Pastor W.F Kumuyi celebrates 82nd birthday today (Photos)…

The General Superintendent of The Deeper Life Bible Ministries, Pastor W.F Kumuyi is celebrating his 82nd birthday today, 6th of June, 2023.

In the mood of celebrating one of God’s Generals in the nation of Nigeria, the Christain Community has taken to various social media platforms to celebrate with the octogenarian pastor.

Pastor W.F Kumuyi, amiable man of God who is known for holiness, was born on June 6, 1941, into a Christian family in Erin-Ijesha, Osun State, Nigeria.

He was born into an Anglican family that knew the Bible was very important as the word of God; they would rise up early in the morning to sing hymns, read the Bible, and pray.

However, it was not until he left home to attend high school in another part of the region that young W.F. Kumuyi got an experiential knowledge of who Jesus Christ was, and what radical changes He could effect in lives surrendered to His lordship.

While teaching mathematics at his alma mater in 1962, after graduating from high school in 1961, Pastor Kumuyi was introduced to the Apostolic Faith Church.

He heard the Gospel and believed the word of God on righteousness, temperance, judgment to come, and salvation from sin:

Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi became born again on Sunday, April 5, 1964.

In his early Christian days, as he still does many good writers, Pastor Kumuyi read John Wesley, Charles Finney, and Charles Spurgeon, among others.

He got involved with the Scripture Union (SU), and he grew spiritually.

Formal education for Pastor William Kumuyi started in his home town; he went on to attend Mayflower School in Ikenne, near Ijebu-ode, whence he graduated with a high school diploma in 1961.

After teaching at his alma mater for a brief period, Pastor Kumuyi gained admission to study mathematics at Nigeria’s premier institution of higher education, the University of Ibadan, obtaining a first-class degree in 1967.

Pastor Kumuyi went back to teaching mathematics at Mayflower School, Ikenne, before going for a postgraduate course in education at the University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria.

On the completion of his postgraduate study program, Pastor Kumuyi became a lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Lagos in 1973.

In Ministry

The Deeper Christian Life Ministry along with its church arm, the Deeper Life Bible Church, which now has over one million members in more than sixty countries around the world, started as a fifteen-member Bible Study group in Pastor William Kumuyi’s official quarters (Flat 2) at the University of Lagos in August 1973.

“The history of Deeper Life is very much the personal story of W.F. Kumuyi. He is a gifted man, clear-thinking and humble.

He is a dedicated Christian and deserves the title ‘the man of God,’ which his followers have given him.

Since he was a young man, Kumuyi has devoted his time to reading and studying the Bible.

He knows the Scriptures inside out, and has a deep love for the word of God, so people have been drawn to him for advice, or simply to listen.

When he preaches, his message is clear, simple, and profound. Poor street traders who can barely read sit next to university professors, all equally captivated by the way Scripture becomes suddenly relevant to them.

Indeed it is a fulfilling life for the man of God who has an excellent track to his name.