The popular gospel drama minister, Lady Evang. Seyi Pedro Adetola has narrated how she had an unforgettable encounter with God at LAUTECH Motion Ground, Ogbomoso during her undergraduate days on the 14th of Feb, 2002 which coincidentally matched up with a valentine day.

She shared this story to inspire those who are already weary and tired to turn to Jesus, the only one who can save and give an new life.



February 14th remains a special day to me…

A day I stopped borrowing Jesus my use and return to me because then I felt I needed it more than Jesus,… actually it was my life.

I praise God for the Godly parents and wonderful background I was privileged to have, that really helped me a lot and everyone around me knew me to be a good girl but I actually needed a personal encounter with Christ…though I have been a church girl all along but I didn’t have the depth knowledge of my personality in Christ Jesus. A day like this came in 2002, I was in 200L at Lautech, it was a day to choose between life and death, to choose if I will keep my destiny or forfeit it…hmmmm… I was about to be expelled from school (Are you shocked? Story for another day) yet, sincerely I was a good girl who was falling apart. I could not manage the psychological and emotional pressure around me. I was giving up…

Since I was not ready for any valentine hangout on that day, I needed a place to hide…a place to hide from my friends. I saw a flier of LJCF (Lautech Joint Christian Fellowship) crusade at then motion ground..oh this place will be a good place to hide..that was my thought. Hmmmm…the guest minister was Bro Gbile Akanni….oh! Obviously a hiding place indeed. The unexpected happened! God brought me out! I had an encounter that gave me a great turnaround. Jesus took over my entire being..He took over the old me who was crashing and gave me a new life..He saved me, he delivered me, He rescued me…all the cases that would have ruined my academic career died naturally and turned out in my favor…the truth came to timeline& I was proved innocent. God brought me up from the lowest academic grade to the top… I eventually graduated as one of the best students, not only in my department but in my faculty. Jesus did it. I thank God for the salvation of my soul.

Are you wearied and tired? It is time to turn to Jesus! He will save you and give you a new life…a new beginning and you will smile again. Do you need a hiding place? Go and hide in Jesus!

Less I forget jare, actually, I want to invite & remind you of PWF which is coming up tomorrow. Please check the flier for details. That is what I wanted to say o& saw myself telling stories. More stories to tell though about PWF… Watch out!


Published By: Ifeoluwa ORISAKAHUNSI
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