Pre-wedding photos of Ooni’s new wife as palace sets official date

Pre-wedding photos of Queen Opeoluwa Elizabeth Akinmuda, the new wife of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, have emerged online. The photos captured the Ife monarch and his new wife to be sitting and standing pretty by his side.

Queen Opeoluwa Elizabeth Akinmude will be officially ushered into the Ife palace on the 20th of May, 2023. She will be joining the likes of Queen Mariam, Queen Ashley, Queen Tobi Philips and others as the wives of Ooni.

A few hours ago, It was reported that Ooni of Ife took a new wife days after his wives caused a stir online. It was announced that the Ife monarch took a lady identified as Queen Opeoluwa Elizabeth Akinmuda as his sixth wife.

Although there have been no photos of the wedding circulated online, the marriage reportedly a long time ago. City People reported that an invitation was issued to family and friends of the Ooni royals for the Thanksgiving service scheduled to hold on Saturday, 20th of May, 2023.

The event will be preceded by the traditional entry of the Queen into the ancient Ife Oodua Palace of Ile-Ife this Thursday.

Ooni’s wives snub each other at an event

The wives of the monarch had attended the unveiling of a Coffee Book titled “Ile-Ife, The Cradle of the World” in Lagos.

In a video posted online by City People TV, Ooni’s fourth and fifth wives, Olori Ashley, and Olori Ronke, were seen sitting together when his first wife, Olori Mariam, walked up to them.

Olori Mariam exchanged pleasantries with Olori Ashely, while Olori Ronke snubbed her. Her demeanour which didn’t go unnoticed has got much talking.

Ooni’s ex-wife, Queen Naomi, reveals her relationship status

The news of Ooni’s new wife trails the revelation of Queen Naomi Silekunola’s relationship status. The mother of Ife crown prince spoke about her life after separation from Ooni and how she had been faring ever since she left the palace.

During an interview with the Punch newspapers, Naomi Silekunola disclosed that she had a bittersweet relationship with the present Ife monarch, and she is not ready to spill about her marriage because the time is not now.

She further disclosed that she is single and ready for marriage, saying she is a bride waiting to be dressed up.

“It’s a different thing to be single, and it is a different thing to be ready to mingle. But what I can say for sure is that I am a bride waiting to be dressed up.

Can you clarify that?

You know, ‘Eni ti won gbe iyawo bo wa ba ko kin garun’. I don’t know how God plans to do it because He is my event planner. But there is a big event waiting to happen (if you are) talking about that aspect of my life.

Hmmm, you see this queen, it will take a strong king to get me; I am single.”