Part 21
Opeyemi Akintunde

I thought I was dreaming. The world stopped at that moment, every other
thing faded away and the only person that existed at that time was the man
I was seeing right ahead of me. I kept walking towards this person who
looked like my Chike but Slimmer.

“Could he be my Chike?” I wondered
When I got close to him, I stretched my hand to touch him…

“Chike?” I asked

“It’s me My Love! I am back”

I still didn’t want to believe it. I touched his face to be sure he was the one. I
took hold of his left wrist and flipped it. My Chike had a birthmark there. I
saw the birthmark. It was really Chike Standing in front of me.

My heart wanted to jump out of me. I hugged him in a rush not wanting to
let the dream fade away.

“Chike, are you real?” I asked as I held on to him, like the way a child will
hang on to his mother for fear of her leaving him or her”

“Yes, it’s me… Mayowa mii, it’s me”

“What happened? I was told you were dead, we buried your ashes, what

“I was rescued by a man that midnight but, I couldn’t recollect anything
about me. Not until I saw you on the Post of the Crown Prince on your
Birthday. I suddenly recollected who I was and who you were. Here is the
man, who I have been living with for the Past five years” He said pointing to
an elderly man who stood a few meters away from us…

“God is great! I am happy I get to see this day” The man said

“Thank you Sir! God bless you sir.” I said almost screaming.

I was on Clouds nine. I couldn’t contain my Joy…

“My dead husband is Back! My husband is not dead!” I began to shout, I
didn’t care who was around…

I attracted a lot of attention. Everyone knew my story; they knew I was a
widow who was at that time engaged to the Crown Prince. Many had called
me lucky. Many could not understand why the Crown Prince went for a

The guards rushed towards me. They must have seen the crowd rushing
towards me… I was in tears, I was telling them…

“Guards, my husband is back… He didn’t die. He is not dead” I said
excitedly with tears flowing down my cheeks.

I noticed my chief guard stepped back to make a call, but I didn’t care what
it was about. Shortly after that, my Phone rang and my Present Lover called me. My own Crown Prince was Calling..

I wanted to excitedly tell him my
husband was back, but I thought of how best to tell him, so I refused
picking up…

I kept looking at Chike like I had just found a lost treasure.

My Chief Guard brought his phone to me…
“Ma, my Prince wants to speak with you”

I had no other choice, everyone was looking…

“Hello Dear!” that had been the usual way of answering his call for the past
few years.

“Come Back home right now!” He said authoritatively. I had never heard
Prince Chima use that voice on me.

“I am with…”

“I Know who you are with and that’s why I want you back home!”

“Can I bring him to the Palace?” I asked not thinking

“You dare not. I will kill him for real this time if I set my eyes on him”

“Chi… why are you talking like this? I thought you would be happy that my
husband that I thought was dead is actually alive.”

“I should be happy? So where did he tell you he has been all the while?”

“He said he was rescued by a man, and he couldn’t remember who he was
all these years”

“And you believe him?”

“Yes! Is there a reason why I shouldn’t?’

‘Come Home first and I will tell you!”

“No! Tell me now; if I come to the Palace, you will not let me out again? Tellme now Why I shouldn’t believe my husband?

“If you do not come home now, forget about ever seeing your kids again
because I can never let them see that monster”

I was beyond shocked, why was my Sweet Chima speaking like this?

I knew it was imperative I returned to the place that had been home for me
for close to four years…

“Chike, where do you stay now?”

“We got into this town yesterday and presently staying at the Justice Motel
in Uzor Street.”

“Ok, go back there. Let me sort out things at the Palace, I Will come to you.
Do you have a Phone number?’
Chike Nodded soberly

“Are you leaving me again? I thought we will return home together? What
about my Kids? I was hoping to see them today?” he said

“Chike, things are very complicated now, Let me go sort things out, I will
reach out. Your Number?”

Chike called a phone number and I imputed it in my Phone…

Part 22
Opeyemi Akintunde

As we drove back to the Palace, I kept rehearsing the angry Words I wanted
to hurl at Chima for his selfishness and insensitivity. I wanted to tell him to
take back his degree and let me leave with my kids.

Standing at the Entrance of the Palace was not only Chima waiting for me,
but the King himself stood awaiting my arrival.

The moment they saw me,he heaved a sigh of relief and walked back in without saying a word.

I was more confused. Why the fear and anger in their eyes?
Was there something they knew I didn’t know?

“Are you Okay?” was the first question Chima asked me, and the Concern in
his eyes melted the fire of anger in my heart.

All I said was…

“What are you not telling me?”

“Come with me?’

Chima took me by the Hand to the garden where he took me four years
back, and just like déjà vu, he made me sit in the same place he asked me to
sit then…

“Can you remember, I brought you back here after I came back from the

“Yes, and you strangely asked to marry me so as to protect me”

“Yes! I wanted to protect you from your husband?’

“I don’t understand’

“Stay with me, there was something I discovered when I went for his



“I was almost at your in-laws house when I realize I was low on fuel, so I
decided to stop at a Petrol station to fill up my Car. I had my dark shades on
because I didn’t want the Kidnappers recognizing me, but I was suddenly
surprised when Someone called my name…

“Chi boy!”

“I turned back; but I realized the person was not a familiar face.”

“My Guy! Na you oo, Na only you fit come your own burial and
Remembrance. Chigozie said you were not dead but we didn’t believe her.
She told us she has seen you three times in Lagos. My Guy! You strong ooo”
I tried to feign a Smile. I was lost but I wanted to hear more…

“I don’t understand what you are talking about? I think you have me
mistaken for someone else.” I said as I purposely dropped my head.

“Chike, stop playing!” the moment I heard Chike, it dawned on me that I
had been mistaken for your husband. I found it intriguing that someone
had seen him alive.

“Your brother, Obinna also has confirmed it. He exposed you at the Bar onone of those nights he was drunk, he told us how you were not dead but
faraway in the white man’s land with another woman. He told us how you
faked your own death, Guilt was eating up your brother for the Pain they
made your Yoruba wife go through in the name of the Widow’s rite that
should have been abolished a long time ago. Chike you are a terrible person.
If you knew you were no more in love with the Yoruba girl that made you go
to the University, you would have easily given her a divorce”
I remember I froze on the spot.

“Oh! You think your story will not be heard, he told us how you were
suffering in the hand of the new girl and you wanted to return to the
country. He told us how you have been contacting your father.”

“I believe you have me mistaken for someone else, I am not Chike. “

“Everyone come see Chike that was pronounced dead, I told you people, he
is alive, but you would not believe me”

“Mayowa, before I knew what was happening; a large number of people hadsurrounded me”

“It is Chike!”

“It is not Him”

“He Looks like Him”

“Go and call someone from their compound to come identify him out”
Someone had suggested.

“Mayowa I stood there with angry people waiting to kill me should they
realize I was Chike.” Chima was saying to me and I was finding it hard to

Eventually, an elderly man rushed towards me with two other young men.
You could see fear in the eyes of the elderly man, but there was a change in
his countenance the moment he saw me closely.


’This is not my son, I have told you all, Chike is dead, why won’t you let me
Remember my son in peace today. Nnamdi, warn yourself, you are the one
spreading fake news about my Son.”

“I am not spreading fake news, it is your son that said it to every one of us
at the bar, and we all know if you need the truth from a man, ask him when
he is drunk.”

“Well, you know Obinna is a lost son out of my sons. Young man, give me
your wrist.”

“Mayowa, your Father in-Law checked my wrist to look for something
which he didn’t find.”

“Chike has a scar on his left wrist” I supplied

“Oh! I guess that was my saving Grace, because even Chike’s brothers
acknowledged that I was not Chike. They got interested in me and asked
who I was. I told them I was a visitor who was on a journey but needed to
fill my car with fuel. I waited to speak with the fuel attendant. I told him I
would love to see the drunkard of a brother. The fuel attendant took me to
the bar where he was always drinking and I found him there wasted. He
was shocked to see me. He thought I was Chike, but just like your father he
checked my wrist…

“I will like to know a little about this brother of yours people are mistaking
me for” I asked Obinna

“He is a selfish bastard, who faked his death, travelled with another woman,
and since the woman can’t have Children, he wants to return to the country.
I think he wants to kill his Yoruba wife and take the children, and then he
will return back to the woman abroad.”
From all that Chima said, there were two things ringing in my head. Firstly,
was it possible that Chike faked his death? And two, who was the woman hewas with?”

“Joan?” I thought…

“Are you saying, Chike faked his death to be with Joan?” I asked

“I don’t know who Joan is, but I was told the woman he went with was a
woman he met even before you both got married.”

It all began to make sense; I began to fix all the pieces together. Joan
coming back into our lives and the kidnapping from the Salon.

“If she was married to Chike and they travelled abroad, why is he back for

“The Kids!” I quickly replied myself.
Hot tears dropped from my eyes. My heart didn’t want to reconcile with the
truth Chima was telling me. I didn’t want to believe Chike could have this
heart of wickedness towards me.

“No, this is not true, Chima. Chike, cannot do all of these to me, after all I
did for him. No! Chike loved me… Chima let me get this, after hearing all
this, you ran back here to marry me, so you could protect me and the kids;
we total strangers”

“Yes, that’s because your brother in-law said a statement when I was
leaving him”

“Which was?”

“I just pray Mayowa finds another man to marry her, because as long as she
is still unmarried, Chike’s wife will not have peace until she kills her”.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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