Part 19
Opeyemi Akintunde

“ Don’t even try to stop me from leaving!” Mirabel said to Doctor Mike

“ Ma, our gospel does not teach us to encourage a woman to leave her Husband when he is in trouble especially if the husband is looking for a way out of his mess!”

“So you expect me to sit here and let the consequences of his evil deeds eat my son and I up?” Mirabel asked rolling her eyes

“ YES! though you won’t be sitting… instead you will stand by him as a big support for him. As he is trying to get out, you must stand by him.”

“ I am sorry… I can’t “ Mirabel concluded


Mayowa was struggling to wake up. He knew he had to wake up but the effect of the deep sedation was still lingering.

After about five minutes of his forceful opening of his eyes despite the involuntary shutting of his eyes, he asked the much anticipated question…

“ Where is my wife?” He directed his question at Doctor Mike.

“ Gone!” Doctor Mike replied

“ To?”

“ She said to an hot€l… She needed time away from you!”

“ That’s absolutely fine!” Mayowa was happy she had left. Consequently, things were not going to happen the way they ought to happen. Meaning by the next day, he wasn’t going to lose Mirabel, she wasn’t going to be trailing him.

“ You are happy she is gone?”

“ It’s complicated Doctor. The farther she is from me, the safer she is.”

Mayowa rose up sharply but immediately he knew it was a wrong move as he swayed in the process…

“ Calm down MR Mayor!”

“ My name is Mayowa and I am not Mad!”

“ Sure I know you are not, but you can’t just jump and get on your feet after a deep sedation.”

“I have a lot to do in less than 24 hours!”

“ Ok! I volunteer to take you to wherever you need to go!”

“ I am fine!”

“ You cannot drive after sedation!”

“ Ok fine! You will drive me to my destination but you stay outside!”

“ No problem!” Doctor Mike replied


“Look me in the eye, and say to me that you don’t feel what I feel!” Martins said to Chioma out of the blues

Chioma had gone mute suddenly. They had been talking about some of their old friends. In between that beautiful conversation, Martins had blurted out the nonsense that just came out of his mouth.

It was wrong that she made him come into her house, and now he wanted to introduce emotional blackmail.

“ I cannot love you, because you are a married man!”

“ You can’t love me or You don’t love me! Which one?”

“ Same difference!

“ No… not the same thing… I know…” Martins was saying but Chioma was on her feet already

“ You need to be on your way.!”

“ I just got here!” Martins said

“ I am getting uncomfortable with the our conversation!”

“ I apologize!”

“ It’s no use!”

“ I actually need to meet up with someone!”

“ I know that’s a lie!”

“ No it’s not… Initially, I didn’t have anyone to catch up with, but your talk gave me reason to catch up with a friend!”

“ Ok!” Martins got up. He wished he could cut down Rekky’s head. She was the wall between he and Chioma. What made him more angry at his situation was the fact that Rekky was enjoying her life madly.

Martins got up and walked out of the house.


Mayor sat in the front seat of Doctor Mike. He didn’t know what he was going to say to the couple , but one thing was sure. He must ensure he convinced the wife from going out the next day.

“ Are you the address from your trance is real?” He asked himself

“ Or are you really running mad?” He questioned his sanity


Martins got into the house. He wasn’t surprised Rekky wasn’t back.

A knock at the door caught him off guard.

“ Who is there?”

“ My name is Mayowa!”

“ From where?”

“ I have a message to deliver to you!”

Martins stood up taking the word for what it was. He thought he had a package that was to be delivered to him.

On opening the door, he saw Mayowa. He didn’t look like a delivery man and besides he didn’t see any package in his hands. Instinct kicked in as he shut the door quickly…

“ Hello Sir! Please open the door! I have an important message for you! Especially concerning your wife. You both are going to die tomorrow if I don’t talk to you. Please open the door! Your wife is going to make a lot of people die tomorrow if I don’t speak to her!”

Martins couldn’t believe a mad man was at his door.

“ Sir, I suggest you move away from my door before I call the police on you!” Martins said

“ Please sir, I have been in the future… I know you have a friend by the name Chioma… if you don’t listen to me, you might never see Chioma again after tomorrow!”

The mention of Chioma’s name made him pause on the call he was making. He was about calling the police emergency number.

“ What do you know about Chioma?” Martins asked as he went into the kitchen to get one of the sharp kitchen knives.

“ Everything… I know she was the woman you should have married and you met her recently …”

Martins opened the door with the knife in his hand.

“ I have a very sharp knife in hand. If you try anything funny, I won’t hesitate to cut your throat….” Martins said as he was opening the door gently. The moment he opened the door in full, he was surprised to see Rekky with mouth wide opened behind the man.

Rekky had heard Mayowa’s last statement about loving another woman.

Rekky pushed Mayowa aside and walked it..

“ Mrs Rekky… I know about Osmond!” Mayowa said in a rush. Rekky stopped in her track…

“ I know he has some of your underwears which he plans to use for money rituals…” Mayowa says

Martins and Rekky turns sharply to Mayowa.

“ Oh Really? Nice try…Martins…So you went to employ a false prophet of doom against me. Because you have been asking me of one of the underwears and I said I couldn’t find it, you decided to get a false prophet.. Nice try! So you have been going through my phone as well, to get the name you gave him… Hey, Mr Prophet of doom, Yes my boyfriend’s name is Osmond and Yes I give him my panties as a sourvenir to keep me in his thoughts always… What else is new about my life you want to tell him?”

Mayor couldn’t believe he had hit a wall…

Part 20
Opeyemi Akintunde

“ Get out of my house!” Martins said

“ Please… I need you to believe me. I am not mad!“ Mayowa said

“ I know you are not mad, but you are a blackmailer! Who gave you our information? I get … How much do you want? You found a very interesting story and you want to cash out. Husband is in love with ex girlfriend and wife has a boyfriend. I know! So how much are you asking for, anything above a 100 thousand, you can’t get!”

“ I am not a blackmailer, I am a Ritualist… I mean I used to be a Ritualist and somehow by Monday, I am to kidnap you and your wife…it is a complicated thing… I am just here to give you a warning. Don’t let your wife leave the house tomorrow because she will sleep over at Osmond’s house and by Monday morning I will pick her up…“ Mayowa was saying before Martins cut in

“ Sir, before I call the police on you, please get out of my house… NOW!”

Mayowa didn’t want the police arresting him. He still had two more people to reach out to.

Mayowa stepped back.

“ I hope you reflect on all that I have said to you.” Mayowa said before leaving.


“ How did whatever you went to do inside go?” Doctor Mike asked

“ Not as I planned!” Mayowa replied

“ Care to share?”

“ Don’t bother, before you begin to call me Mad!”

“ I don’t…”

“ Please… can we not talk… Please take me to the second address!” Mayowa said. He was on a time bound assignment and that time was not the time to engage in small talks. He had written out all the addresses he could remember from the future.

He was on his way to Osmond’s place.


Osmond heard the knock at his door. He hardly had visitors. He had rented the apartment basically to trick whichever girl fell into his trap. Rekky unfortunately was the prey. He had been living in the apartment for 6 months and by Monday, he was going to move out into his palace if all things went well with his money ritual..

“ Yes who is there?”

“ Mayowa!”

Osmond walked towards the door and peeped through the peephole. Mayowa was a strange face.

“ Yes! How can I help you?”

“I have something discreet to discuss with you!”

“ I don’t know you so you don’t expect me to open my door for you!”

“ This has to do with the money ritual!”

Osmond stepped back in shock, He never told anyone about his plans.

“ Who are you?”

“ My name is Mayowa and I have the privilege of knowing what would happen to you by Monday should you continue with the ritual!”

Osmond opened the door sharply and pulled Mayowa in…

“ Can you keep it low! I have neighbors you know…”

“I am sorry!”

“ So?”

“ I am here to appeal to you, to stop what you are doing. I know you are going to take the married woman’s underwear tomorrow. If you do, you won’t live to enjoy the wealth, someone else will take it over after your death.”

“ So the herbalist employed you to scare me away, so that he can use all I have provided for himself?” Osmond said angrily as he picked up his phone.

He dialed the number immediately and before the herbalist picked up, Mayowa took the phone from him and started screaming…

“ Don’t you get, you are about to die and you are calling the man whose delight is your death. After you die,he will use all the pants for his son! Osmond, it’s better you walk away now, when you have the time.!”

“ I can’t walk away, I have lived in poverty for years, and I am just at the verge of making millions, billions and you expect me to stop!”

“ We can make money in the right way!”

“ We?”

“ Yeah… I am a Ritualist! I kill to make a living, but no more!”


“And somehow I know what will happen in the next 24 hours. It’s not looking good for you.”

” Get out of my house now!” Osmond said angrily.

Mayowa moved back. He knew it was best he went out.


” How did that go?” Doctor Mike asked

Mayowa didn’t reply.

” I guess not as you planned. Restitution can be hard!’

” I am not restituting or whatever you call it. I am trying to save lives.”

” Save lives? Are you going about it the right way?”


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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