Part 31
Opeyemi Akintunde

Rekky got to the parking lot , the doctor had arrived and there was no way she could get her car out of the compound.

Tams her best friend was calling her line.

“Just the perfect call!” Rekky said.

“Girlfriend that likes to chop life! Where on earth have you been? Your husband has been dialing my number without end!”

“I am in soup!”

“Hot or cold? So I can know how to save you?” Tams said laughing but stopped abruptly when she didn’t get the same vibe from her friend.

“It must really be hot! What’s up?”

“Osmond was a scam and a ritualist. You know my pants he has been taking as souvenirs is actually for a purpose. Obviously, I am a plan well executed, as we speak, I am pantless as he took off with it.”

“Wait! Slow down and start this conversation from the beginning again!”


Mayowa got into Moko’s car. He had taken the offer, but he was going to come back without a fowl. He was just going to drive around town and waste the entire day. That way he won’t have to pick up Rekky.

“What route are you taking?” Moko asked.

“I am going east!’

“Good luck!”

“Bad luck you mean!” Mayowa said within.


As soon as Mayowa drove out, Moko walked towards Mirabel.

“I know your husband so well, I trained him and I can tell when he has his mind made up. He is going to return with nothing. He is just going to drive around town and come back saying he had no luck getting fowls, but guess what would happen afterwards? I will slaughter you and your son right in front of him. So if you know how to pray, this is the best time to do so. Pray your husband brings me a fowl today!’ Moko said.

Mirabel didn’t like the tone of the man and he knew he was perfectly correct. She knew Mayowa was not going to bring a fowl back.

“God! please you didn’t save us to kill us, please give my husband a fowl in exchange for our lives!” Mirabel sobbed softly


Doctor Mike’s wife was speaking to the police officer at the counter.

“It’s unlike my husband, he wasn’t at the hospital last night, and even up till now, he has not answered his call.

“His phone is ringing?”


“Madam, are you sure your husband is not doing collaboration with another woman, these days we have a lot of entanglements!” the police officer said laughing.

“I will not take that insult officer, my husband is a responsible man, not someone with a dirty mind like yours!”

“Ha! Sorry Madam, just trying to help!”

“No, you are not helping by insinuating that my husband is with another woman, the help you can offer is to help track his phone to his present location to be sure he has not been kidnapped. The ambulance he took out was found abandoned around June Junction. Does an abandoned ambulance give you the feeling that he is with another woman? Not forgetting the boy that was shot dead around that place. I am not the one who studied criminology but every right-thinking person will know he must have been abducted! And may I let you know… I am a Barrister,” she added in a masculine voice

“Sorry, Madam! We didn’t know you are one of us. We are both enemies of criminals,” the officer tried to save his face.


“Madam, the thing is… you know the Law, we can’t take in the case of a missing person until after 24 hours.”

“Ok, I will just call the Inspector of Police!”

“Madam, you didn’t let me finish my statement. I was going to say, I am going to jump protocols for you.”

Mrs. Mike shook her head in disgust.


“Rekky, this is bad. We need you to go see the hottest pastor in town, so you don’t die just like the prophet said. Or what about the prophet, do you know where he lives?”

“No! I didn’t give him audience!”

“Ha! this is really bad ooo!”

“I am coming over to your place!”

“My Place? Why?”

“Let me guess, you don’t want me dying at your place!”

“No, I am not what you need, you need to go to a church!”

“Fine! Terrible friend!” Rekky ended the call.

She tried calling Osmond’s line the fifteenth time, but it was still unreachable.

She needed to get out of Osmond’s estate. She flagged down an approaching vehicle,

“Hello.. Sir… good morning can you help me out of the estate gate, I will pick up a cab from outside the gate.”

“No problem Ma’am,” Tony replied.

“Thank you, you are a lifesaver!’

“It’s my pleasure!” Tony gave a broad smile.

He couldn’t believe how easy it was for him to catch a fowl that early after his failure the previous day.

This fowl was not getting out of his vehicle.\

Part 32
Opeyemi Akintunde

Osmond had lodged into Hot€l 23 and he had the feeling to leave the hot€l. He decided to make it early to the herbalist’s place. As he was about to leave, he remembered his original driver’s license he had kept away from Rekky.

“Oh Sh..t” Osmond cursed.

Osmond hurriedly brought out his phone. He turned it on and placed a call to the agent.

“Hello Bros, your babe has left. Oga you sure you didn’t impr€gnat€ that girl before running away!’

‘Me? Impr€gnat€? She is a married woman. I didn’t know she was married until last week, that’s why I decided to run!”

“It’s a lie ooo, Women are evil ooo.”

“Guy, you see I forgot one of my old wallets at the flat, I hope you guys have not cleaned up!”

“Not yet! The woman just left.”

“Ok, can you help me send a dispatch to an address I will send to you?”

“Sure, but you must appreciate me big time.”

Osmond sent the address of the Gas station beside Hot€l 23.


Mayowa had driven around for 2 hours.

“Why am I wasting the day? Why don’t I reach out to these people!” he reasoned.

He drove off without having a particular destination in mind.


Martins was beginning to feel uncomfortable with Rekky not picking up her call. Her normal time of returning after spending the time outside was 7:45, but this was 11 am already.

“I hope the Prophet of doom was not saying the truth.” Martins walked around.

“He said we both would die! How? If she has been kidnapped, why would they come for me!” Martins was reasoning everything out.

“I’d better leave here at once,” Martins concluded.


Mayowa parked Moko’s car in front of Martins’ home. He walked towards their apartment but met their absence.

“Oh damn! Hope I didn’t get here late!” He said checking the time. It was 15 minutes past noon.

According to the future he was following, Osmond ought to be at Hot€l 23 by that time. He needed to get there fast.


Osmond received his wallet from the delivery man. And with that, he dashed back into the hot€l to pick up his stuff.


Mayor watched as Osmond received a package from a delivery man.

“What’s that? In the future, he gave the man the pant package. Why is he the one receiving?” He thought.

“Oh! The wallet he forgot!”

Mayowa remembered the wallet.

“That means he will be leaving the hot€l soon!”


Martins had lodged in Hot€l 23 as well. He kept calling Rekky but she wasn’t picking.

He decided to call Chioma.

“Chi babe!”

“Hey! How are you?”

“I am fine. I am sorry about the last time. I am sorry for crossing the line!”

“It’s fine.”


There was a brief silence between both of them.

“Is something wrong?” Chioma asked.

“Kind of!” Martins stood up from the bed he was lying on as he went to the hot€l window. He was looking out the window as he spoke to Chioma.

“What’s wrong?”

“My Wife!”

“What’s up with her again?”

“I am done!”

“Ok! Why the sudden conclusion!”

“I have had it coming like you know but two days ago….”

Martins narrated all that had happened with the prophet and how he couldn’t reach her that morning.

“And where are you now?”

“Hiding at Hot€l 23!”

“Hiding? I don’t get it! Your wife is missing and you are hiding in a hot€l, who does that? Martins, you still haven’t changed! Gush! The same thing you did to me is exactly what you are doing again. When your partner is going through problems you don’t stay with them, you run away. You ran away from me because I had the problem of bedwetting and your excuse was we won’t be able to share the same bed. Is it any different, do you share the same bed with your wife every night? No, so running away doesn’t take away the problem and I see all that you have been doing for a while now. I know you want us to get back together, but may I tell you, my problem hasn’t left me, I still bedwet,” Chioma said.

Martins couldn’t believe what Chioma said. He thought that would have stopped.

“Exactly the reaction I was expecting from you! So Martins let this be the last time you call me, go find your wife and help sort out her problem. BYE!”

Chioma dropped the call on Martins. He knew that was indeed a GOODBYE from Chioma.

“God, I know I run away from my problems, but Rekky’s problem is beyond me. What can I do to solve this? I don’t know where she is,” Martins broke down.

His phone rang. It was Tams, Rekky’s friend calling after his several calls.

“Finally!” Martins said after picking up.

“Martins, Rekky is in trouble. She told me something really fearful and now, I have been calling her line and she is no longer picking up. We spoke not long ago. I hope she is not dead!”

“Dead? Why would you think the worst!”

“That’s exactly the premonition!”

“She told you about it?”

“Yes and just this morning, her boyfri…I am sorry Martins…her boyfriend actually stole her underwear and ran off. Obviously, he is going to use it for money rituals and that means Rekky dies!”

Martins fell into the bed sobbing.

“And Rekky killed herself!” He said.

“Are you there?” Tams called out.

“Yes!” Martins said amidst tears.

“This is not the time to cry Martins, let’s go look for a Pastor who can fight this death!”

“Ok…Where should I meet you?”

“Max Road! My Mother’s pastor is very hot, I know he can stop Rekky’s death!”



1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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