Part 37
Opeyemi Akintunde

Mayowa snapped out of the future again. This time around they had returned from Mirabel’s friend’s wedding. It was 6pm on Saturday.

“Are you fine?” Mirabel asked with concern

“I am fine!”

“You looked blank for a minute there!”

“I am fine! Really!” Mayowa said

“Mayor! Are you sure? You can tell me anything!” Mirabel insisted

Mayowa looked at her, he wanted to tell her but he remembered that was part of his mistake previously.

He wasn’t going to blurt out like a madman like he did before and consequently have her call Doctor Mike. He didn’t need Doctor Mike’s death on his conscience.

He wanted to do things right this time around…

“I am fine! I just need to take some rest!” He said standing up from the living room where they both were relaxing.

“Ok!“ Mirabel said “or should I come with you!” She asked

“No babe, I am fine… I just need sometime alone!”


Mayowa had been pacing in his room for ten minutes. He didn’t know what to do.

A word kept dropping in his heart…

“Not by power, Not by Might but by the Spirit!”

“Spirit! Hmmmm…. “ Mayowa said as he knelt down in prayer…

“God! I am not a churchy person so I may not know how real prayer works…but at least I can talk to you… Lead my Spirit to know the right thing to do…

“Where did Moses go after he fled from Pharaoh?” Mayowa heard the question in his Spirit

Mayowa remembered the Moses story from childhood. He knew about Moses killing an Egyptian and running off and after 40 years he came back to rescue the Israelites, but Mayowa couldn’t remember who he ran to.

Mayowa quickly brought out his phone and searched on the internet.

“Where did Moses go after he fled from Pharaoh?”

Mayowa quickly did a research and found out that through his goodwill of helping some ladies by the well, he started living with Jethro, a priest in Midian whose other name was “ Reuel “ which meant “ FRIEND OF GOD”.

“Moses was a murderer like me who fled, and later started living with a Priest. He got guidance and protection under the man which was exactly what Rekky enjoyed in the immediate second chance I just came out from!” Mayowa reasoned.

“But God, Jethro’s other name “Reuel” meant friend of God. Most of the pastors in the city are not your friends, some of them come to buy body parts for charms.” Mayowa thought.

“I still have my prophets who have not defiled themselves…Go to Pastor Joe Akintunde.” Mayowa heard in his Spirit.

“Pastor Joe Akintunde!” Mayowa replied. He knew the Pastor, he was one of those prayer focused pastors who preached Holiness and in the immediate future he had been, that was the person Rekky’s husband had gone to meet.

Mayor searched online for his church address. He would visit his church the next day.


Mayowa couldn’t sleep throughout the night. He kept listening to different messages from Pastor Joe Akintunde. He was wowed by the depth of scriptures the man had. He could tell the man was the right man he had to meet…


As early as 4am, he got on the road and got to his church by 5:30am. He met the security man and asked that he wanted to see the man of God after service.

“Oga! Are you a member of our church?” The security man asked

“No! But God led me to see him!”

“Really? Well Seeing Pastor is not so easy. He has a lot of people on the queue for months who have not been able to see him.”

“I understand, but is there no way you can help me sir! I will be good to you if you can help me.” Mayor said. He knew the popular saying that the gift of a man would always make a way for him.

“Ok! Sir, what I can do for you is to beg his PA for you! His PA is from my Village and I believe he will help you! “

“Thank you Sir!”

“You will see him briefly after the first service!”

“Even a minute is fine!” Mayowa said.


While Mayowa waited for the first service to start, he went to their bookstore and bought over 50 books written by Pastor Joe.


Mayowa could tell God had gone ahead of him, because he was the first person Pastor Joe agreed to see… As soon as Mayowa stepped into Pastor Joe’s office, sudden fear overwhelmed him. The fear was so strong on him that he started weeping. His body was shaking on its own… He started condemning himself…

“A wretched murderer like me? Why would he choose me? Why would he love me, Why? “The Presence of the Lord was so much in Pastor Joe’s office that without Pastor Joe touching him, the Spirit of God was already working on him.

After about 5 minutes, Pastor Joe lifted him from the floor by himself and asked him to have a seat.

“Tell me what the issue is!”

“I am a Ritualist….” Mayor spent the next 15 minutes telling him everything about himself and the odd second chance he got to come back to change things. He thought Pastor Joe would look at him strangely, but he didn’t. It felt like a normal thing to him.

As he was talking, Pastor Joe was attending to other matters… Mayowa could tell he was a busy man. After Mayowa finished, Pastor Joe looked up sharply…

“So… about all those people … You are not going to meet them in person, including your boss. You are not going to tell your wife yet about it. Tomorrow is the day all that evil ought to happen right?”

“Yes sir!”

“The devil has planned all that, we can’t stop him from planning, but we can stop him from executing his plans over our lives!” Pastor Joe said.

“So instead of jumping all around trying to save the day, you save the day on your knees, besides you haven’t delivered yourself yet!”

“I am ready sir, my fear is my safety!”

“That’s why you will be leaving your home for a few days to stay here. The house of God is the safest place to stay, Go Bring your wife and Son here . From Tonight, You will start some marathon prayers! When Athaliah, the evil queen killed all the male children in the palace, so that she could keep ruling, she couldn’t kill Joash because he was hidden in the temple. What you need now is to be in the house of God with your family!”

“Ok sir!”

“When you come around, some pastors will be here to join you in the prayers, but first go bring your wife. I will be the one to speak with her. God had told me about you before you came here.!”

“So you mean I shouldn’t reach out to the woman about to be used for rituals !”

“Why run around when you have the Holy Spirit. Tell the Holy Spirit to go help you speak to them!”

“Ok sir!”

Part 38
Opeyemi Akintunde

Mayowa got back home around 2pm…

“Where have you been?” Mirabel asked. “You left the house without saying anything!”

“I am sorry, there was something very urgent I needed to attend to!”

“Something I can’t know about definitely…Another ritual case?” Mirabel said sarcastically.

“Yes! Mirabel, I am keeping certain information from you to keep you safe.”

“Yeah! I know, I know the drill! I just don’t want anything going wrong with you!” Mirabel replied with a concerned tone.

“Guess what! I met Pastor Joe Akintunde today during my work…”

“Oh! That pastor! Nice!”

“Yeah, and he asked to see my family.”


“Maybe he wants to pray for us! You know Pastors and wanting to pray for anyone and everyone they meet!”

“Yeah! That’s true! So is he coming over I mean, that would be a first!” Mirabel said laughing at the concept of having a visitor in their home, this was something she wanted so bad…she hardly entertained visitors.

“When will that be? Next weekend?” Mirabel chatted on happily


“Today? You are kidding?”


“Like he is coming to our house today?”

“No, we are going to his church!”

Mayowa said hoping Mirabel would agree to this. He was trying so hard to be calm and not pushy…

“God help me! Let her say Yes!” Mayowa prayed silently.

He remembered one of the messages he had listened to overnight. Pastor Joe had emphasized that the Bible made it clear that the heart of the Kings are forever in the hands of the Lord, He can turn it in any direction it pleases Him. Therefore Mayowa was committing Mirabel’s heart into God’s hand silently…

“God, please don’t let her fight this…” he prayed within.

After a long pause, Mirabel finally said…

“Ok, no problem …”

“You will go with me?” Mayowa asked surprisingly.

“You want me to say no?” Mirabel said jokingly.

“Let’s be on our way in 15 minutes time.”

“Ok fine!” Mirabel said walking in

“Wow! that was so easy!” Mayowa said acknowledging how easy it was to convince his wife…

“Walking with God, sure makes things easier and less stressful.” Mayowa concluded in his heart as he also walked inside to meet Mirabel and Austin.

“God, I pray every other thing will be this easy. Just like the Pastor said, can you please go and convince Rekky to stop her adulterous ways in Jesus name. Pastor Joe said I should ask the Holy Spirit to go speak to them. Holy Spirit please go speak to Rekky and her husband. Please go speak to Osmond, Moko, Tony, Joan, the herbalist… All of them…. Pastor Joe Akintunde told me you are Omnipresent, you can be at all places at the same time.

Pastor Akintunde said When Mary tried telling Joseph about what she had seen, Joseph didn’t believe her, but when an Angel from the Lord appeared to Joseph himself, Joseph believed all that Mary told him. He even married Mary in a rush. God please, go and appear to all these people and speak to them on my behalf. Pastor Akintunde told me, the reason why you revealed this to me is for me to intercede on their behalf, so God sort everything out in Jesus name.” Mayowa prayed while taking a quick shower before leaving for the church again.


Rekky laid on the bed thinking about her movement for the day. She was thinking about spending the night with Osmond.

She watched how Martins kept fumbling with his phone. She could tell he was definitely hiding something from her…

“But who cares? I know it has to be p0rnography. It’s been a while I allowed him come close to me!” Rekky thought.

“But why?” Rekky questioned herself

“Rekky, why have you not been allowing Martins have his way with you!” She asked herself

“I don’t know …I just find him boring!” Rekky replied.

Martins noticed the way Rekky was looking at him….

“Something wrong?”

“Nothing! Just wondering what you are doing on your phone?” Martins was taken about by the question but quickly answers…

“Chatting with a friend?”







“Quit troubling yourself! It’s not someone you know!”

“A girl?”

Martins didn’t answer…

“You are seeing someone?” Rekky sat up quickly.

Martins still didn’t say a word…

“Martins, you have a girlfriend?”

“Martins I am talking to you, you are seeing someone? You are cheating on me?” Rekky said pacing around.

Martins looked up to see the way Rekky was fuming…

“Rekky, are you seriously angry at the thought of me seeing someone?” Martins asked very Surprised.

“Yes, you can’t have someone else except myself. I am your wife!” Rekky said with an angry tone…


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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