Part 9
Opeyemi Akintunde

Mayor walked like he was walking on hot coals as he walked closer to the accident scene.

Mayor couldn’t hold back the tears. He saw the cloth Mirabel wore earlier.He saw the blood dripping….

” No!!!” Mayor rushed towards the men dragging Mirabel out of the car…

” Mirabel…” He screamed

” Please…help me, she is my wife …please help me…My son is in the vehicle …please …” Mayor cried out…

” The mother is dead! but the child is still breathing!” A man said

” Please…let’s take them to the hospital. Please where is the nearest hospital!” Mayor said screaming

” It’s true…Let’s take them to the clinic ” A weeping woman said

With the help of the crowd, Mayor got Mirabel and Austin to the nearest clinic.


” They are both on Life support…I thought I had lost Mirabel, but I am so grateful she is fine now!” Mayor said to Joan over the phone

” What about your son?” Joan asked

” He is also st@ble, but still in the ICU.”

“But what were they doing there?” Joan asked

” B€ats me as well, my wife isn’t someone who monitors me.” Mayor said

” So what about him?” Joan asked

” Who? Austin ? I told you he is in the ICU.” Mayor said

” No, I mean the boyfriend.” Joan said ” Do you know where he is!”

” Joan, are you seriously asking me that? Joan do you have an iota of human feelings. I told you the two most importantly people in my life are in between life and death and you asking me about some guy?” Mayor said angrily

” Mayor, use your brain…if you do not find that guy in few hours… Moko will kill your son!” Joan said frankly.

” Mayor, I am on your side…I don’t want you losing your son.I have my family too… Please find the guy. Leave that hospital and find that guy.”

” How? He is gone!” Mayor said as he broke down in tears.

” I will try to help you find where he is. Give me five minutes.” Joan said

” Ok!” Mayor said ” Joan!”

” Yes!”

” Thank you…but please don’t let me lose my son…”

” I will do my best!”


Rekky laid there listening to the conversation from the end of the woman speaking. She could understand that Osmond must have escaped and something had gone wrong with the family of the man who kidnapped her.

Rekky could perceive someone walking close to her.

” Who are you? You have a strong will to live and also some forces are preventing you from dying and these forces do not mind who dies to keep you alive.” Joan said to Rekky

Rekky couldn’t answer but her answer definitely had to be…

” MY Father!”

Rekky knew she was a beneficiary of her father’s good life.

” Don’t bring your bad luck near my family. I must see to your end.” Joan said

With that Joan walked to her consulting chamber. She needed to track down that boyfriend.


Tams couldn’t believe Martins could not be tracked as well. His two mobile numbers were unreachable. She could hear one of the Police officers speaking to someone called ” Madam Chioma”. She wondered who that was.

By this time, Rekky’s phone too was unreachable.

” Sir, is it possible to track their phone numbers?” Tams asked

” We can’t do that until after 24 hours!”

” We don’t have 24 hours…My friend has been kidnapped. I heard the conversation between her and the kidnapper before she suddenly went mute.”

” Madam, please …Let us do our job.”


Osmond kept looking out through the window. He couldn’t wait for the dark when he could go meet the herbalist for the final stage of the ritual. He kept wondering why that man was looking for him. The picture of Rekky on the floor didn’t make sense.

” Was she in an accident?” Osmond asked…

” Or did her husband find out? And he killed her? Is that why they are looking for me as her boyfriend?” Osmond thought as he swallowed hard


” I have found him! He is at an hot€l. From what I saw on the pillow he laid his head on, the name of the hot€l is Hot€l 23…I googled Hot€l 23, and I found it. It is at Bismark court.”

” His room number?” Mayor asked

” Mayor, how am I suppose to know his room number?” Joan asked with irritation in her voice.

” I am sorry…thanks anyway. I will work on what I have..” Mayor said. He couldn’t wait to kill the bastard.

Part 10
Opeyemi Akintunde

It was getting dark. Osmond looked out through the window, he didn’t see any thing strange. He got dressed and placed a final call to the herbalist.

“ Hello Sir!” Osmond said

“ Yes my Son!”

“ How far?”

“ Almost done, just waiting for you to come bath with the water!” The herbalist replied

Osmond smiled! He had outsmarted whatever force didn’t want him rich.

After reaching the hot€l earlier, he reasoned that if the man looking for him was a police officer, he needed to discard the panties because it would have Rekky’s DNA. He called the herbalist to find out if he could send it through a Despatch rider. The man agreed. He had tucked the panties in his suit and packaged the suit. The Despatch rider thought he was delivering a suit.

The herbalist had received it in about an hour. The panties were soaked in water and some diabolic herbs. The herbalist had told Osmond that the herbs will drain all the virtues of the owner of the panties into the water. Thereafter, as the final ritual, he would drink a small portion and bath with the rest.

Osmond couldn’t wait to do the final ritual, though drinking the panties water was not a part he was looking forward to, but he knew he would do it nevertheless.


Mayor sat at the reception waiting for Osmond. He had been there for hours. He saw Osmond when he came down to give a Despatch rider his suit. Mayor had dodged his face. That gave him the assurance that Later that evening he was going to kill him…

“ Sir, I hope you are fine. We noticed you haven’t gone to your room since you got here.?” A man said to Mayor

“ Nothing! I like to stay at the reception before going to the room to sleep.” Mayor said casually.

Mayor’s phone rang. It was the number of the doctor from the hospital.

“ Hello Sir!” Mayor said. His heart was racing. He had a feeling something wasn’t right.

“ Yes sir, please sir, where are you? We need you here!” The doctor replied

“ Sir, I am faraway. Please do whatever you can do to save them. Is the 1 million Naira I sent to you not enough, I can double it, triple it for you!” Mayor said with desperation

“ Sir, it’s not about the money…” The doctor said.

Mayor sensed something wasn’t right…

“ Doctor… Tell me …!”

“ We have lost your wife. ..we did all we could but we lost her.” The doctor said

Mayor crashed into his chair, he wanted to crush the phone in his hand. Hot tears rolled down his face. He rushed out of the reception into his car…

“ Hello !Hello!” The doctor was saying but Mayor wasn’t listening. His heart was broken. Mirabel was his life, his joy and the hope for a pure future. He had planned how he was going to leave the job soon and relocate to Canada with his family but all that was gone now.

“ What about my son?” Mayor said with a shaky and broken voice

“ He is still steady. We are watching him closely, but he has better chances than his mother had!”

“ Ok, please keep him alive..” Mayor said

Mayor ended the call. He broke down in tears like a baby as he mourned his wife.

“ Mirabel, I am sooooorrrrry.” He cried


Tams made sure the Police got in contact with the Telecommunications company in other to track Rekky’s phone.

They had tracked Rekky’s phone to Hot€l 23.

Tams was following closely behind the Police van that was going to Hot€l 23.

“ I hope Rekky is not on one of her s€x tour as she calls it. “Tams thought.

Rekky had what she termed “ S€x tour”. She would go round the city sleeping with different men at different locations.

Tams was tempted to stop the officers from searching when they were told the phone had been tracked to a hot€l, but what restrained her was the fact that the phone was switched off. It was unlike Rekky. She was Rekky’s gist partner everyday. Sometimes, she would even call her to listen in on her s€x screams. Therefore, it was unusual for Rekky to go off her phone for over 6 hours.

“ God, I hope Rekky had not Wrecked her life. I hope she is not dead.” Tams thought silently as they drove closer to Hot€l 23.


Osmond walked out of the hot€l. He stood in front of the entrance waiting for the cab he ordered.

Mayor spotted him with his bags.

As soon as Osmond’s cab drove out, Mayor followed him.

His phone rang….It was Joan calling.

“ Hello Joan! I have found him and I am following him closely. When we get to a lonely path, I will get him!” Mayor said

“ That would be best for you, or else you will have two deaths in one night!” Moko said instead of Joan

“ Moko!”

“ Yes! The one and only. The only lion in the jungle. I see that your wife is dead, although that is a waste, because her death has no value for me. Make sure you stop that idiot from carrying out the ritual or else your son dies tonight. Tony is at the hospital to evacuate your son at my order. He has gone there to represent you as your brother.”

“ Moko, please… Moko please, don’t kill my son… Please, even if I fail tonight, I will work “back to back” to get you better lives!”

“ Some lives are not as important as these ones. The woman and your son are billions to me. I have informed all our top clients about the auction and Senator Burancha already has put up 2 million dollars as the first bidder.” Moko said proudly

“ Moko pleaseeeee!” Mayor said in tears as he raced hotly behind Osmond’s cab.

Moko hung up. Mayor dialed the Doctor’s number. It wasn’t reachable. He knew they must have blocked his line. He dialed Tony’s number instead…

“ Hello Tony… please listen to me. Please for the sake of the friendship we share, please don’t take my son to Moko… please!” Mayor said sobbing like a baby

“ My brother! You are talking to the wrong person. My son’s life is on the line as well. Moko said if I don’t bring your son, he will kill mine. Mayor, what’s your advise for me?” Tony said

Mayor realized there was no way out…

“ Mayor, kill the son of another man to keep yours safe. Kill the guy you are chasing so that you don’t lose your son, because if you fail, I will have to kill your son so I don’t lose mine.” Tony said frankly.

Mayor ended the call with the resolve to save his son.


“ The carrier of the phone is moving!” The Police officer said to Tams. “ I believed Someone must have tipped him/ her off.”

“ Who?”

“ We follow the carrier to find out answers!” The Police officer said.

Tams nodded as the Police officer left her car and got into the van.


Osmond noticed the car had been following him for about 15 minutes.

“Hey… have you noticed that the car behind has been following us for a while!” Osmond asked the cab driver

“ Not sure!”

“ Can you take a detour to be sure!”

“ Ok!”

The driver changed his course and Mayor followed him.

“ I told you, he is following us. Park the vehicle!” Osmond said

As the driver parked, Mayor did same!


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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