Reading just few good books in a year is better than 50 wrong ones – Jaymikee advises readers

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye has taken to his official twitter page to advise his followers who set target for tens of books to read within a speculated time without minding the effect it has on them.

According to him, it is not every book that one reads makes one smarter, wiser or more mature as some books have negative impact on the reader. He noted that the kinds of books one should read must be considered well before considering the numbers of books to be read.

Writing further, he noted that it is far better to read few books that will add value to one rather than reading hundreds of books that will affect one negatively.

“read as many books as possible!” “Read one book per week!” “I’ve read 100 books this year, you should too!” etc But What kinds of books??? Not all books make you smarter, wiser or mature. One good book in a year is better than 50 wrong ones. My opinion. – He tweeted

Sharing this opinion, almost his followers on twitter agreed to this as many took to the reply section to buttress his standpoint. Check replies below;

@OsujiTestimony; Lol I hear people talk about this”read a book” everytime…I want to ask is it a given that once you read books you develop some level of smartness? What if yours is more of listening to radio shows or maybe tv or even podcasts..videos just listening basically

@ArojojoyeAdeni2; You’re right sir but truth is, there is nothing one needs that one can’t get from the scriptures- the bible. Thomas Alva Edison read a book by Thomas Pain and his orientation about God was changed. He never believed God till he died. Books are good but I prefer my bible

@HopeOgidan; Personally, i discovered reading one book per month and implementating the things you learnt is better than trying to read ten. I lot of people read books and you cannot even see the effect in their lives. When i got this, I stopped being bothered

@iam_oluwatosinn; 100% correct People should stop putting pressure on others to read a certain number of books. If you read a book in a month and it makes lots of sense to you, then that is ok. In BTW, check out my podcast for amazing book reviews.


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