Part 21
Opeyemi Akintunde

“ What right way? Doctor Mike! You don’t know what I am going through so please don’t give me an advice that is not relevant to my situation. Doctor Mike, I was in the future and by my action, a lot of people died. Although, the death was not entirely my fault, the victims lived careless lives. So I just reached out to two of those people who died to explain what was going to happen to them by Monday should they continue with their careless lives.”

“ And?” Doctor Mike asked

“ They think I am crazy!”

“ No one can be convicted without HolySpirit!”

“ The HolySpirit?”

“ Yes, God has to prepare their minds before you speak to them. The grounds of their hearts needs to be prepared, and afterwards God will water the seed you have planted.”

“ Ok?”

“ Yes, God should go ahead of you and after you!”

“ But God was the one who sent me on the errand. He therefore should go with me, why do I have to pray again?”

“God is a conversational friend, he expects you to ask. He does not like to intrude if not invited. Though he sends you on an errand, he expects you to ask him if you want HIM to go with you!”

“ How is that possible?”

“Thanks to the Bible for being a guide for us. When Moses wanted to lead his people to the promise land, he had to ask for the Presence of God and direction on how to move.”

“ Ok..thanks!” Mayowa said. He Shifted his attention from What Doctor Mike was saying. He had one more person to reach.


He reached for his phone and instead of placing a call, he decided to send a text ..

“Hello Boss Mokolade! I am sorry for sending a message instead of giving you a call. I am sorry, I won’t be working with you anymore. I have been to the future and the future doesn’t look good for me if I continue with you! My advise for you is to end this ritual business so that you can live a good life!”

Mayowa dozed off after sending the message. He was exhausted and the deep sedation was not totally out of his system.

Doctor Mike knew it was time to return him home.


Moko was confused after reading the message.

“Who told him my name is Mokolade? This boy has started checking me out! Ah! Is he trying to bring me down? He wants to weaken me, so he can start his own business….Small boy! I will teach you not to bite the hands that feeds you!”


It was past 8pm. Osmond struggled to reach his phone. After Mayowa left his place, he had drowned himself in alcohol. He wanted to believe it was a lie and wasn’t real.

” Rekky!”

Rekky was calling Osmond.

” Hey! Handsome…how are you?” Rekky said

” Fine! but my head aches!”

” Why?”

” Nothing serious! One of these prophet of dooms visited me!”

” Prophet of doom?” Rekky asked suspiciously

” Yes…he said I would die by Monday if I don’t change my ways…”

” He came to you too?” Rekky asked

” He came to you!”

” Yes…I knew it! I knew this was Martins’ plan. He hired that guy to scare us.” Rekky said laughing

” Really?”

” Yeah but You know what? For what he has done, I am coming over to your place tomorrow and I will stay over at your place. Let’s see the death that wants to kill us.” Rekky said…

Part 22
Opeyemi Akintunde

Mokolade rose up angrily, he kept pacing around his pr!vat€ apartment in the ritualist village; his abode for years. He only went home to his family once in three months. The lie everyone in his family and neighborhood bought was that he was a sailor. It was only his wife who knew the truth.

“ Mayor! That small boy! Has he forgotten what I did to those who rebelled against me in the past… No! He hasn’t! He is just trying to throw his small weight around to see if I will be a coward! Never! The Lion himself… that’s me!” He said before finally screaming out the name of the prophetess…


“ Yes Moko!”

“ Joan! Find Mayor and prepare him for auctioning!”

“ What? What did he do?”

“ Since when did you start questioning my instructions ?”

” I am sorry!” Joan said walking out very shocked.

She walked towards the Deposition unit. Discreetly, She brought out her phone. She sent a text to Mayowa’s phone and deleted it immediately.

The text read…

” You should leave your home NOW! Danger is coming towards you!”


Mayowa had slept off like a baby. Doctor Mike had turned off his phone, placing the phone on the center table. He wanted him to have a very sound sleep.

Doctor Mike was on his way out when he heard the voice..

” Stay with him!”

” HolySpirit, please I need to attend to my patients at the hospital.” Doctor Mike said as he drove out of the compound.


” Tony, Moko said you should bring Mayor forcefully to the village immediately!” Joan said but Tony also had a few seconds of mental shutdown.

” You said what?” Tony asked

” You heard me correctly the first time!”

Tony could smell danger, so he obediently turned from Joan. He called two of the staff working at the village to go with him.


Doctor Mike had reached his hospital in time. Indeed there were over 20 new patients.

” God! You see why it was necessary for me to leave Mr Mayor!” Doctor Mike said as a way of reassuring himself that by leaving Mayor to attend his patients , he was right.

” And the shepherd left the 99 to search for the missing one!” The inner voice replied

Doctor Mike paused on the patient he was about talking to…

What did that mean? Was God saying Mayor’s life was more important than all the patients in the hospital?

Without waiting for a reply, he dropped the patient’s file in the hands of another doctor.

” Doctor Byran ….Please finish up…I need to attend to an emergency!”

Doctor Mike rushed out of the clinic.

“Please Lord, don’t let Mayor die on me. Forgive me for using my logic to determine what’s more important “


Tony and the boys pushed the security guard from the entrance. One of the boys pressed a gun on the belly of the security guard.

” It doesn’t make too much noise. No one would know we have killed you. So be a good man and lead us to your boss!” One of the men said.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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