Part 29
Opeyemi Akintunde

Osmond kept asking the barman to refill Rekky’s cup. Osmond had come up with a plan.


45 minutes earlier

“ I am going to the bar down the street, I need to clear my head and relieve myself of my heart pain” Osmond said in a way that made Rekky feel guilty

“ So one of those bar girls will take you away from me for the night?” Rekky asked with a s€ductive voice laced with Jealousy.

“ Another st@b at my heart, Rekky, so I am so loose a dog that I will sl€€p with a bar girl I will meet tonight?’ Osmond said picking up his jean jacket.

“ I don’t mean it that way, ok… I am sorry for not trusting you! You can have the underw€ar!’

“ Me? Take your underw€ar again? Never! After the name calling! Babe you called me a r!tualist indirectly. Forget it. If I ever take your underw€ar again, May I never live to see the next day.” Osmond said

“ Osmond, I am sorry.. I didn’t know I hurt you that bad!”

“Yes you did and that’s why I am bent on going out to the bar to let off some steam”

“ I will go with you!”

“ It’s your choice” Osmond said in a rebuffing manner but deep down, it was his plan that was playing out. He wanted to get Rekky to the bar and get her dead dr¥nk.


“ My eyes are blurry… we should leave!” Rekky said

“ Sure! Same here, I am knocked out!’ Osmond said.


It was 2am by the time they got home. Rekky was totally knocked out. She had fallen into a deep sl€€p. Osmond lifted her from the car to his flat. He had driven Rekky’s car into the compound. His Doctor Neighbor was out on his night Shift.

Osmond’s plan was clear, as he laid Rekky on the bed, he pulled out the underw€ar from her. As Quickly as he could, he packed all that he needed and left Rekky that morning. He knew before she woke up, it was going to be morning around 10am.


“ If I knew I was marrying a monster, I would have fled!’ Mirabel said with a shaky voice as she sat tied up with Mayowa. She woke up few minutes after passing out.

“ I am sorry! I was just trying to give you a good life.”

“ Temporary good life you mean? Why didn’t you ask for my opinion in all these? You could have asked me from the onset, if what I wanted for myself was to have a temporary good life. No!, you didn’t, instead you plunged my innocent son and I into this dark chaotic world.”

“ I am sorry!”

“ So, we all are going to die?”

“ No, God will save us.”

“ And if He doesn’t?”

There was a brief moment of silence which meant a lot of things.

“What If God doesn’t save us, my son and I will die.” Mirabel said

Mirabel was grieving. She had been asking Mayowa of the whereabouts of her son. Mayowa had told her Moko took him inside.

“ But why is he not crying. He doesn’t like strangers you know! “

“ He is a child, he is probably exhausted, when you passed out he was crying before Moko took him in.”

“ What if he has killed my son in his office?”

“ Moko doesn’t shed blood in his office, the place is sacred to Him”

“ Let me understand what is happening ? Why are they no longer your friends?”

“ Obviously, because I decided to opt out!”

“ Then opt back in!”

“ Opt in, what is that?’

“ Forget the grammar, what I mean is, you need to get back into this thing. You can’t get out and have us k!lled. Guy, get back in, continue whatever you were doing with them. I cannot lose my life and that of my child because of your wickedness! Get back into the program!’ Mirabel said with tears flowing , Mayowa could only stare back In shock,

“ Typical of women! I would do the same too if I were her!” Joan said from a corner, She had not been sl€€ping either.

“ You know when we were taught in Church about Job’s wife who told him to curse God and die, No one understood her pain. She was seeing her once handsome , wealthy husband looking like a dead rat, to her the best thing to do was to make him die. Mayowa, your wife doesn’t mind you continuing with this job at least that way, you return her comfort. If I were you, I would listen! Either way, you would still die soon, but the good news is if you choose her option, your wife and son won’t have to die!”

This was a big choice he had to make!

Should he pretend to be back into the business and have his family released?


Should he just let them all die?….

Part 30
Opeyemi Akintunde

Martins woke up in other to get ready for work. He shook his head in irritation at Rekky’s absence. Everything was definitely ending that day. He was expecting the divorce papers his lawyer was sending to him that morning. He was going to serve her the papers when she returned from wherever she spent the night.

In the papers, he had offered to give her everything they had together. He wanted to walk out on a clean slate. He didn’t want anyone saying he took off with their properties. He hoped to start a new life with Chioma


Rekky on the other hand was struggling to get out of Osmond’s b3d.

“Osmond! Osmond! Can you get me the coconut water in the fridge?” Rekky said. She was having a terrible hangover.

“We should never get dr¥nk like this again… ever again!’ Rekky kept talking.

“I feel so miserable and wasted!” she said.

She expected some form of reply, but her words kept returning to her.

“Osmond! Osmond!” she called calmly at first, seconds later she intensified her call. After about 10 unanswered calls, she jumped out of bed and without thinking, she looked under her skirt and found her underw3ar missing.

“Son of a gun!” Rekky cursed.

She looked around his flat, everything about him had disappeared.

“Knock Knock!” Rekky heard a voice from the door.

Rekky rushed to the door hoping Osmond was playing a prank on her. She looked through the peephole, it was a strange face.


“Good Morning ma, My name is Sesan, I am the Agent for this flat. Mr. Osmond called to tell us he has checked out. Ma, we give you thirty minutes to leave the apartment as we would like to get it fixed for a new short time tenant.” The man said with the most professional salesman voice Rekky had heard in her short life.

Rekky opened the door sharply. “Osmond is gone?’

“Yes ma’am, he didn’t tell you?”

“What agreement did you have with him earlier, I mean like how many months’ rent did he pay before?” Rekky asked, she wanted to make herself believe Osmond was just pissed off at her and left

“This was the initial plan. This is a short let apartment, He had been running it for six months. He pays every Monday to renew his stay. He had informed me two weeks ago that the contract he came to execute was going to wrap up on Sunday and he would be leaving today!”

Rekky knew she was the project. The Prophet of doom must have been right!

“What’s wrong? Hope he didn’t impr€gnat€ you?” the nosy agent said. Rekky eyed him and closed the door on him.

“I will be out in five minutes!”


Mayowa had not said a word to Mirabel since they both woke up, despites Mirabel’s occasional questioning of her son’s whereabout.

“Listen Madam, your husband has told you where your son is. The reason why you can’t hear your son is because we have made him silent. You know, we sedated him!”

“Sedated him?” Mirabel asked.

“Not with drugs but with herbs, we just made him calm.”

“How do you make a child calm without drugs? Talk to me!” Mirabel asked desperately.

“Mayor, what did they do to my son to make him quiet? Did they cut his tongue? gagged him? ..or wait….” Mirabel was saying until suddenly a flash of one of those African movies she had seen crossed her mind. She remembered how a traditionalist who kidnapped children would tap their foreheads to make them dumb.

“They hypnotized my child?” Mirabel cried out in disbelief.

“Mayor, get my son and I out of here now!” Mirabel held Mayowa’s neck with her tied hands.


Joan knocked at Moko’s office.

“Joan come in…”

Joan walked in calmly.

“What is it!”

“Good Morning Moko!”

“It’s not a good morning because your friend troubled my sl€€p. I couldn’t sl€€p because of him. Joan, do you know what this means? If Rubber succeeds against us, we are all going down!”

“That’s why I am here Moko!

“Speak on!”

“Thank you! Firstly, Mayor doesn’t work for Rubber, he just wants out of the livelihood. He is just going about it the wrong way. All he is saying are fabricated stories to get you scared or probably take him to be insane. I will suggest we give Mayor an offer he can’t turn down. His wife would be our bait. She wants out of this place.”

“What offer?”

“Tell him you are ready to release his family if he agrees to continue working with you for few months!”

“And what does that give me?”

“That way you study him and know the truth …and when you don’t need him anymore, you can call the shot.”

Moko was silent.

“You and I know that Mayor never goes out without bringing back fowls, if we kill him, we will lose a lot of money during this weekend auctioning.”

Moko still didn’t say a word.

“And if you kill his wife or son, he won’t be motivated to work!”

“So you want me to offer him the release of his wife and son if he would work for me for a few months till I get a better replacement?”

“Yes, and I can give you a hundred percent assurance he would do, provided you say it in front of his wife.”

Moko without giving Joan a reply stood up sharply.

Joan followed while looking pitifully at Austin who sat looking blankly into empty space.


“I have a deal for you!” Moko said to Mayowa. Mirabel paid rapt attention.

“Joan told me, you want out and you have nothing to do with Rubber, I want to believe so. My offer is, I will let you go after three months when I have a replacement for you!”

“I don’t have three months, I only have today!” Mayowa said.

“Or else I kill your wife, your son, and you in that very order!”

“He will do it!” Mirabel said frankly.

“Mirabel!” Mayowa shouted.

“You have been doing this for how many years? So three extra months, I am sure God will Pardon!” Mirabel said firmly.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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