attention through our prayers. The use of bible verses too, would teach anyone that regularly speaking God’s word goes a long way. Do not think the use of verses was just to positively inspire, it was much more in this movie.
I didn’t think the writer would do so but the death of Goodness, was a great twist. It brought back the memory of King David and Beersheba; reminding us that no matter what, God could never have taken the glory for what the devil had a share in. Who knew what could have befallen them in the future, especially since the Prophetess was still doing her evil works in the world. I think to say, that if it was produced by Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Gashiky and the Prophetess will die. Lol. But keeping her alive made us understand that there are many false teachers who remain un-judged because their day of doom had not arrived.

All the above mentioned, is not to say I found no fault in the movie; although all are to my personal opinion, for from the day of the naming ceremony of “Goodness”, I could not understand why Evelyn was made to look sad from the start, I thought the Nigerian movie had gone passed that and that we the audience would suspect nothing till Evelyn had a dream but that killed the suspense, although it could make anyone wonder if the man in white who visited Evelyn on the porch was an ex-lover who she never waited for. Plus, why are we left in the dark about the deaconess’s wife who introduced Evelyn to the prophetess? We were never told if she herself had a baby through the prophetess and since the G.O knew her, why was her attention not called when he discovered she knew the prophetess? Was Gashiky not the only strongman giving babies to those who came to the prophetess, if so why was his death, not known to the prophetess that she should want to contact Evelyn?

Well, well. I did enjoy the movie and I pray The mount Zion group will grow spiritually and physically. People seldom watch gospel/Christian movies because they know that the Christian writer tells us that God wins at the end and why would anyone be a Christian movie scriptwriter and not write that God wins at the end anyway? Have people not also learned domestic violence and relationship double-dealings from movies?

Anyways, Christian movies are not only meant for church goers. Like any movie, that thought people about circumstances, Christian movies have diverse lessons and this review should not stop you from going to see the movie. Each of us will learn and get something different from the movie.
God Bless the Mount Zion Team


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Published By: Ifeoluwa ORISAKAHUNSI
C.E.O, gospelfilmsng