Pastor gets church member arrested after confessing to stealing N450K from offering box

A Twitter user identified as dexterouz11 took to the microblogging platform to share the tale of a church member’s theft while he was a worker.

Even though he was never caught, conscience pricked him enough to make a confession to the presiding pastor of the church.

The clergyman had him locked up pending a refund of the money regardless of whether he came out clean or not.

After making confession a confession to his pastor about stealing N450K from church’s offering box some months ago, man gets arrested and asked to refund every penny.

“One of my neighbours go confess to pastor say em thief money when E be worker for the church. N450k for about 3 months.

This pastor arrest am. He won’t come out till his family raises the money.

So do you think he did the right thing???” the user wrote.

Reactions trailing pastor who arrested church member for stealing

abgacollins said: “That pastor is wicked. This will discourage people from confessing in church. He would have found another way.”

destinypaul6 commented: “450k in this economy? Them suppose arrest your family join o.”

jujju666 said: “A church should be a place of refuge. A pastor has no justification to call the police on someone.”

sarahhh reacted: “Hmmm this one pass me.”