Please pray for me – Lady who moved to Canada faces deportation after failing medical test

A woman moved to Canada, but she could be deported after failing a medical exam. Grandma Shasha shared the tale on TikTok and said that the woman had failed a mental evaluation test.

The woman who obtained employment in Canada also sent out a text message asking for prayers.

The upset woman claimed that her employers had sponsored her entry into Canada and assisted in obtaining a work permit.

She said that because she failed the psych test, she was about to be deported.

She said in the text message: “Sis, I need prayers right now. I’m at the point of deportation right now because I failed the psych test.

My permit is employer-based, and without this psych evaluation, I will be sent back.”

Medical reasons for deportation or denial of visa

The Canadian Government website states that there are a number of grounds for denying someone entry or permission to remain in Canada, one of which is a failure to adhere to the requirements for medical inadmissibility.

Despite without mentioning psychological testing expressly, the website claims that being physically fit is regarded seriously. This part of the information says:

“If you apply to come to Canada, you need to meet all inadmissibility rules to be allowed to enter the country. This includes medical inadmissibility.

“Medical inadmissibility affects anyone applying to visit, study, work or live permanently in Canada. There are 3 possible reasons for medical inadmissibility, danger to public health, danger to public safety and excessive demand on health or social services.”


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