Please, seek parents’ consent before you attempt to carry their babies from their hands – Jaymikee drops tip for baby lovers

Proud father of one and gospel movie editor, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye has a crucial topic on twitter as he dropped a tip for lovers of babies.

On his official Twitter page, the gospel filmmaker noted that those who love to carry infants especially when they are in the hands of their parents should learn to seek parents’ consent first before making any attempt to take babies from their hands.

Sharing this simple courtesy, many of his followers however concurred to the random tip shared by jaymikee as they took to the comment section to drop thier replies. Gospelfilmsng captured some replies. Check below

Okoroma Somachi said; Sincerely! I see no reason why you’ll just “snatch” a baby from his/her parent… Please don’ttt!!! If you have something to give a baby…. Ask the parent! If you want to carry a baby…. Ask the parent! If you want to kiss a baby…. DON’T EVEN TRY!!! Why should you???

Kingsmasterpie1 commented; On a second thought, if you ask “May I?”, the parent might not know how to tell you “no, you may not” outrightly. So they may just give you their kid out of guilt. Shouldn’t there be a way you can read the parent’s body language to tell if they’re cool with it or not?

Naija black girl; Lol. Isn’t everyone supposed to auto-know this?

Lola Oyus; I am a mum of three and I do ask anyone ‘Is it ok to hold your baby?’. It is ok to say No. The reason could be baby has low immunity, the Baby is sick and has a cold, and any reason the mother feels like giving.

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