Part 13
Opeyemi Akintunde

Mayor walked out of Moko’s office, he was weak and not sure of what to do.

He walked back into the deposition Unit. Joan had recovered her sight and was seated on the floor in the deposition unit obviously thinking.

On entering, Mayor realized Rekky’s body was no longer where it had been all day.

“ Where is she?” Mayor asked

“ Disposed!”

“ Why? Can’t you wake her up!” Mayor said

“ Mayor, she is gone… her Spirit ran out so fast. I saw her.”

Mayor joined her on the floor…

“ My son! Can you save him?”

Joan shook her head in the negative.

“ Check me out! Please! Can I replace my son?”

Joan looked up suddenly for the first time.

“ What are you planning to do?”

“ Give up my life for my son!”

“Who does that? Even me as a woman, I can’t do that!”

“ Well we are different… I love my son and I can die for him!”

“ Are you Jesus?” Joan said sarcastically

That struck a cord … That hit him really deep…

Mayor never believed in the death of Jesus Christ. He was logical about his thinking. He couldn’t swallow the thought that a man would die for the world, but here he was thinking of dying for his son.

“ Was Jesus real? Is he Truly the saviour of the World? “ Mayor said out loud

“ You believe in evil and Yet you do not believe in good.!” Joan replied

“ Joan… Did Jesus really die for the world… You know spiritual matters better than I do!”

“ Sure! Jesus is real, He is the Son of the Almighty who came to the World to make Known to the People about God as our Father. He gave up himself as the Ultimate Sacrifice for us to live just like what you are about to do…” Joan said

Mayor nodded.

“ I know everything you are talking about, my mother is a staunch Christian but very poor. That made me hate Christianity with a passion. I felt Jesus wasn’t real. If he was real, he won’t watch his follower wallow in poverty.” Mayor said

“ My exact plight… Born and Bred in a Christian home, but poverty dealt with me…that led me into search for powers but now though I regret it, I have learnt the truth!”

“ What truth!”

“ My parents were not poor because Jesus wanted them poor… They choose to be poor. My parents were lackadaisical when it came to the reality of life as regards working. They felt Jesus was going to pour His Blessings on them while they folded their arms.” Joan said

“ Hmmm… true… My mother was that way… She got a lot of job opportunities but she kept saying Jesus will not like me working there… She studied Hot€l Management and after becoming born again she said she couldn’t work in an hot€l and for that we starved. I couldn’t handle the starvation anymore… That made me develop a thick skin against Jesus and anything Christian…”

“ Mistake most Christians make… They are afraid of carrying their light into the darkness… If God had been afraid, He won’t have let his only son, the light to come into this dark world. My parents were scared of shining their light in the dark world and because of that we hid in the house and starved…” Joan said

“Yeah… it’s like …I am hungry and there is food outside, but because it Is raining, I decide to stay indoors.”

“Exactly… meanwhile now that I wiser, I think what my Parents should have done was to carry their light into the dark world and impact people with their light while doing their work which will earn them a living.” Joan concluded

Mayor maintained silence as he waited for the arrival of his son.

“ So are you still going to die for your son?” Joan asked after the long silence.

Mayor nodded in the positive….

Part 14
Opeyemi Akintunde

Mayor sat counting every second. He never knew it was possible to count time in seconds but here he was.


His mind drifted to his wife.

His tears dropped. Mirabel was not guilty of any offense. Her only offense was getting married to him…


He also was blameless, the error of his life was been born by him.

The sound of an approaching vehicle jolted him back from his Land of reflection.

“ Austin is here!” Mayor rose up quickly. Joan joined him swiftly.

Tony alighted from the vehicle, the same minute Moko walked out of his door.

Mayor rushed towards the vehicle. Austin laid on the backseat with his mouth taped and hands tied.

“ Tony …Why? The boy is sick already, why tie him up like a goat about to be slaughtered!” Mayor said with rage

“ That’s because he is a goat about to be slaughtered!” Moko replied

“ Get him to the deposition unit, immediately and prepare him for the auction.”

“ Moko please. You can’t kill my son! Kill me instead!”

“ Mayor… Lions don’t eat other lions!”

Moko said

“ Sameway, Lions don’t eat their own Cubs… My son is your son!”

“ They do, when they are starving..”

Mayor went mute as he knew he had no way out of this.

Tony carried Austin into the deposition unit.

“ Forgive the man under authority. I have to do what I am instructed to do!” Tony said.

“ Same here! I am just a messenger!” Joan said to Mayor.

Mayor rushed towards Moko again.

“Please, take my life instead! Mayor said

Moko looked at him long enough and said suddenly…

“ Fine! Prepare him instead and put the boy in my inner chamber.”

“ Thank you Moko, Thank you! Please I need to make a few calls. I will want my sister to raise my son.” Mayor said

Mayor knew Gladys, his sister inherited the love of God from their mother and was the best person to help him train his child.

“Not now!” Moko said. Moko had other plans. He was planning to still kill the son. Mayor was becoming a nuisance and therefore needed to be silenced.


3 hours Later, Mayor died.

Before he drew his last breath, joan advised him…

“ Mayor, if heaven is real, this is your last chance to get in. Pray and ask for God’s forgiveness. You didn’t enjoy life to the fullest, it will be more terrible if you live your eternity in hell.”

Mayor had nodded and with the last breathe in him, he spoke to God.

Mayor found himself walking on a lonely path in a open space. There were no walls or end to its space.

“ You were not meant to be a killer but a saviour, just like that Madman of Gadarene. He was given the loud voice of evangelism but the devil made him mad and he was using that voice to scream in the cave instead of the streets winning souls for God. Mayowa… wasn’t that the name your parents gave you before Mokolade who also changed his name to Moko changed your name to Mayor.

Your names were significant…

You as Mayowa were supposed to bring Joy into the lives of people but you ended up snatching Joy from people.

Mokolade was meant to be wealthy by pure means, he was a carrier of wealth from the Father’s Bosom. No matter what he laid his hand upon he was ordained to be wealthy. Even if he were to sell sand, he would have made money but he wasn’t patient for the appointed time. I waited for my appointed time, though as at the age of 12 years old I was already speaking wisdom, I needed to wait till I was 30 when the Spirit of God descended on me before I launched out. Mokolade could not wait for the season of financial manifestation so the devil presented a demonic alternative to him.” The voice said

“ We are sorry!” Mayor said to the invisible voice.

“ Do you know Mokolade tricked you? He is about to kill your son Austin!” The voice said

“ Ha! No… Please, do something about it! “ Mayor cried

“ Too late, We don’t hear the prayers of dead people.”

“ Oh my Goodness, if only I had seen this ahead, I could have done things differently…”

“ You think so?”

“ Yes! I mean if I can go back in time, relive the past one week, I could have done things differently, saved my wife from dying…”

“ Save Rekky, Martins, Osmond, the Innocent Cab driver, the innocent passersby that the fire explosion killed, yourself and Austin?”

“ Yes!”

“ Are you sure?”

“ Yes…”

“ Well my Father is the Ancient of Days, and that gives me power over time. I can do a rewind and give you the chance to see if you can do things differently!”

“ I can… please take me back”

“ Take the gift of 48 hours…”


Mirabel kept tapping Mayor…

“ Mayor snap out of your thoughts! We will miss Janet’s wedding!” Mirabel said tapping Mayor. Mayor was standing in front of the Mirror.

Mayor snapped out. He looked around strangely. Did he doze off while standing…

“ Babe, how long have I been standing here?” Mayor asked Mirabel

Mirabel looked at him strangely. His question was strange.

“ Just few seconds… you were here initially!” Mirabel said pointing to another corner of the room.

“ Are you okay?” Mirabel asked

“ I am fine! What is today?” Mayor asked

“ Saturday…Janet’s wedding!“ Mirabel said sarcastically but on a second thought she looked at him seriously and asked “ Mayor, what is wrong?”

“ My name is Mayowa. Don’t call me Mayor again! Mirabel we are not going for that wedding again.”

“ What do you mean Mayor! That is my best friend’s wedding. The only person you have allowed me to have as a friend.”

“ Ok, you go ahead… I have things to do today!”

Mirabel was lost for words…

“But first things First, we need to start taking God seriously!“ Mayor said, but Mirabel couldn’t comprehend what was happening… she had a feeling her husband was running mad.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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