Pls toast me again – Lizzy Gold begs fuel station owner who wooed her in the past (Video).

Lizzy Gold fuel station owner

Popular actress Lizzy Gold makes U-turn as she considers dating a man she turned down after discovering he owns a fuel station.

As scarcity of petrol continues to hit hard on nigerian citizens, the actress has considered dating her past admirer.

She revealed that a fuel station owner had wooed her in the past and she’s begging for him to ‘toast’ her again.

She revealed that prior to the fuel scarcity, the man had been pestering her with calls and words of love but she had paid no heed.

Now she begs the admirer to come try his luck again as she’s ready to take him.

Lizzy wrote:

“Oga pls toast me again ….am sorry …I need fuel….pls pple help me beg him to toast me again ooo

Pls get your pvc and vote Peter obi so there can be enough fuel for everyone”