Part 5
Opeyemi Akintunde

“ Wow! Mayor… this is a big catch! Where did you get this one? I must inform Moko at once. Her blood will be sold in billions!”

“ Why?”

“ She carry… I mean her destiny is weighty… Billion dollar destiny!” The Prietess said

Mayor shook his head. The useless woman was about to lose that great destiny because of her wayward ways. He thought of his wife, Mirabel. He hoped she would never join the league of adulterous women…

“ …. but wait there is a problem!” The Prietess said

“ What?”

“ Someone else has prepared her for rituals. Did you take her elsewhere?”

“ Elsewhere! What do you mean elsewhere?”

“ Someone is actually going to kill her tonight.”

“ That might be her husband, from my conversation with her shortly before I knocked her out, she made me understand that she sleeps with different men and her husband knows about it!”

“ That means Her Husband wants to use her for Money rituals! I can see the projection.”

“ Really?”

“ We must get to him before he does the last ritual! You have to bring him here!”

“ Bring him here? I don’t even know him, I don’t know her house. I suggest we just kill her now before her husband does.”

“ We can’t… We must locate her husband and kill him before he does the last ritual. You know we can’t kill her until we have the demand for her blood. Moko will auction her during the weekend, but if her husband kills her tonight, that will be a big loss to us!” The Prietess explained

“ What Loss?” Moko said as he walked into the Deposition Unit.

As he saw Rekky, his power ring became very hot on this fing€r. That was a sign that Rekky was a hot deal.

“ What do we have here?” Moko asked with so much interest as he walked towards where Rekky had been laid.


“ So? What are you still doing here? Find that husband of hers for me Now!” Moko said “ Or else, I will replace her life with your son’s life…”

“ Sir?” Mayor said in shock with eyes widely opened

“ You are surprised I said your son, well let me say this to you, Your son is decked in so much glory, it is almost at the same level of this Lady’s destiny, so if you make me lose her, I will make you lose your son.”

Mayor knew that wasn’t a threat. He had to find the callous husband of the stupid woman.

“ How?” He asked himself. He knew the place where he picked her up was her boyfriend’s place. Mayor sat in his car thinking about his options.

“ Will her boyfriend know her house?” He asked himself

“ Yes.. No…” Mayor speaking to himself.

Suddenly he remembered. The Map… He remembered Rekky imputing her address to his phone map.

“ Yes!” He screamed. He brought out his phone, Checked the map to see if the address was still intact. It was…


Osmond picked all the eight panties belonging to Rekky. He was bubbling with so much excitement. He knew he was going to wake up a wealthy man by the next day. That night was the final ritual night, where he was to present 8 of Rekky’s panties. He had given her hair, her nails, her saliva. He took her hair from her comb. He had taken her nails the day he volunteered to help trim her nails. And the saliva… he had intentionally prepared a very peppery dish one weekend she came over. The moment she ate it, she spat it out. Osmond had cleared the mess, thereby keeping what she spat out. Out of what she vomited, Osmond extracted her saliva with a syringe.

All of the processes had been without hitch and he knew for a fact, nothing was going to stop him that night.


Following Chioma’s advise, Martins placed a call to the Commissioner of Police. Chioma had sent him the phone number through an SMS. She wasn’t picking his calls anymore. Alongside the phone number she sent to him, she had written boldly…


The Commissioner attended to his call well because of Chioma’s name he mentioned…

“ Make sure you stay at home Sir. We need your wife’s friend to also be at home with you. My officers will come over for your statement. We will handle it. Your wife will be back soon.” The commissioner had encouraged him over the phone.

Two hours later, Martins was still waiting for the Police. He kept pacing around in fear and anxiety…

“ Knock Knock!”

Martins looked towards the door…

“ Who is there?”

Part 6
Opeyemi Akintunde

“ Who is there?”

“ It’s me, Sir!” A familiar voice said

“ Who are you?” Martins replied

“Madam Tams’ driver” Silas answered

Martins walked towards the door. On opening it was truly Tams’ driver.

“ Silas, why are you here? Where is your Madam?”

“ Our car broke down and her second phone is down. The phone that is on is the one connected to your wife, so she couldn’t call you… and my phone is at home.”

“ Ok?”

“ So she said I should tell you to come and pick her from there, so you both can go to the police station.”

“ We were told to stay here and wait for the officers. I can’t leave here. You should go back and let her come here instead.”

“ Ok sir!” Silas said as he turned away.

After shutting the door, Martins collapsed into his living room chair.

Another knock came afterwards. Martins suspected it was Silas checking back.

“He probably forgot to tell me something..” Martins said with irritation in his voice

Martins was face to face with the handsome Mayor staring at him innocently.

” Hello Sir!” Martins said

” Good Morning Sir!” Mayor said ” Sir, I know this might sound like I am intruding into your privacy…but I am here on an errand!”

” Ok?”

” Sir, is your wife the woman that sleeps around with men?” Martins was shocked but he remained silent. Mayor was not ready to lose his son, so he pushed further.

” Sir, I am a taxi driver. I picked your wife from a man’s house this morning to another man’s house. On the way to her destination, she told me about how she loved cheating on you. She…”

” So where is she? I thought her friend said she had been kidnapped…”

” Her friend? Kidnapped ! No… Nothing like that happened!”

” Yes, She told me Rekky had been kidnapped by a man who picked her up… and the police are actually on their way here. I should have known Rekky is on another s€x tour…So what did she send you to get for her?”

Mayor was confused at that point. He didn’t know what to say. The husband had just told her the police was on their way.

” An unfortunate accident happened there, so she sent for you” Mayor was just saying

” Unfortunate accident…and you said she wasn’t kidnapped?…You are not making sense? Tell me what is really happening? Or are you the kidnapper?”

At that point, Mayor knew he had to go diabolical.

” Yes…I know I am not making sense, but listen to me now…I need you to follow me right away. I speak not with mere words, my mouth is coated with the power that can not be said No to. I command you to follow me right away, No questioning…”

Martins became hypnotized. Like a sheep led to its slaughter, Martins followed Mayor to his car.


Osmond packed his clothes. He was leaving the house. He knew with Rekky’s car in his compound, when she eventually turns out dead, his place would be the first point of call.

He was going to lodge in an hot€l and once the strange visitor he was told would visit him, comes around with the money, he would go buy an apartment.

Osmond smiled satisfactorily to himself.

” Thank you Rekky for making me a rich man.”


Mayor got to the Police check point. The Police officer recognized him from earlier, hence didn’t stop him.

Mayor drove into Ritualist’s Village with so much relief. He couldn’t wait to sign out for the day and return home to his wife and son.

One of the carriers rushed towards the car as he had seen the state Martins was. He lifted Martins from the car and carried him into the Deposition unit. He laid Martins beside his wife.

Rekky saw a man dropping a body beside her. Her vision was very blurry but she knew that smell.


Where was she?

She saw a male body walk in and followed was a female voice saying …

” Really fast I must confess. Lucky you. Moko has been here 5 times since you left. He is very interested in the lady.” The Prietess said

It seem like Moko heard his name from wherever he was. He walked in unannounced.

” Is this the husband?” Moko asked

” Yes!” Mayor replied

Without saying anything else, he walked up to where Martins laid. With his special knife, he slaughtered Martins.

” No more hindrance! Prepare her for the auction.”

Martins’ legs buckled. He didn’t expect that.

Rekky couldn’t move her body but her ears and eyes were active. She had seen what had happened, but she was yet to grasp what was happening. One thing was sure. Her husband had just been slaughtered.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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