Part 1
Opeyemi Akintunde

” Baby! Get up! It past 7 already!” Rekky said to Osmond…His drool was all over the pillow

” My husband will be worried sick by now!” Rekky said hissing continuously as she looked around for her underwear.

” Stop looking for it. I have kept it. Another trophy I must keep. I particularly love the colour…” Osmond said

” No, you can not keep my pant this time around…you have kept over 7 of them. Caleb was asking me about the onion colour pant he bought for me. I had to lie that it was in the dryer.”

” You have to cook up another lie this time around…I am not letting go of this one… I totally love it ” Osmond said

Rekky knew there was no point arguing with him. Osmond was stubborn in all areas, including in bed which was why she was still having this relationship with him.

” Fine!” She said angrily “But know that I am not happy” Rekky said before storming out of the house.


” Oh sh..t” Rekky cursed.

Osmond’s neighbour who was a doctor had blocked her car. He was the night shift Doctor. Rekky always tried to get out of the house before he came back from work around 7am.

The downside to this was that whenever he went up to his flat to sleep, no one dared call him before 10am.

” Osmond!” Rekky called out.

” Yeah!” Osmond replied from his window.

Without saying a word, Osmond understood what Rekky was saying. There was no way she would leave before 10am.

” Come back in!” Osmond said with a wry smile.

” I ‘d rather walk back home!” Rekky said as she walked towards the gate.

” How on earth am I going to get home before 8.” Rekky had several thoughts as she walked away from Osmond’s gate, but Tams interrupted her thoughts with her phone call. She knew exactly why Tams was calling.

” Hello…he has been calling you, I guess” Rekky said

” Yes, I have 42 missed calls…all from my friend’s husband. Unfortunately for me, my over protective husband keeps casting glances at me thinking I am avoiding the calls of one of my boyfriends. So where are you?” Tams said

” On my way home. We had a reckless night!”

” Rekky, when are you going to stop this reckless life!”

” When you stop yours!”

” Mine is not reckless!”

” Oh Really? Are you telling me you have not slept with another man aside from your husband in the past one month!”

” That is my point, I am not reckless, I am very careful and considerate of my husband. I do mine once in a month, but you do…”

” Every week….Yeah it’s my choice…My body.”

The blaring of a nearby horn startles Rekky…

“ What the f….k!” Rekky cursed as she turned back to see a young guy of about 25 years old blaring his car horn at her…

“ Can you get off the road!” Banjo said as he got out of the car halfway.

“ Is it your road?” Rekky replied

“ Is it your father’s road?” Banjo said in response

“ Is it your Mother’s road?” Rekky repeated the question in a different way.

“ Is it your Sister’s road?” Banjo was not someone to give up something easily.

“ Is it your Brother’s road?” Rekky said

“ Is it your grandfather’s road?” Banjo answered

“ Is it your grandmother’s road?” Rekky said hotly

At this point, they both stared hard at each other not knowing which other punch to throw at each other… suddenly Rekky says…

“ Is it your ancestors’ road?”

“ Well, it is my ancestors’ road because I was born and bred in this town.”

At that point, they both burst into laughter…

“ I guess we must be alike…?” Banjo said

“ I am thinking you are a spontaneous person like me” Rekky said

“ But I am suspecting you are more spontaneous and adventurous than I am” Banjo said.

He walks up close to her and stretches his hand forward for a handshake…

“ Banjo Philips, handsome and very available single young man!” Banjo said giving a full smile

Rekky gives a flirty smile before saying…

“ Rekky Adams, beautiful, s€xy married woman who is readily available for some extra adventure.” Rekky says.

Banjo was caught off guard but he smiles almost immediately after few seconds.

“ Can I drop you off at home, get down to some adventure since your husband is not in town!” Banjo said

“ Your phone?” Rekky said instead.

Banjo looked at her surprisingly but notwithstanding he gave her the phone. Rekky typed in the address on the map…

“ We should be there in 45 minutes. My husband should be out of the house by then.” Rekky said getting into his car.

Banjo was scared about this one. She was too adventurous for his liking. He hoped his planned adventure was going to go as planned …

Part 2
Opeyemi Akintunde

“ Rekky! Hello! Rekky!” Tams was still on the other side of the call…

“ Rekky is crazy!” Tams said. She wasn’t planning on ending the call, she wanted to hear their entire conversation. Tams plugged in her headphones as she continued her house chores…


“ I am guessing you had a night meal at someone’s place!”

“ Night Meal? I don’t eat past 6pm, Watching my tommy!”

“ Who is talking about that kind of Meal?” Banjo said laughing at her ignorance

“ Oh! I get … Yeah it was a very Chunky and Choking Night Meal but I survived because I am Rekky!” Rekky said laughing

“ Your husband? Does he know what you do?”

“ What I do?”

“ I mean, your sleeping around with guys!”

“ Huh huh!”

“ He knows?”

“ Huh Huh!”

“ I am afraid I don’t understand Huh Huh…”Banjo said laughing


“ Yes what?”

“ Gush! You like to probe! Yes! My husband knows I like to f..k other men! And he has been living with it for 6 years!”

“ Is he impotent?”


“ Same question I ask her all the time!” Tams said out loud while listening in on their conversation via Rekky’s phone.


“ No, he is not! But I am not Satisfied with one man and I told him before we got married, before you think I deceived him into marrying me.”

“ Exactly what’s going on in my head!”

“ I didn’t, he came to me and said he knew I was his soulmate. I told him I knew I was destined to be married to more than one husband and he laughed about it. I warned him against marrying me but he was so stubborn about it. Well, we are married and I am who I told him I was going to be.”

“ Wow! You are crazy!”

“ I am more crazy than you can imagine! I have done some crazy things while driving… You want me to try something crazy on you?” Rekky said

“ Ok?” Banjo said


“ Gush! Rekky you are so unbelievably irritating! How can you do this on a total stranger!” Tams said to herself as she was still listening to Rekky’s conversation. She knew what her friend was doing to the stranger.

“ Yuck!” Tams said with a face that showed irritation


Banjo couldn’t believe the opportunity that presented itself cheaply to him. As Rekky bent her head on his lap, he took the syringe and injected her sharply….

“ Ha!… What the f…k, what did you injecttttt me!”Rekky was saying but she realized she was losing control over the parts of her body. She couldn’t feel her hands or legs…

“ Nonsense… Stupid woman! You like adventure right? You will have enough of it…This is me helping your husband get rid of you!” Banjo said


Tams became afraid, she could tell something had gone wrong.

“ Hello! Rekky! Are you there?” Tams said whispering.

She heard nothing except the man dialing a person!

“ Bird in nest!” He said

Fear gripped Tams’ heart as she staggered.

“ Rekky!”


Martins knew Rekky had blocked his line for the night. That was her Usual way. She would block his line from reaching her whenever she went out on her nightly escapades.

“ All these will be ending today!” Martins encouraged himself as he examined the papers in the brown envelope.

It was the divorce papers he wanted to serve Rekky. He had endured enough and as a man of peace, he didn’t want to be pushed to a point where he kills her. He had not made love to Rekky for 8 months and she was always going out of the house every weekend coming back home every Monday oozing different male perfumes.

That weekend had been different though. She had slept at home on Friday and Saturday, her S€xcapades had been limited to the daytime.

Martins was done. DONE in capital letters.

As a Morally upright man, he couldn’t cheat on Rekky. Chioma, the woman of his youth was back in his life. He met her two months earlier at a company he went for work presentation. She was the M.D of the company. She was 40 and still unmarried.

The scenario played back in his head and he couldn’t help but smile…

He had been sitting in the conference room with the Staff members of the company. They were all waiting for the “ Madam” who they all seemed fond of. Martins had heard some of the conversations the staff were having…

“ You are wearing the perfume Madam bought you last Christmas!” A man said to a Lady

“ Yes, it’s on purpose, so that I can get another one this Christmas. Christmas is in 23 days time.” The girl said laughing

“ I heard that!” The familiar voice said from the doorway.

There was a chorused laughter from the staff as they all stood up in respect.

Martins sat glued on the Chair as his eyes followed the beautiful woman who walked elegantly into the conference room…

Martins’ tongue was invisibly tied…

“ Good Day Mr….” Chioma said in an official tone yet with her iconic full smile.

“ Mr Martins…. From Britle &Britle” One of the Staff who was Martins’ contact in the company jumped in to save Martins.

“ Ok, Mr Martins.. I have only Fifteen minutes. Would that be enough time for you to sell your company to us!” Chioma said smiling.

“ Sureeee Ma!”

Martins gave the worst presentation of his life that afternoon and if judging by what he did, his company was not going to get the contract but Chioma said at the end of his presentation…

“ It would be a delight to work with your company! please bring in the necessary papers tomorrow! Thank you… Please do extend my love to your family” Chioma said casting her glance at his wedding ring. This was the first time in Martins’ life he wished he forgot his wedding ring at home.

Chioma was about to step out of the conference room, but Martins knew he couldn’t afford to lose the opportunity…

“ Chioma Nwabueze !” Martins said .

The Staff members were all shocked and there was a brief moment of silence…

Chioma turned and said…

“ Leave us alone!” Chioma said to her staff…

The moment the door was shut, Chioma ran towards Martins and gave him a big hug…

The hug must have lasted 5 minutes of both of them not saying anything to each other. Chioma kept sobbing.

Martins was soaking in her smell. Despite her expensive perfume, Martins knew her smell. How could he forget his Chioma. His Childhood bestie turned girlfriend, turned fiancée. As they hugged for those few minutes, Martins played back their time together, it was bliss….

To be continued

“ We should be there in 45 minutes. My husband should be out of the house by then.” Rekky said getting into his car.

Banjo was scared about this one. She was too adventurous for his liking. He hoped his planned adventure was going to go as planned …


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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