Part 23
Opeyemi Akintunde

Mayowa heard the approaching footsteps. He knew something was wrong. He wanted to get up in a rush and find an escape route but his body was not obeying the instruction his brain was giving out.

“Who is there?’ he asked

“Tony!” Tony replied

Tony walked in with two of the guys from the Ritualist’s village…

“Tony, for the first time of working together, I need you to do me a favor.” Mayowa pleaded

“Which is?” Tony asked

“Don’t take me to the village!”

“And you expect me to Obey you?” Tony asked

“Tony, if you take me back to the village, by this time tomorrow, your son’s life will be in danger!” Mayowa said referring to what Moko was going to say to Tony about killing Austin as a way of saving his own son.

“Brother, what have you done that has made you gone insane?” Tony asked with genuine concern for Mayowa

“I am not insane please….” Mayowa insisted

Tony Signaled to the boys who immediately rounded him up, they lifted Mayor from where he laid and bundled him into the car.


Doctor Mike saw Tony’s car driving out of Mayor’s close. He wondered who the person driving was and why he was driving out of the close. His answer came staring him in the face. The moment he got to the gate of the house, he saw the gateman tied to his chair. Doctor Mike knew instantly he had lost his one sheep while going after the 99 sheep other doctors could have saved.

He hurriedly got back into his car, with the hope of catching up with them. On getting to the crossroad, he realized it was a failed search even before starting.

“God! Please help me. Help me, I hope I haven’t lost Mr Mayor… I am sorry.”

“I will require his blood from your hands!’ the Inner Voice Said

“I am sorry.”

“Too late!” The Voice replied

“God please don’t let it be too late for me to access your Mercy.”

The voice went silent.


Moko stood waiting for Mayowa’s arrival. He wanted to pull out information from him.

As soon as Tony drove into the compound, Moko rushed to the vehicle and pulled Mayor out. Without saying a word, he pulled him into his pr!vat€ room.

” Who told you my name?”

” God!”

” Which one?”

” The One and Only God!”

” Mayowa, I will kill you… Who have you started working for?”

” No One.. Moko, please listen to me, I know it sounds Crazy, but by Monday, we are going to bring in an abominable girl to the village who will cause a lot of deaths and pull the police towards this place.”

” So how did you know about this info?’

“I was in the future…”

” Ok!” Moko said and thereafter he walked out of the room.


“God , please get me out of here, I have a lot of lives to save.” Mayowa kept muttering over and over again in the deposition unit.

Joan and Tony were watching him in pity.

“I suspect the ghost of one of the people he brought recently must be haunting him!” Joan said

“He has lost his mind!” Tony said



Mayowa didn’t sleep all night. He kept thinking over Doctor Mike’s words about reaching out to the people in the right way.

“God, I hope I did not just lose my second chance?”


Early on Sunday, Moko was having a heart to heart talk with Tony. He also did not have a good sleep as he was trying to ascertain what Mayowa was up to. Tony likewise had slept in the village instead of going home.

“Moko, what are we going to do with Mayor, seems his brain has been fried!”

“No, I think he is pretending, I believe he is working for one of my rivals, he was sent to instill fear in me, so I can be cowardly. I think it is Rubber who employed him.”

“Oh! I see. Rubber knows you listen to Mayor!’

“So, what next?”

“Bring me his wife and son! When he sees a knife on the neck of his wife or son, he will confess.”

“On it!”

Part 24
Opeyemi Akintunde

Martins had found it hard to sleeping.

“What if the man was right? What if he is not a prophet of doom afterall?’

He looked sideways at Rekky who slept like a saint.

“God, can’t you change her?” Martins thought.

“That is too late, you have already concluded to have a divorce, you deserve all the happiness in the world” Another inner voice challenged him

“Yes, I deserve all the happiness in the world and Chioma will give me that happiness.” Martins concluded within himself.

Martins was tempted to wake Rekky up and have a heart to heart to talk, but the thought of spending forever with Chioma was more heartwarming.


Rekky knew Martins was awake and she suspected he wanted to have a word with her. She was ready for a conversation, especially after the crazy prophet of doom came the previous night.

She kept asking herself the strange and fearful question.

“What if I die by Monday? What would I say is my profit in this life? Would I say my existence was worth it or a waste?’ Rekky thought within as she hoped Martins would tap her for a conversation.

To her disappointment, Martins laid back on the bed.


“Honey, why the continuous hissing. You were disturbing my sleep” Doctor Mike’s wife complained as she stood up from the bed in preparation for Church.

“ I am sorry… I am really mad at myself!”

“Non-responsive patient?” His wife asked as she walked towards the bathroom

“No! I disobeyed God and now I don’t know the state of my patient!”

“Oh! Then instead of the complaining, pray.” His wife replied before turning on the shower.

“Are you coming to church?” She added

“Not sure! I have a life to save” he replied

Doctor Mike got down on bended knees.

“Lord forgive me for determining what or who is more important. Please let your scanning device search out where Mr. Mayor is. You are the God who can sweep an entire room clean in search of a lost coin, Father Give me insight on where to find him. God, make a way for him where he is, because you are the God who can make a way where there seem to be no way.”


Mirabel sat in her hot€l room with her friend. Austin was fast asleep on the bed.

“I am sorry you had to leave your honeymoon to meet me here!”

“Dare was the one who asked me to come see you! He knows something terrible must have happened for you not to make it to my wedding yesterday”

“What has Happened is beyond terrible!”

“Give me the full gist!”

“Mayor is a human kidnapper, he kills people for a living….”


“We need to leave here immediately! He may know you moved here. Babe, come over to our honeymoon hot€l. There is good security there.”

“Hot€l 23?”

“ Yeah!”

“ Fine”


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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