Part 39
Opeyemi Akintunde

“No, you are not my wife, you have stopped being my wife a long time ago! You are not a wife, you are a free distributor of s€x living under my roof!”

“Ha!” Rekky said

Rekky felt like a veil had been taken off her face…

“Is that who you think I am?” Rekky asked

“Is that who I think you are or Who you are?”

“Martins… my mother told me men could not be trusted and I should not rely on one man and you have just proven to me she was right!”

“Listen to yourself, you know what? I don’t care what your mother said to you, one thing is sure, I am leaving this marriage on Monday, the divorce papers will be ready… Don’t worry about what we own together, you can keep them all. I will start a new life…” Martins said rising up from the bed.

Rekky watched in total shock unable to say anything. She watched Martins leaving the room.


Mayowa sat with Mirabel in Pastor Joe’s office.

“God bless your family!” Pastor Joe said. “Madam, there is something I need to discuss with you concerning your husband!”

Mirabel sat paying attention to every word that came out of Pastor Joe’s mouth.

She looked at Mayowa. Mayowa had the guilty look on his face.

“Has he impr€gnat€d a woman?” Mirabel wondered…

“We came into this world with a clean slate , but as we grow, the people we meet along the way can determine what gets written on our slate. When we meet bad friends, they can influence us into doing bad things, hence having bad things written on our slate. Your husband has met bad people in his life and they have influenced him into doing terrible things God never wanted him doing. At this point he is no more interested and wants out but he doesn’t know how to tell you about it, hence I have to step in.”

“Did he impr€gnat€ someone?” Mirabel asked

“No, he was forced into taking someone’s life!” Pastor Joe said

“What?” Mirabel asked in shock

“Yes! And for that reason, he really needs prayers! The prayer of Mercy and deliverance! That prayer must be done for you and your son as well!” Pastor Joe said with Wisdom.

Mirabel who had intuitively moved away from her husband said with a shaky voice…

“You killed someone?”

“I am sorry!” Mayowa laid on the floor begging though he was wondering why the Pastor said he had killed only one person instead of pointing it out that he was a ritualist.

Mirabel couldn’t take her eyes off her husband! The look on her face was that of unbelief!

“Mayor! Ha! Mayor!” was all she kept saying…

“We will tell you in full all that you need to know about it, but I want you to forgive him first before we go ahead in our prayers”


“We all have done terrible things but God forgives us all the time!”

Mirabel thought deeply about the whole situation. The Pastor was right, she wasn’t a saint either, besides she appreciated the fact that Mayowa went to the extent of calling a Pastor to speak to her. It showed that he respected her.

“Who did you kill?” Mirabel asked.

“I…” Mayowa was about replying but Pastor Joe cut in.

“It is not someone you know! but much later, we will get into all of that! As it is, your family would be with us in the church for two days.”

Mirabel couldn’t take all of these in, but she had a sense of calmness around her like someone was trying to calm her nerves…

“Ok…I forgive you!”

“God bless you! Let’s begin to appreciate the name of the Lord!” Pastor Joe said as he jumped on his feet…

Pastor Joe led them into a session of praying for Mercy and forgiveness of sin…

One of the female ministers took Austin from them and attended to him as Pastor Joe conducted over two hours deliverance on the couple.

After the deliverance, they were told to go rest in one of the chalets in the Church premises.

As they were about to leave, Pastor Joe asked Mayowa to stay back for a few words…

“Thank you Sir!” Mayowa said after Mirabel left the office.

“We thank God! I called you back because I know you are wondering why I told your wife half of the truth?”

“Yes sir!”

“Restituting needs wisdom, You can’t tell her all about your involvement in a day. It could kill her. You can’t tell her you have a hand in the death of over 100 people in a day! It would defeat what we want to achieve. Let her settle in with this, afterwards we tell her the full truth!”

Part 40
Opeyemi Akintunde

Osmond wondered why Rekky was not picking his calls… He was hoping she would come spend the night at his place so he could take his last souvenir.

”…pick up your calls!” Osmond said.


Moko sat watching a movie on his phone in His pr!vat€ chambers… A sudden light appear on the floor in front of him. Without standing up, he stretched his hand to his table for his secret knife. As he was reaching for the knife, the knife kept moving away from his grip…

With that he knew something was not right! He stood up gallantly…

” Who are you ? And if you are not a coward, reveal your identity. Let’s do this face to face!”

“Can you handle my presence?” The voice that sounded like thunder answered him.

Moko shivered at the sound of that voice…

” No matter how big an elephant is, a lion can still bring it down”.

One of his cloths caught fire, but the fire wasn’t burning the cloth… Moko saw it and was scared but he put up an unscared front.

” Is that your best? Well, your best is not scary enough.” Moko said.

The fire extended to everything in his room….

” Mokolade Omo Abeni, why are you taking away the breath you didn’t give? You gave birth to your son Malcolm. How would you feel if, someone took his life?”.

” Abomination! Who dares kill my son, the person will bathe with his own blood. I am permitted to take other people’s blood but no one is allowed to take my blood or my family’s blood. Whoever tries it will be sacrificing ten of his own family members for everyone of my mine I lose.”

“Your Mother Hen knows how to protect her own chicks but can kill another man’s chick! Mokolade, you have been killing a lot of my children….Your end or Repentance happens today! CHOOSE ONE! “

Mokolade became scared but he hid his fear…

” You still haven’t answered my question…Who are you?”


Mokolade took a long pause. The God of the whole universe was talking to him. Mokolade bowed on his knees…

” Lord of the whole universe, have I mistakenly taken any of your children, give me the person’s name and I will have the person released immediately!”

” Mokolade!”

” Yes sir!”

” You are my child Moko and I want you to stop killing yourself and other ones you ought to save! Stop it before I kill you!” The voice said before going silent.

Mokolade snapped out of his revelation.


Rekky sat on the bed hugging her legs close to her , Martins words had hit her like a bomb. She wondered how her life was going to be if Martins truly left her. Her phone beeped once more. Osmond had been calling non stop. She was getting pissed at him. Angrily, she picked up the phone…

” Hello, don’t you know that when you call a person over three times and the person doesn’t pick up, you should know the person is unavailable to pick up.” Rekky said angrily.

” Rekky baby! Are you okay?”

” I am fine! Listen, I think I need some time off !”

” Some time off what?” Osmond did not believe his ears.

” Time off us! I need time to think. You know I am not getting any younger, and besides my husband is about to divorce me, i never saw that coming….”

Osmond was too perplexed to give a reply… He ended the call…


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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