RIP to my 20s: Lady holds funeral-themed party as she turns 30, uses black cake (VIDEO)

To mark her 30th birthday, a young lady organised a funeral-themed party and invited guests for the occasion.

Taking to Instagram, the lady, identified as Imani Canady, shared photos and a video from the party with the caption, “We had a funeral for my 20s.”

From the photos and clip, it was observed that she used a black cake for the party. On the cake, the words ‘RIP to my 20s’ was written at the center. The celebrant wore a black outfit as well as her guests like the occasion was a funeral.

A short clip showed her posing with a material that looked like a coffin and had the letters ‘RIP’ boldly written in front of it. Netizens dragged the lady for her funeral-themed party. See her post below:

People react to Imani’s funeral-themed party

Garcia Chinemerem Amara said: “Many spiritual implications…

“She doesn’t know what she has don to her self spiritually…

 “People of this world just take things for granted.”

Kamal Sirkamal said:

“May God have mercy ,sometimes is not all about saying bad things or otherwise,

but isnt everything we joke with to get fame to catch cruise or make money we need to be very careful on how we take life cus everything is not about jokes or cruise may.

The Almighty guide us all and forgive our past mistakes present and any in the future Ameen.”