‘Pray well before employing corps members,’ says Pastor Ibiyomie.

The founding pastor of Salvation Ministries, Bishop David Ibiyeomie has stressed the need for employers of labour to ‘pray well’ before employing corps members into their organization.

According to Ibiyomie, the corps members from 2022 to 2023 held the destiny of the nation to ransom by selling their birthrights during the 2023 elections.

In a video, the clergyman could be seen while preaching advising employers to be prayerful so as to differentiate the corrupt corps

members from the uncorrupt ones.

He said, “Corpers held the destiny of a whole nation for money, corpers sold their birthrights. Any corpers from 2022/23, you must pray well before you employ them.

“When you want to employ any part of this batch, you must pray well before you employ them This one: is he part of the corrupt or the uncorrupt, Don’t employ anybody from 2022/23 set without asking God because they turned this country upside down.

Meanwhile, a group, College of Bishops, Imams and Clergy Councils of Nigeria (CBICC) have cautioned Ibiyeomie over making comments capable of inciting hatred.