©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“Take a seat,” Mrs Ayomide said. “I believe our meeting today was not a mistake but ordained by God. I feel in this case I am like Elizabeth in the scripture who was already far gone in her pregnancy.

When the Angel told Mary about Elizabeth being pregnant, Mary had to go to her place and live there for three months, I believe that period was a learning period for Mary.

I have passed through this road you are on and I am willing to help you…

Abigail, Special children become who they are because of different reasons. It was in my quest of finding a solution to my son’s challenge that I came across a scripture that will answer your question …” Mrs Ayomide said as she walked towards the bookshelf to pick her up her Bible.

“For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others–and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it. Matthew 19:12” Mrs Ayomide read out…

I wondered what eunuchs had to do with me, I was not a castrated male, neither was Pemisire one.

“I know you are confused as to where this is headed. A Eunuch is someone who has been castrated and cannot produce forth. In essence, you can say the person is ineffectual

The case of most special people is like of Eunuchs, they are imperfect and if we check that scripture, it states that there are three types of eunuchs… Can you tell me the types…?” MRS Ayomide lectured on “Firstly, The ones that were born that way!” I said

“Secondly?” She asked

“The ones made eunuchs by men!”


“The ones who decide to be eunuchs for the work of God”

“Great, so bringing this home my dear… there are Special kids who were born that way and that can be attributed to two different sources…”

“God or the devil…” I said getting her point…

“Yes… So it is your duty as a mother to know why your child was born the way he was… “

“Was your son born that way?” I asked

“No, he was made this way by humans, which is the second point I was going to…” Mrs Ayomide was saying

“What happened to him?”

Mrs Ayomide looked away and with regrets she said…

“I made him this way…”

I knew my eyes must have popped…

“What? I mean how? and why?”

“Which mother would do this to her child?” I reasoned within, though my heart was racing in fear..

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“We can’t talk about that now it’s a lengthy story, why don’t you have a little rest, we will continue this talk much later. Pemisire needs you by his side, he will need your succour after so much pain he has been through!” Mrs Ayomide said

At the time we were discussing, Pemisire had fallen asleep. Mrs Ayomide took me to the visitor’s room. I laid Pemisire on the bed and though I was as exhausted as a well-ridden horse, I couldn’t force my eyes shut, I wondered why a woman would say she was the source of her son’s ineffectuality. I kept counting the ceiling boxes. I just didn’t understand what she meant by that.

I thought of a million reasons as to why she would say that. While I was at it, I slept off.

Then I saw a vision…

I found myself in my hometown, in particular my parent’s compound. I saw my Father beckoning on me…

“Abigail!” He called

“Yes, Father!”

“I have a gift for you.” He said smiling

I raced towards him in joy.  I wondered what my father wanted to give me.

He took me by the hand and showed me three clay pots turned upside down.

“Abigail, your gift is under one of these pots, choose one”

I looked at the three pots and I tried hard to find out the one I was going to pick.  The first pot looked so beautiful, it had been decorated with chalk artistry.  The second pot was plain. Whereas the third pot looked deformed and unappealing. Some parts of it were broken…

I did a little back-and-forth several times and I decided that my Father would put my gift under the most beautiful pot. I knew my Father was a perfectionist, so the third pot was definitely not his thing. I moved to the first pot but quickly cast a glance at my father looking for answers on his face, but he kept a straight face.

“Father, I choose the first pot,” I said

“Are you sure?”


Father lifted the first pot and there laid a pretty little box. I jumped in excitement… I was so right. I knew my father so well…

I took the gift and gave my father a big hug…He smiled and said…

“Well, the other pots had gifts as well, let’s check them out!”

“Really?” I said

Father lifted the second pot, it was the plain one. The gift was much bigger than the gift I had won from the pretty pot.

When Father lifted the third pot that was ugly looking, deformed and broken, I almost collapsed…. Five different gifts were hidden under the deformed pot…

I looked at father disappointed at my vanity, but Father raised my chin up and with a great smile he said…

“I hide my best treasures in unlikely vessels!”