Photos: Dunamis International distributes food items to members.

In response to the economic downturn and the hardships in the country, a pastor from Dunamis International Church in Uyo distributed food items to members of his congregation after their church service.

This generous act will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of all the members who received assistance.

Many social media users have taken to the comment of the post made by Vanguard Newspaper to appreciate the step taken by the Pastor to alleviate hunger to a level while some claimed the act is not the lasting solution to the situation of things in the country. SEE SOME COMMENTS BELOW

Nnaemeka Ajana: This is a good Omen. Abeg where is the church located. I am now their new recruit. I can’t be going to my own church hungry every Sunday.🙄

Momodu Emmanuel: The redeem xtain church can ask it’s parishes to withhold it’s one month remittance and use it for their members and community, this is what churches should be doing at this time to stop people from invading warehouses. Let the church rise up to do God’s work which is simply LOVE

Jeffery Franklin: Wonderful! bravo 👏👏👏. God bless pastor Dr Paul enenche and dunamites who has always contributed in cash and kind to help suffering people across the country.💕💕💕

James Ugbede: Finally news of this nature is coming to main stream media. Thank you vanguard. Lets keep shaming the haters of the Church and yet still, let other Churches do better too for the people first then other things can follow.

Ani Troy: This is what a true Christianity is all about love to humanity not some of those gréëdy pastor.

Love to humanity is what God thought us not everytime keep taken from the poor congregation.

Itz Stan: This is not the solution to the current economic crises in Nigeria. There should be a total shot down of the country. Abi Naso Una go they share food stuff everyday?

Governor Ayo Mide: To my honest opinion, I don’t think distribution of food is really necessary, because how long would it lasted?? Best way is reduction of food prices 🤷🤷