Pastor Adeboye narrates how God suspended winter in US for his sake (VIDEO)

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The testimony of Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has attracted heated reactions on social media among Nigerians.

In a trending video, Adeboye said he prayed to God to suspend winter in the city of Colorado in the United States because he does not like cold weather.

According to Adeboye, he was invited to preach in January of that year and that period is the winter season.

The popular man of God said God asked his prayer as the Colorado experienced summer during his stay in the city.

He explained that people were even wearing tee shirts because of the hot weather. He concluded that the situation, however, changed two hours after he left the city and the cold returned.

An X user, @itsleeswhag, posted the video on his page

Nigerians react to Pastor Adeboye’s testimony

Adeboye’s testimony has continued to generate heated reactions on social media.

An X user, @Row_Haastrup, said”

“So I’ve seen that video of Pastor Adeboye flying around about what God did while he traveled to Colorado some years back. I have nothing much to say about it but I asked myself a few valid questions…

“1. Did the events he narrated true? I DON’T KNOW & NO ONE CAN CATEGORICALLY TELL EXCEPT GOD

“2. Is God Almighty capable to do what He actually described? YES, & even much more

“3. Could God have done it for him if He had legitimate grounds for such a request? YES, it all buoys down to his relationship with God.

“I decided to look further to see if there was any incidence like that in January of any year in the past that this event Pastor Adeboye described could have occurred; and I came up thus far with one that happened in January 8th – 10th 2017. Now I do not know what year Pastor Adeboye traveled to Colorado as per the video flying around.

@ChukwunyeluOrji: “and you said you have nothing to say about it

“however, where i come from, i have also small small traditionalists who are rain makers and rain stoppers and i am sure they are everywhere in all parts of the world.

@Emma_Ossai Oga, the article you referenced talked about WINTER STORM and not SUSPENSION OF WINTER. Your GO said that winter was suspended and there was SUMMER during his stay.

Kelz @kelchykz: When we have events, we pray it doesn’t rain and when it doesn’t, we add it to our thanksgiving prayers. What makes this an exception? I may not fully subscribe to “touch not my anointed…” but you see honour, I won’t joke with that. kenji

@sinzhou_ So his legitimate grounds was that he doesn’t like cold? what of the people that God gave that kind of weather in that season I’m sure many of them don’t like it as well and it affects them even health wise na adeboye God come answer.?dey deceive urself

@olawalekorede8 Its called false spring and it has happened several Januaries in Colorado, not because of adeboye.


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