Popular Gospel ministers, Pastors Kenneth & Gloria Copeland celebrate 61st wedding anniversary.

American Author, Televangelist and founder of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Kenneth Copeland and his wife, Gloria, celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary on the 13th April 2023.

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland have been doing the work of the ministry together for about fifty five years now. They both got married on April 13, 1962.

In a post made by Church Gist to celebrate the kingdom couple;

We celebrate you deeply. Thank God for what He has done in and through your lives. You are evidence that God’s covenant of fruitful marriages is not just theoretical but practical. 

Thank you for how well you represent God’s Kingdom in your home and all that you do together for God. 

We pray that your union continues to prosper. May your future years together be greater than your past. We pray that you remain on the cutting edge of the move of God for the rest of your lives. Your fruits shall abide forever in Jesus name. 

We pray for you that your union keeps going great things for God. May the Lord keep you in good health until you fulfill your days.

Kenneth & Gloria Copeland