Part 11
Opeyemi Akintunde

Osmond held his breath, it was obvious the driver of the car was after him.

“ Sir, I believe the central lock is active?” Osmond asked the cab driver

“ Yes sir! but I think we should leave, since it is obvious the person is after us.” The cab driver said

“ No! We stay! He will be confused. He won’t know what we are upto. He will realize we know he is after us!”

“ Ok sir! I have a gun ” the cab driver said

“ You have a gun?” Osmond asked

“ Yes… as a cab driver. There are lots of terrible people who use cab drivers for rituals these days so I got a gun to protect myself. It is licensed.” The Cab driver said

“ Great! Can you fire a shot in the air to scare the man.!” Osmond said

“ Sure!” The cab man replied

The Cab driver brought out his gun from underneath his seat. He fired a shot in the air…


Mayor sat watching the car. He could tell Osmond was aware he was pursuing him. Mayor knew he was very obvious but he didn’t care. His aim was

Sure… He had to kill Osmond to save his son.

He heard the sudden gunshot…

“ What the f…k?” Mayor cursed

Mayor knew at that moment, this was no child’s play. He brought out his gun from underneath his seat as well. He wore his protective bead as well.

He fired a reply shot in the air…

“ Your Father!” Mayor cursed


“ He has a gun too!” Osmond said

“ And that sounds harder than ours! Boss I am sorry, you need to get down from my car!” The cab driver said

“ What do you mean?” Osmond said

“ I believe the man is after you not me!”

“ How do you know that?”

“ I don’t have enemies!”

“ Who says I have?”

“ So why is he following us?”

“ Maybe he is a car hijacker!” Osmond said

“ Car Hijacker! Have you seen the car he is driving, it can buy two of my cars!” The cab driver said

“ Hey Brother! We are in this together! Start the vehicle and let’s escape. If you can’t drive fast, I can!” Osmond said

“I can’t drive fast… When I am tensed!” The cab driver said as he was obviously shivering .

“ Move!” Osmond said to the driver. Nothing was going to stop him from finishing his ritual that night!

The cab driver moved to the passenger seat while Osmond took the driver’s seat.

Osmond engaged the drive gear and with top speed he sped off…

Mayor saw the move and followed him…

Mayor started firing shots at the car tyres…

The Cab driver responded by firing directly at Mayor. He kept shooting at the windscreen.


The Cab driver noticed the gun was hitting Mayor but it had not effect…

“ The gun is not having effect on the driver…” The Cab driver said

“ You are not aiming well! Stop acting like A woman or a chicken!” Osmond screamed as he drove recklessly to save his life.

“ What do you mean? Don’t insult me! I am aiming at his face. It seems the guy is diabolical!” The Cab driver screamed

Mayor didn’t want to fire back at the cab driver. He didn’t want another blood on his hand. Mayor wanted to tell the cab driver to stop wasting his bullets. He had been fortified by Moko, no gunshots could penetrate in to his body once he had the protective bead on…

Mayor drove to the side of the car…

“ Stop wasting your bullets! I am not after you! Tell him to pull over. Don’t let me be forced to kill you! I have no business with you!” Mayor screamed at the cab driver.

Osmond saw the look on the driver’s face, he could tell the man was going to give him up. Osmond drove the car suddenly to the side hitting Mayor’s car and throwing the cab driver off balance. Simultaneously, he grabbed the gun from his hand….

“ What are you doing?” The Cab driver said as he saw Osmond pointing the gun at him…

“ I am sorry brother, Life is not fair! If I don’t kill you, you will get me killed!” Osmond said as he shot the Cab driver.

The Cab driver died instantly….

Mayor saw what Osmond did and that got him mad.

Mayor drove harder hitting Osmond’s car. Osmond tried shooting at Mayor but it was all in vain…

They both heard the approaching Police Siren at the same time.

Mayor had two thoughts….

Mayor knew Osmond had incriminated himself by killing the Cab driver in his car. That way the approaching Police van would have him arrested and that way, he won’t be able to go the herbalist’s place.

He just had to stop the chase and take another route.

The second option was not to take chances, but to kill him right away and escape.

As Mayor was thinking through his decision, he saw Osmond opening the passenger seat door and pushing the cab driver out of the car even while on top speed.

“ He has discarded the evidence… F…k this guy… I didn’t want to have another blood on my hands but I guess that’s your destiny.” Mayor said

With all the strength Mayor had, he pursued hotly after Osmond till he was side by side with him. Mayor was a good shooter. He shot at Osmond at close range and hit the center of his head the moment Osmond looked sideways.

Osmond lost the control of the steering as he died instantly.Mayor watched as he swerved off into a parked Fuel truck. The moment Osmond hit the truck, there was an explosion. The car caught fire and like a scene from a movie, about five other cars close by caught fire…

The Fire explosion made every one driving from behind including the police van halt thereby making Mayor go scotfree.


The herbalist saw the sign. He rose up and rushed to his Enquiry mirror. He said some incantations and immediately the mirror opened to reveal Osmond burning.

“ Aiye oooo, and the witches of this boy’s family eventually did not make him see the riches he had worked hard for.” The herbalist said…

“ Well, if it doesn’t go bad for one person, it can never be good for another! ….Ifatoyinbo! Come here!” The herbalist said

“ My father!” Ifatoyinbo answered

“ You are about to reap the hard work and labour of another person.!” The herbalist said

“ How My father?” Ifatoyinbo answered

“ You know the boy we have been preparing all these for!”

“ Yes, oga Osmond!”

“ He has died! The forces that do not want him rich has ended his life!”

“ Ha! “

“ So, you will use the concoction and reap the reward of his labour!”

“ My father! Thank you! Thank you!” Ifatoyinbo said. His dream of traveling to the United States to study Medicine was about to be achieved.

Part 12
Opeyemi Akintunde

Mayor drove into the Ritualist Village. He was exhausted. He came in to fill his report so Moko would release his son. He knew Tony was not going to leave the hospital till Moko gave the order.

Joan was tensed as hell. Moko had paraded the deposition unit over 10 times in two hours.

Joan heaved a sigh of relief the moment Mayor walked it.

“ He is dead… more like burnt to Ashes!” Mayor said

Moko walked in…

“ Is that the Accident in the breaking news?” Moko asked

“ It should be!”

“ Congratulations… I will Call Tony right away.”

“ Thank you!”

“ Sorry about your wife’s death. That’s why I have always encouraged you guys to let your wife in on what you do. That way she won’t be snooping around for answers.”

Mayor didn’t reply. He was too weak to explain again why he didn’t want his wife knowing what he was into.

Rekky laid on the makeshift bed they had put her. She was very conscious of what was happening around but her entire body was paralyzed.

“ God, please forgive me! Please save me this one time and I will serve you!” Rekky prayed within.

Almost immediately, Rekky started gasping for breath.

“ What’s happening to her?” Moko said

Joan knew what was happening. The woman was about to die.

“ Mayor, are you sure you killed the right man.!”

“ What do you mean? You were the one who gave me information about him!”

“ Are you sure he is the one that was killed? They are continuing the ritual and they are about to kill her…” Joan shouted

“ Who?” Mayor asked very confused

“I don’t know!”Joan screamed

Joan began to chant incantations to st@bilize Rekky…


The herbalist realized there was a force resisting him. He looked into his Spiritual mirror and saw Joan. He chanted an incantation and that sent blindness to Joan…


“ My eyes…My eyes!!” Joan screamed

Moko also took charge trying to fight back but instead he received an arrow on his right arm. Moko fought back valiantly but his spiritual strength was nothing compared to that of the herbalist…

Rekky breath her last ….

The Herbalist won.

Mayor’s world crashed.

Moko sat on the floor, with one of his hands paralyzed.Moko’s eyes were on fire.

He brought out his phone with his left hand.

Mayor suspected what was about to happen…

He guessed right!

“ Hello Tony! Bring the boy here!” Moko said.

Mayor ran towards Moko and laid on the floor…

“ Moko, please what will be my gain after serving you all these years! Don’t let me lose my son!”

“ From this auction, I will give you 100 million and you will be free. You won’t have to serve me anymore. Let go of the boy!”

“ No Moko … take the 100 million and let me have my son! I will keep working with you… but please don’t kill my son!”

“ Think about it! “ Moko rose up and exited the deposition unit.

Joan was busy with getting back her sight but Mayor knew she was in no way the person he should speak to.

Mayor walked up to Rekky…

“Please wake up… Please wake up and let them use you for the ritual. “ Mayor said passionately…

There was no life whatsoever in Rekky.

Mayor sat on the floor wondering how he could save his son or should he just accept this as fate, collect the 100mlion, relocate to Canada and start a new life.

“ But that would mean I will be using my son for rituals if I let him die and I collect the 100 million.” Mayor reasoned.

“ No, Austin can’t die, I am the culprit not him. Maybe Moko should kill me instead.”

No one approaches Moko’s tent unless the person is sent for, so Mayor walking into Moko’s Tent drew the attention of others.

Mayor stepped in to meet Moko applying some herbs on his twisted arm…

“ I guess it is not only your son that will die today. You also…” Moko said

“ I am sorry for coming in without being called, but I just wanted to let you know that a life for a life. Take my life but leave my son please. I will ask my sister from the village to come pick him up. She will raise him up.”

“ Are you sure? This boy is just 2 years old. If you let him go, in another 3 years you will have a boy like him again.”

“ I am sure… take my life!”

“ Ok… “

Mayor heard no words from Moko again.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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