Part 25
Opeyemi Akintunde

When Tony returned without Mirabel and Austin, Mayor heaved a sigh of relief. Mayor saw Moko and Tony having a conversation. He wondered what they were saying. He knew Tony must have met Mirabel’s absence. He was grateful

“Joan…tell Moko not to send Tony out today and tomorrow! He will bring a strange girl.”

“Mayor keep quiet… I have heard enough of your ranting. I gave you a simple advise to run and you didn’t follow!”

“You did? When?’

“You didn’t receive my text?”

“No! My phone!” It suddenly dawned on him he was not with his phone.

“Guy, you are not here on excursion, Moko is going to kill yEMIou!”

“Help me Joan! I need to get out of here.”

“I can’t…I did my best by giving the warning earlier which unfortunately you didn’t get”


“Rubber is hiding Mayor’s family!”

“Now I know Mayowa is working for Rubber. He knew we were going to try to get his family, so he acted real fast!” Tony said

After a long silence, Moko faced Tony with a hard look…

“Do everything you can do to get enough ladies today. I want Rubber to know I am the DON of this business. Afterwards, I will kill Mayor as a message to him”

“Yes boss” Tony said bowing before leaving his presence.


“Going out today again?” Martins asked Rekky

“Is there a reason why I shouldn’t?”

“After everything the guy said yesterday?”

Rekky laughed mockingly.

“I knew it… so you paid that scam to scare me?… I am scared!” She said pretending to be scared.

Martins shook his head in pity.

Rekky packed her overnight bag while Martins watched.


Four hours had passed and no sign of Tony. Moko had paraded the Deposition unit threatening Mayor several times.

“I swear, I will kill you and everyone related to you if you don’t tell me what is happening. How much did Rubber pay you to bring me down? Tony has not been able to get one fowl all day.” Moko said referring to women as fowls.

” I have not spoken to Rubber in months. I only spoke to God when you killed me in the future.”

“You know what? You are mad! And I know the cure to that madness”

“You want to kill me?”

“No, I want to kill your wife and son!”

“You don’t know where they are! And if you will force it out of me, it will be a futile effort because I don’t know as well, she ran away from me.” Mayowa said confidently

Moko looked at him ridiculously…

“And you think I won’t find out?” Moko replied

Moko looked at Joan without saying a word. The silent communication was loud enough. Moko was asking Joan to search out where Mayowa’s family was. As soon as Moko stepped out, Joan looked at Mayor…

“I am sure you don’t expect me to say no to Moko. I am sorry.” Joan said to him

Mayor knew better than trying to win Joan over. He knew she was a lady under authority.

“God, why give me a second chance and you are not helping me to achieve what I need to do?” Mayowa thought angrily

“You never asked for my help” The Holy Spirit said to him but Mayowa was too angry to hear Him.


“Hot€l 23!” Joan told Moko

“Hot€l 23! Same hot€l Osmond was going to be the next day!” Mayowa reasoned.

“What is special about the hot€l?” Mayowa asked himself

“Get them immediately!” Moko said loudly so that Mayowa could hear.

“God, please let Mirabel and Austin escape!” Mayowa prayed silently


Mirabel had this feeling to get out of the hot€l.

“Hello babe, I want to go spend some time with my uncle who lives closeby!” she said over the phone to her friend


“ I just have this feeling to get out of this place!”

“ Fine.. just be safe. I know what is wrong with you. You are just tensed!”

“ Maybe!”

Mirabel had this sense of urgency in her body, like she had to be somewhere. She picked up her son and dashed out of the hot€l. She stopped a cab, and as she was about to get in, Tony saw her back view.

“Is that not her leaving?”

“Seems so!” One of the boys with him said.

“Let’s follow her.”


“Madam, is someone following you?” the cab driver asked.

Mirabel looked back and she noticed the vehicle with three fearful looking men staring at her.

“ My Goodness!, I don’t know who they are… please can you drive faster…”


“I think they are aware we are trailing them. They are speeding off.”

“Get them before we lose them!”

The driver increased his speed to catch up with Mirabel’s cab, but what they didn’t expect was waiting ahead for them.

The Police!

Part 26
Opeyemi Akintunde

“Thank God!” Mirabel screamed on seeing the Police. She turned back and the expected happened; the car pursuing them turned back immediately.

“They have turned back!” the cab man confirmed.

“Please sir, move this vehicle as fast as you can to the place I am going. I will be safe there.”

“Alright ma, I ought to drop you off now so I can avoid trouble, but my heart goes out to the Baby in your hands.”

“Thanks for your kindheartedness and consideration!”


“We can’t lose them!” Tony said in desperation as they drove the car into a street to avoid the police. He knew what would happen to him, if he did not return Mayor’s family back to the Ritualist’s village.

“We are not losing them; I know a connecting route ahead!’



Mirabel dialed her uncle’s number. Her intention was to tell him that she was in danger and she needed the security guard to open the gate ahead of their arrival and shut it immediately after her entrance.

As she dialed the number, the call kept dropping… She decided to call the security guard instead. He picked at once.

“ Hello, Aunty Mira Mira…how are you? Long time no see “

“ Segun, listen to me… I am on my way to uncle’s place and I am in danger, a car is trailing me, so open the gate now and the moment I get in, you shut it immediately…”

“ Ha!”

“ What is it?”

“ I am far away from home, Uncle and the Children have gone to India for a short holiday, and since there is no one at home, I decided to visit my relatives living at the outskirt”

“ Oh My Goodness!”

“ What is it Madam?” The Cab man asked in fear

“ My Uncle is not in town!”

“ Ha!, Aunty at this point, I can’t help you anymore, so I don’t become a dead meat. I have a family to return to.”

Mirabel was blank as to what she had to do. She kept wondering who the men were. She concluded it had to be from Mayor. Mirabel felt Mayor must have woken up and on discovering she left, he sent the men to get her back.

Like her answer to her many questions, her phone rang and it was Doctor Mike calling.

“ Hello Doctor Mike!” Mirabel said “Why did you tell him the hot€l I am lodged”

“ Who?’

“ My husband! I have three men trailing me as we speak!”

“ That’s not your husband! For starters, I did not tell him the hot€l you were lodged and besides I am there as we speak, but I was informed you checked out already. I was told a lady came to check you out!”

“ Yes, and she checked me into Hot€l 23, but some minutes ago, I had the feeling to leave there, only for me to get out and find people trailing me.”

“ Your husband has been kidnapped from the house, so he is not the one trailing you, my guess is that , someone who he was working for is looking for you and your son!”

“Madam , please get down from my car!” the cab man said after halting suddenly.

“ What’s happening?” Doctor Mike said after overhearing the driver.

“ The Cab driver wants to drop me off, he is scared as well!”

“ Where exactly are you?”

“ June Junction!”

“ Look for a crowded a place, a supermarket or better still an hospital… Did you say June Junction?”

“ Yes!”

“ Follow your map and get to Emerald Hospital. My friend is the Resident Doctor there. I will come pick you up from there immediately.”

“ Ok Sir. Thanks Doctor”

“ Madam, please I beg you in the name of God, get down from my car… Don’t let me create a scene here. Only God knows what evil you must have done to have people trailing you. I refuse to be punished for another man’s sin. Please get down”

Mirabel knew there was nothing she could do to assuage the man from pushing her out of his vehicle. She got down gently looking around for the men.


“ The cab man has thrown her out!” One of the boys said to Tony

“ And you expect us to pick her up in this public place? Guy have some sense!” Tony said insultingly

“ Sorry Boss!”

“ We trail her till she gets to a hidden place”

“ Ok Boss!”


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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