Producers Will Promise You N10K And End Up Giving You N1K – Popular Nollywood Actor Living in Slums Cries Out (Video).

A Nollywood actor has bravely stepped forward to speak out about the pitiful wages he receives for participating in films.

In an interview with @skibocomedy7, the actor opened up about his difficult living situation, which includes living in a deteriorating zinc house filled with holes.

He described the depressing practice of being promised a work worth N10,000 but receiving only N1,000 upon completion, with the assurance that the remaining cash would be transferred to his account.

Unfortunately, the promised money will never arrive.

He also stated that such a dismal condition had caused him to withdraw from the job.

Furthermore, the actor disclosed the appalling working conditions he frequently encounters on set.

He added that producers are often less concerned about the well-being of actors; don’t care whether thespian is sick or hungry.

He noted that food is not even provided on set and when a person manages to buy food for him or herself, the producers will immediately demand the actor’s service.

Translating to English, he said:

“You will be called for a job of N10k, but when you are done you will be given N1k and told that the remaining will be paid into your account but you will see nothing. That was why I gave up on doing such jobs,”

“You will do a standard that will be uploaded on YouTube for someone, this person will still get millions when the job is uploaded on YouTube but he will not even pay for your feeding.

I will still buy food with the money I borrowed to go for the job.”

Watch the video below:


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