©️Opeyemi O. Akintunde

“ I come against you in the name of the Lord,” I said and I threw the first stone at his forehead. He staggered. I threw the second one and he staggered more, till the Five Stones landed on the figure. His fall was mighty…

Miss Sandra could not control her tears, I saw the joy on her face. She hugged me so tightly….

“Thank you, Thank you Pemisire… I knew there was something about you..”

“ Yes, something very odd “ said the only girl who didn’t like me in Class. She must have walked in on us unnoticed.

Her name was Becca and it was obvious I irritated her…

I saw who she really was, a very huge hawk…

Miss Sandra didn’t see her for who she was, so she dismissed her…

“Becca, you can stay outside till lunch break is over. I need some time with Pemisire.” She said and Becca opened her mouth. What followed was an arrow. I held the arrow before it could hit Mrs Sandra.

“ You will leave this school” Becca said authoritatively

Miss Sandra became shocked at Becca’s audacity

“ Am I missing something?” Miss Sandra said

I didn’t say a word but she figured out…

“She is evil?”

“ Miss Sandra if you don’t want the dirty man to come back, stop watching those dirty movies and try to know a lot of Bible stories in your heart that will give you the right weapon to fight,” I said fluently. I know at that time I wasn’t the one who spoke because Miss Sandra said…

“ Pemisire, I think you have gotten your miracle, you are talking fluently”

“ Yessss, I thiinnnk so “ I immediately started slurring…

There was an immediate look of disappointment on her face and I was also disappointed. I wished I could continue speaking fluently like other kids…

Miss Sandra bent in front of me and looked at me…

“ Regardless of what you look like, that’s not who you are, you are what is on the inside. Today you were my prophet, my agent of deliverance so anytime anyone wants to define you, remember what  God has done through you today. PEMISIRE, you are a Special Child.

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Mama made it a duty to pick me up every day at 2 pm. Whenever we got home, it was Food, and Lesson time.

Playing Ludo was my reward.

Miss Sandra was always kind and calm towards me. No more flashing lights because everyone became used to the dimly lit class…

I became conscious of my saliva because of Beatrice. She became my best friend. Once,  I saw her for who she was, she was a white dove.

All of a sudden, trouble came into my Paradise…

“Good Morning Ma, we are happy to have you. God bless you ma’am”

I heard the Usual rhyme whenever the Headmistress or the visitors came into the class. I was with Miss Sandra, it was a free period, she was showing me the picture of her Fiance who broke his engagement with her. She was sharing her testimony with me that he called back apologizing, saying it was the devil’s work. Indeed it was the devil’s work. After the dirty Spirit had left, the Fiance must have seen clearly.

“Good Morning Pupils!” The headmistress said… She was followed closely by Becca’s mother.


“It’s exactly what I was told. Why do you switch off the lights in your classroom.”

“It is to help Pemisire’s Learning, the lights affect him” Miss Sandra said

“And you don’t care that the absence of light affects other children.” Becca’s mother spoke up

“’am, the kids are fine with it…They all agreed to help Pemisire” Miss Sandra said

“My daughter is not fine with it, she can’t see under low light,” Becca’s mum said

“She never told me that, I could have found a better seat for her..”

“Miss Sandra, Becca tells me you Favour the deformed boy more than other students. Is there a reason why?” Becca’s mum asked

“ I … do no such thing.” Miss Sharon said.

“Well, since what my daughter told me about the poor lighting is correct,  if there cannot be bright Light in her classroom by tomorrow because of one student I would enrol her in another school. I can’t have my daughter straining her eyes in class.” Becca’s mum strutted out, but as she was about to leave. I saw her for what she was. She was a giant Vulture. At that age, I didn’t know the difference in birds, I thought they were all big birds, but growing up I realized the different kinds of birds and what they stood for. Hawks like Becca are people who advocates aggressive in a warlike manner against the carriers of Light.  While her mother who was a vulture was one of those who live to feast on sick or dying people.

“Mrs Peters please hold on…” The headmistress ran after her…

************** Few minutes later, the headmistress came back very furious…

“I can not lose a major financier of this school because of a strange child. Send a letter to his mother that I would like to see her.” The headmistress said before walking out.

*************** ( ABIGAIL’S ANGLE) My heart thudded when Pemisire handed over the letter. On seeing the content, I asked

“ Did you do anything wrong ?”

“ No mama!,”

“ Are you sure?”

“ Yes mama…but…”

Pemisire took his time to explain all that had been happening and I sighed heavily.

I knew where this was going to end and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it…

THE SACRIFICE Mrs Ayomide Spoke about.

The next day I went to Pemisire’s School.

“Madam, we want to advise that you withdraw Pemisire to a school for the Special Needs students. His teacher has been able to discover that a well-lit room has a way of distracting him and disturbing his learning. Therefore, he needs a dimly lit room which our school can not create for him only. I have a list of Special schools recommendation for you.”

“ Thank you !” Was all I said.

I knew arguing or begging was not the solution.

She took me to Pemisire’s classroom. She spoke silently to the class teacher. It was obvious the teacher was not happy with the decision.

“If Pemisire leaves this school, I will leave!” She said out loud.

“ Pemisire is leaving?” “ Pemisire is going?”

The pulpits were saying to themselves…

“ It’s Becca’s fault!” “ I am no longer Becca’s friend”

Pemisire laid his head on the table…I knew he was crying…, but I had to do this for him…

I spoke up… “ Miss Sandra, Pemisire has told me so much about you and how you helped him stop the lights… and you wonderful pupils, Pemisire loves you all, but there is a new path Pemisire must follow.  He is a Special Child hence must be treated specially. If the headmistress will permit me,  I could bring him anytime you have excursions or social days.”

The room of little children was very silent…

Miss Sandra walked up to me and said…

“ What are you doing ma’am? Where are you taking him to, Pemisire is already improving, please ma…”

“ I am not taking him anywhere, I want to do what God would want me to do for him.”

“ What?”

“Pemisire, tells me you are a Christian?” I wanted confirmation

“ Yes ma, and thanks to Pemisire who recently made me know the importance of the Scriptures..”

“ Speaking about Scriptures, What did the mother of Moses do to Moses, when other children were being slain”

“ She hid Him at home!” Miss Sandra replied

“ Hmmm….” I replied hoping she would understand me

“You want to stop Pemisire from school and keep him at home?” Miss Sandra asked with disbelief written all over her face…

“I am taking him home to school Him from there…”

“ Homeschooling?” Miss Sandra asked