‘She took a very challenging role in the movie’- Femi Adebile lauds wife, Rebecca as ‘Death Sentence’ Movie release date gets closer

The Director of Fejosbaba TV, Evang. Femi Adebile a.k.a Fejosababa has penned an appreciation post to his wife, Rebecca Femi-Adebile who played one of the major role in the movie titled ‘Death Sentence’ billed for release this Sunday.

Before now, Femi Adebile had already used the Fejosbaba Tv YouTube channel to advertise his new films, “Death Sentence” and its Yoruba counterpart “Ejo Iku,” which will hit his YouTube Channel on January 22 and 25 of 2023, respectively.

Sharing a photo of his wife taken during the film shooting, Femi Adebile disclosed that he had to ask his wife Rebecca Femi-Adebile if she could take on the part owing to the stress associated with it. However, she picked up the role and delivered beyond his expectation

In his words; It’s been a while since you have seen this talented face on set, After writing the Script, the role she took was challenging, I needed to ask her “can you take this role”, That’s because of the stress and challenge in it. She was virtually in all the scenes.

Death Sentence will be out this coming Sunday
Death Sentence will show on Fejosbaba TV (22nd of January)
Ejo iku the Yoruba will show on Fejosbaba TV Yoruba (25th of January)
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FEJOSBABA TV releases first movie in 2023

GFNG had earlier reported that FEJOSBABA TV had fulfilled its promise to start uploading new movies shortly after their director, Femi Adebile celebrated his birthday on the 11th of January, 2023.

The channel dropped its first movie titled ‘Burning Thrones’, a project by Fejosbaba Talent Workshop Students on the 15th of January, 2023.