Part 3
Opeyemi Akintunde

Chioma was his childhood bestie who he could tell anything and everything to. It was not surprising to both families when they started dating. Infact they got the full Support of both families though they were just teenagers. At the time they started dating, Chioma was 15, while he was 16. The two families had nothing against he and Chioma, although they were cautioned on several occasions not to indulge in any form of s€xual activity.

However, after dating for 13 years, trouble came into their paradise.

In the 13 years relationship, they had been seperated physically for about five years when Chioma travelled out of the country to have her First degree and Masters. Yet their relationship was still strong and intact. They spoke on a daily basis.

On her return, Martins had organized a surprise proposal for her at a Luxury hot€l faraway from town. As a result, Chioma and Martins had to lodge at the hot€l overnight. Martins wanted them to share a room but Chioma insisted on different rooms. Martins smiled knowing Chioma was big on s€xual purity. He honoured her request and they slept in different rooms.

Very early the next day he went to her room hoping to get her to K!ss him and possibly force her to do some extra. Chioma blocked him from entering her room but Martins saw it as fun. Martins forced his way into the room and rushed in landing on the bed…

“ Now let’s see who will get me out of…” Martins was saying but suddenly he paused and stood up from the bed. The back of his shirt was soaked. Chioma had tears flowing down her cheeks. Martins could tell this was one thing he never knew about Chioma.

Martins wanted to believe the liquid that was on her bed was water and not urine. He bent close to the bed and what came out of his mouth was…

“ No Chioma, No… tell me this was a mistake…”

Chioma didn’t say a word as she knelt down crying…

From that day, things didn’t remain the same. Martins couldn’t deal with having a wife that would be bedwetting.

Their relationship continued for another 5 years. Martins wanted her to stop bedwetting before marriage, but Medically it was said that she had the loss of bladder control at night.

After the fifth year of waiting for a change, he met Rekky. Rekky worked at an Office nearby. The first time he saw her, he knew she was the real deal. He just had a test she had to pass. He wasn’t going to go blindly into any relationship in the name of s€xual purity. He therefore ensured he slept with Rekky. On waking up, he examined the bed to ensure there was no bedwetting. He examined all parts of her body to be sure nothing was out of place.

Rekky seemed perfect for him, except for her occasional jesting about having multiple boyfriends after marriage…

“ As for me, if you do not satisfy me the way you should, I will have 50 boyfriends in addition to you. I can’t deal with a boring s€x life.” Rekky was always saying

Martins never took it serious until after marriage and in the space of 1 month, he had seen over 10 text messages from different men on how good she was in bed.

The continuous vibration from his phone cut the flow of his memories. He took the phone and read the text from Tams…

“ I need to speak to you urgently!”

He was not in the mood for any chitchat. Instead of calling her back. He texted…

“ If this has anything to do with Rekky, I am done…Today is the end of my pain with her. I have ensured that. My calling you was just for formality. I am moving on!”


Tams had to read the message over 6 times…

“ Am I hallucinating or something… Martins ordered the Kidnap?” Tams thought as she kept listening to Rekky’s call hoping to get more information. She didn’t want to believe Martins ordered the kidnap but then she remembered what the man had said….

“Nonsense… Stupid woman! You like adventure right? You will have enough of it…This is me helping your husband get rid of you!”

Tams froze!

Part 4
Opeyemi Akintunde

Mayor who disguised himself as Banjo to Rekky saw the policemen ahead. He hoped it was his regular men.

As he drove closer, he realized the faces were new faces.

“ Sh…t” He cursed under his breath.

He knew it was too late to turn back as that would attract attention to him. The police officers stopped his vehicle…

“ Good Day Sir, how are you sir? Anything for the boys?” The officer said

“ Sure, I think we should have the wine from our night party, we are going home to rest, you can see my wife is asleep already…”

“ Chairman!” The police officer hailed Mayor.

Mayor brought out a bottle of expensive wine from the back seat. He counted five thousand Naira and gave it to the officer.

“ MR Chairman… You are too much!” The police officer cleared Mayor. He gave the officer ahead a signal to let Mayor go.

Mayor drove off…

“ God punish some of these police officers! Kai! “ Mayor said laughing

Mayor went off the road into a forest. The road had no path but Mayor knew the path.

Mayor drove for another 10 minutes before getting to the Ritualist village. The Ritualist village was a community that had been created by a notorious Ritualist kingpin; Moko. He took it as a business. He specialized in selling body parts and full human beings. He had workers like Mayor whose duty was to bring at least one person per day.

He had over 50 workers who were under oath. They were paid on a monthly basis. They each earned 3 million Naira per month. However, they only had one day of the week as their free day, which was always on a Tuesday. Mayor had a wife and a two year old son. They were his only source of Joy. As much as he was getting paid for his services so well, he really wanted out of the business, but the oath was not what to be joked with. He had seen firsthand what could befall him should he rebel against Moko

Hassan, Darren and Lefty had rebelled wanting to start their own Ritualist businesses, but Moko hit them hard. Moko killed every member of their family and broke their own spinal cords. The three friends were living in the Ritualist Village like trophies on display for other agents.

On getting there, he got down. His colleagues started hailing him massively for catching another bird.

Things were very straightforward at the Village, whenever a bird was brought to the village, they had to take him or her to the deposition unit. At the deposition unit, they would check out the person spiritually to know if the person could be used.

Mayor walked towards the deposition unit carrying Rekky with him. Unknowingly, as he picked up Rekky, her phone fell off into the car.

“ Mayor! How are you?” Said the Prietess.

“Fine, please check out this bird!”

“ Ok!”


Tams knew she couldn’t keep quiet. On her second phone, she called Martins again..

“ Hello Tams!”

“ So you ordered your wife to be kidnapped?” Tams said though she was fearful of the answer that would hit her in the face.

“ Kidnapped? What are you talking about?” Martins replied

“ Hey don’t play dumb with me? You said it in your text that you have ensured that today would be her last day in your life!”

“ Yes I texted that, but what I mean is that I am divorcing her, I have the papers right here… Tams, have I not tried?Tams the past six years of my life has been worse than hell, I need to have joy in my life, don’t you think?”

Tams was silent. She knew Martins was absolutely correct. Martins had endured what her husband could not endure. Over her occasional flings, her husband had b€at her blue black on several occasions.

“ So what is this talk about her been kidnapped?” Martins asked

Tams took the next few minutes to explain everything that happened…

“ Oh my God!” Martins said. He had mixed emotions. He was afraid Rekky would be killed at her prime and he would lose her, at the same time he was seeing it as a way of freedom out of the marriage if she was killed.

“ I don’t know what to say … Rekky brought this on herself!” Martins said

“ Martins, please prove to me that you know nothing about this kidnap and bring my friend back home.”

“ Prove?” By this time Martins was pacing around in the living room….

“ Prove what? You think I organized her kidnap? You know what? To hell with you and her. She can die for all I care.” Martins said hanging up…

Truthfully speaking, it was a bittersweet moment for him.

“ Chioma!”

Martins knew she was the right person to speak to. Over the past few months after they met again, they had rekindled their friendship. Martins wanted more but Chioma was not receptive of the idea. Martins knew the only way Chioma was ever going to let things go back to the way things were, was for Rekky to be out of their Love triangle…

“ Kidnapped? God! How did that happen? We should call the police! The commissioner of police is owing me a Favour. We should call him right away.”

Martins was a bit disappointed that Chioma was not giving him the vibes he was expecting…

“ Martins? Are you there?” Chioma said over the phone

“ Yeah… Yeah … I am here!”

“ I said the commissioner owes me a FAVOUR, I thought you would be excited!”

“ I… am excited…but …”

“ But What?”

“ You want to know the truth about what I am feeling right now!”

“ What are you feeling right now?”

“ Gratitude… At least if she meets her death thanks to her reckless lifestyle, I will have the second chance of spending my lifetime with you!” Martins said

There was a brief moment of silence…

“ Martins, you are unbelievable. I should have known that spots on the skin of a leopard can not clear over time, you always run away whenever there is trouble. Just like you left me because of my problem, you are about to do the same to your wife. What is love to you by the way? Love is when everyone is perfect. What is marriage? Marriage is staying with someone when things are good?”

“ I have been staying with her for 6 miserable years.”

“ So why stop now when she needs you the most? Oh you think, to hell with her I have a got a substitute. Just the way she was my substitute. Well let me burst your bubble, since you never asked, let me save you the misery of being disappointed at the end of the day. Martins, I still bedwet, so in case you were planning to return to me, sorry my situation is still the way it is. “

Martins was shocked, it was true he never asked. He just assumed with her level of Sucess, she would have sorted that out.

“ Martins, save your wife while you can, if you think she is bad, I can assure you there are worse ladies out there. You thought I was bad, but you got worse, but don’t make the mistake of going for worst. My piece of advise… Take it or leave it.” Chioma hung up angrily.


“ Wow! Mayor… this is a big catch!” The Prietess said after scanning Rekky


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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