©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

I took to Mrs Ayomide’s advice and I stayed with my bean cake frying business, but I made it mandatory that I pick up Pemisire by 2 pm.

I couldn’t afford the school David was attending. Pemisire went back to his school but that was after I spoke extensively with the headmistress. I told her what her teacher was doing with my son. The headmistress crosschecked his books and saw the game the teacher was trying to play…

“ Mrs Arole, this is not the heart of a good teacher, you don’t help a student to the point where the child actually knows nothing… You are to help a child become the best he can be…this is cheating..” the headmistress said disappointedly

“ I am sorry!” Mrs Arole replied “I thought I was helping him”

“ You are going on a three weeks suspension, Mrs Arole”

Pemisire was handed over to another teacher.

******************** ( PEMISIRE’ S ANGLE)

Mother made it possible for my teacher to be changed. The name of my new teacher was Miss Sandra. She was a young beautiful lady. The smile she gave me the first time I got into her class caught me plus she called me…

“ Handsome Pemisire!”

That warmed my heart…


The problem was the same, the multiple flashing lights… I wanted to raise my head up in class to listen to Miss Sandra but I couldn’t. The light was flashing and disturbing my brain. I started raising my hands to block the ray of light from the coloured cardboards…

“ Pemisire, are you okay?” Miss Sandra asked me…

“ Lightttttt… my eyes” I said

Miss Sandra walked to the light switch and turned off the light… Surprisingly the flashing lights reduced, but there were still a few lights … the other children looked surprised at the light going off…

“ How about now?”

“ Small!”

Miss Sandra went to the window blind and closed the window… Finally! The lights disappeared…

“How about now?”

“ Fine!” I said and I saw Miss Sandra smile…

“ Aunty… Light… I can’t see” Said one of the other children

“ Auntyy… Ojuju( dark masquerade) will eat me” another one said

“Sh…Sh… calm down you all, we all need to take away the light for a while so that our new friend can see…”

“ Is he a monster that can only see in the dark?” Said by a child who seems the oldest in the class…

“A vampire?” Said another 4 year old child

“ No… he has special powers…” said Miss Sandra..

“Powers  like power rangers?” Said one of the students

“Yes… “ Miss Sharon said

Albert, one of the boys in the class walked up to me and said…

“ My name is Albert… what is your name?”

“ Pemisire…” But I must have pronounced it as “ Demifire”, so Miss Sandra helped me out…

“ His name is Pemisire!”

“Ok… show me your super power…”Albert said

I smiled not knowing what to do but suddenly I saw a snake wrapped around his neck and right arm. I moved back in fear. But the snake kept wriggling his hand to the back. I grabbed his hand and forcefully removed the snake off him and crushed it under my foot killing it. As soon as I killed it I walked to the trash and threw the snake them…

“ My Hand! My hand! “ Albert was screaming when I was removing the snake because I needed to twist his hand back to the front…

“ Pemisire stop it!” Miss Sandra had screamed. I didn’t listen I wanted to complete my job.

When I did, Albert said… “ My Hand does hurt anymore… Miss Sandra, Pemisire has powers “.

Miss Sandra looked at me strangely…

“Good!” She managed to say  “ Let’s continue the class”

A girl named Becca who sat in front looked at me strangely with evil intentions…

©️Opeyemi O. Akintunde

On getting home that day I chatted off in excitement… but all Mama wanted to hear about was what I had learnt that day. She wanted to know if I had learnt to write any number or alphabet. She wasn’t interested in the story about Albert and Miss Sandra finding a solution to the flashing lights. When I noticed, I kept quiet about it and focused on pleasing her in my academics…

Miss Sandra was a gift to me, we used very low lighting in my class, so I could learn.

I made a few friends…John, Albert, Sade and Beatrice. Beatrice was the one who sat next to me in class. She was particularly nice to me. She did one of the nicest things ever to me…

“ Pemisire, take!” She handed me a pack of handkerchief

“ My mummy sells them, I asked my mummy to give me some for you, so you can clean your mouth with it anytime you have saliva on your mouth.. My mummy uses it for my baby brother too…” Beatrice had said

“ Thank you!” those little handkerchiefs became a forever treasure for me.

I had already learnt how to write 1-4 in 3 weeks and I was improving by the day.

One day, a stranger came into the class with Miss Sandra. He was a dark looking masculine creature. Miss Sandra was not her usual and happy self.

She gave all of us classwork that would last the whole day. The masculine creature kept caressing her hair as she cried…

When it was lunchtime and everyone had gone to the playground, I walked to Miss Sandra’s table where she laid her head…

“ Miss …sssanda…” I Said

She looked up and jumped back in fear obviously because of my scary face, but she quickly recovered..

“ Pemisire, What do you want? Don’t you have lunch?”

“ Whyyyy are you cryyying , you arrreee not happyyyyy… “

“ Aww, Pemisire thank you, I am fine, I am just a bit down. I will be better soon..”

“Is it because of the dirtyyyyy man?” I said referring to the man standing by her who was looking at me madly…

“ What do you want? She is my wife!” The dirty man said

“ I am not your wife … Shut up… I said stop saying that!” Miss Sandra replied

I was surprised my teacher could hear the man…

“Pemisire, you can see him?” Miss Sandra asked and I nodded in the positive

“ I knew you were Special …” Miss Sandra said

“Pemisire, you healed Albert’s hand the other day, can you chase him away from me. He has been chasing away all the men I ought to marry. This morning, the man that ought to get married to me called off our engagement, says he saw me in his dream and an angel told him I am a witch. Pemisire, I am not a witch, this evil thing is destroying me…”

“ Shame on you Sandra, you are sending a little boy against me” he laughed with his annoying robotic voice.

Then the room was filled with bright Light that wasn’t disturbing my eyes. It was my lightning friends who cheered me up during my Ludo game that were around..

One of them walked up to me and said…

“He just called you a little boy, remember the Bible story your mama taught you about the little boy and Goliath. What did the little boy use against the big Goliath?”

“ Stones”

“ How many ?”

“ Five”

“ You need Five stones ? For what” Miss Sandra said as she saw the way I was looking

“ Can you see my lightning friends?” I said and Miss Sandra looked around seeing nothing. Even the dirty creature looked around and saw nothing

“ Miss Sandra Ok, I need five stones” I said and as Miss Sandra was about to get the stone, she couldn’t help but say “ Pemisire, you are speaking fluently”

“ Five Stones” I said to her….

“ Yes, Five Stones” Miss Sandra rushed out and brought the stones…

“You want to use stones against me, do I look like a dog?” Said the dirty creature

I remembered when his mother told him the story, he remembered she said David said “I come against you in the name of the Lord.”

I did just that and the result was …..