photos from Evang. Gloria @59 birthday and Vision Carrier International @20 celebration

Few moments ago, Evang. Kayode Owojori took to social media platform to share some pictures from the grand finale of Vision Carrier International @20; an organization under the leadership of Evang. Gloria Bamiloye.

The Vision Carrier International’s global annual convention 2023 was said to have begun on the 2nd of February and ended today, 4th of February, 2023.

To celebrate the grand finale of the convention and also the 59th birthday of the founder and president of the group, Evang. Gloria Bamiloye, the concerned converged at the Scriptures Union Conference Hall Samonda UI –Sango Road, Ibadan.

It was reported that Evang. Mike Bamiloye of Mount Zion Faith Ministries celebrated his wife Gloria’s 59th birthday today, February 4, 2023, with a lengthy article on his blog.

Evang. Mike Bamiloye recognized her loyalty to him and her incessant submission to God’s directives even when she was unsure of the intentions behind them.

He observed that Gloria Bamiloye has always been a prayer warrior who prefers to handle matters in the presence of prayers.

In his words;

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Gloria ! I am grateful to God I got you! I am Eternally grateful to God I married you! I am Ever Thankful to God I didn’t miss it at the Junction of Marriage.

You have been a faithful and Submissive Woman. Submissive to the Will of God always even when it is obvious you dont understand what God is doing or where He is going at times.

You bow at His will. You have been following Him in Me for the past 34 Years. Not that I know ALL Where I am going o, but I too am just following Him Blindly as He directs me.

At times I miss the Way because I am human, but you didn’t fight me, YOU PRAY ME BACK INTO Direction! A Vision Carrier! A Global Woman!

Your coming to this World is a great Blessing to this Generation! Your Coming to this Generation has produced great Fruits to Multitude of Lives.

Congratulations to all your Ministry and Biological Children! Congratulations to Dammy and Ella and Gloria and Grace!

Congratulations to Jay-Mike and Tolu and Jayson! Congratulations to Darasimi and Lawrence-Oyor and Elijah!

Congratulations to Mount Zion Mummies and Daddies, those who have been sailing this boat with us all these years in Mount Zion ministry!

Congratulations to all Mount Zion Children Generation-Next! Congratulations to VISION CARRIERS GLOBAL Missions! Vision Carriers America! Vision Carriers Canada! Vision Carriers UK!

The Coming of this Daughter of Zion to this World at a time like this is a Huge Blessing to Me in Particular! God bless Gloria Bamiloye!


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