People think we use skit-making to do runs – IG Comedian, Mz Gabbie.

Popular comedian, Mz Gabbie, better known as Flora, has stated most individuals find it hard to believe that female skit-makers make their cash through skits.

She clarified that because women are frequently assessed unfairly, she and her female coworkers go above and beyond to stand out.

People accuse successful women in the profession of being sponsored by males or of using skit-making as a ruse to sell their bodies, said Mz Gabbie, whose real name is Omozele Gabriel.

In an interview with the Punch she said;

“Female skit makers do extra to get noticed and I will speak for them. If one goes outside of her character, people will think one is trying to attract men.

Some people believe if a female skit maker is achieving success, then that person is sleeping with one man or one is using it as a cover up for one’s hook-up plan.

It is difficult for women in skit making because we have to always prove ourselves that we are equally funny and that we can equally create content.”

“This is exhausting sometimes. If you ask someone to name skit makers in Nigeria, the person might have named five male skit makers before they call a female skit maker.

We are doing a lot and we are breaking boundaries. I feel like we should be recognised too, just the way our male counterparts are being recognised,” she added.

The skit maker said that her highlight of 2022 was when she performed at ZicSaloma’s show which held in London.

“My highpoint of 2022 was when I performed in London at the Zicsaloma’s show. It was beautiful. Also, it was so good to know that I have fans in London.

It was a refreshing moment for me and a reminder that I can break more barriers and go many places with my talent and career,” she said.